Uposatha Observance (Sabbath) Days in 2019

( According to Burmese- Myanmar Calender,
2562-2563 Sasana Era=1370-1371 Myanmar Era )


Uposatha Days

Myanmar/ Burmese English   New Moon Full Moon   New Moon
  new moon full moon   new moon
Na Taw/ Pyar Tho January 5 13 20 28  
Pyar Tho/ Tapotwe February 4 12 19 27  
Tapotwe/ Tabaung March 5 13 20 28  
Tabaung/ Tagoo April 4 12 19 27
Tagoo/ Kason May 3 11 18 26  
Kason/ Nayon June 2 10 17 25  
Nayon/ Warso July 1 9 16 24 31
Waso/ War gaung August 8 15 23 29
Tawthalin/ Thadingyut September 6 13 21 28
Thadingyut/ Tazaungmon October 6 13 21 27
Tazaungmon/ Na Taw November 4 11 19 26
Na Taw/ Pyar Tho December 4 11 19 25

       Thingyan New Year Water Festival: :13th to 17th April

       'akyo' Day - April 13th

       'akya' Day - April 14th

       'akyat' Day - April 15th

       'atat' Day - April 16th

        New Year Celebration day - April 17th

        Uposatha days are the specially assigned days of the month on which the Buddhists observe the Uposatha (eight) precepts and the members of the Order to recite patimokkha.

        In the Teaching of the Buddha, the days for observance of the eight precepts are called uposatha divasa or uposatha days. The eighth and fifteenth days of the waxing half of the lunar month and the eighth and either the fourteenth or the fifteenth days of waning half of the lunar month are the fasting days.

        The members of the Order observe uposatha on the fifteenth day of the waxing half of the month, as well as on the new moon days which fall alternately on the fourteenth and the fifteenth of the waning half of the month.

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