No. Marks ( Lakkhana ) Significance
1        Well-supported feet. Firm undertaking
2        Wheels arise beneath the sole of the feet. Great retinues
3        The heels are projecting. Long life
4        The fingers and toes are long. Long life
5        The hands and feet are soft and tender. Well-united with people
6        The hands and feet are net-like. Well-united with people
7        The ankles are raised like conch shells. Becomes the best
8        The lower part of the leg is like an antelope's. Gets the best things quickly
9        He can touch and rub around his knees with both palms, while tanding, and without bending. Great wealth
10        The part which should be concealed by garments, is covered by a bag. Many sons
11        The skin shines like gold. Get finest furnishings and garments
12        Subtle skin: dirt and sweat do not stick to his body. Great wisdom
13        Single hairs arise, one to each pore. Well-respected
14        The hair pointing upwards; dark, black in colour, turning in rings to the right. Becomes the best
15        The frame is straight like Brahma. Long life
16        There are seven outflows on his hands, on his feet, at the tips of the shoulders, and at the top of the back. Obtains excellent foods
17        The upper part of the body is lion-like. No loss
18        The hollow between his shoulders is filled. No loss
19        The body is proportionate: the body is as long as the span of the arms. Great wealth
20        The shoulders are evenly rounded . No loss
21        He releases the highest of tastes. Very healthy
22        The jaw is lion-like. He cannot be overthrown.
23        There are forty teeth. The assemblies cannot be divided.
24        The teeth are even. Pure retinues
25        The teeth are undivided. The assemblies cannot be divided.
26        The visible teeth are very white. Pure retinues
27        A mighty tongue. His words are heeded.
28        The voice of Brahma and also resembles the song of a karavika bird. His words are heeded.
29        The eyes are very blue. Attractive look
30        The Eyelashes are like those of a cow. Attractive look
31        The filament between the eyebrows is white like soft cotton. Well-respected
32        The head is turban-crowned. Many followers

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