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The following External Sites are highly Recommended
because of their Myanmar Buddhism Contents

{short description of image}=in English, {short description of image}- in Burmese (Myanmar)


Pa-Auk Tawya {short description of image}
Parami10.net {short description of image}
Vipassana Research Institute{short description of image} Sayagyi U Goenka
Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center{short description of image} Dr. Thynn Thynn
Association of Insight Meditation {short description of image} Bhikkhu Pesala
Myanmardotcom - Buddhism page{short description of image} Myanmatdot.com
The International Meditation Centre(Sayagyi U Ba Khin) {short description of image} Heddington, U.K
Bhikkhu Revata's Site {short description of image} Pa-Auk Meditation Centre

Monastery Sites

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Myanmar Viharas Sites Outside Myanmar{short description of image}

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Sayadaws' Sites

Mahagandhayon Sayadaw

Sunlun Sayadaw
Mahasi Sayadaw Webu Sayadaw
Mogok Sayadaw Tharmanya Sayadaw
Pa-auk Sayadaw

Pagodas, Cetis, Shrines, etc.

Kyaik-Htiyo Pagoda YIT Alumni Homepage
Pagodas from Myanmar Myanmar.com
Shwedagon Pagoda, 30 years ago YIT Alumni Homepage
The Temple of Twenty Eight Buddhas (In Myanmar)  

Talks, Chantings, etc.

Dhamadarna (Myanmar) Dhamadarna.net
Dhamma Download (in Myanmar) Dhammadownload.com
Sayadaws' Talks (Myanmar/ English) eDhamma.com
Buddhist Chantings and others (Myanmar) Myanmardotcom
Collections of Dhamma Talks & Buddhist VideoClips (Myanmar) MyanmarNet

{short description of image}(Myanmar)

London Mogok Centre

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