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Oo Maung

Name Prince Siddhattha {short description of image}
Father King Suddhodana -
Mother Queen Maha Maya Died 7 days after giving birth to Siddhattha.
Clan (Kula) Khatthiya/ Brahmin (Royal Clan) -
Step-mother Mahapajapati Gotami -
Brother-in-law Devadatta ( also a cousin ) -
Date of Birth 623 BC/ full moon day, Friday, May 69 Maha Era, Kason Month
Place of Birth Lumbini Park, Kapilavatthu
Country of Birth India (now in Nepal )(Majjhima Desa in Jambudipa) -
Age when married 16 years -
Wife Princess Yasodhara (Badda-Cancana) Daughter of King Suppabuddha
Only Son Rahula
Four Great Signs An old man, a diseased person, a corpse, and a hermit (Said to be created by Devas/ gods)
Age at Renunciation 29 years (after 13 years of Marriage) -
Charioteer Channa -
Royal horse Kanthaka (Kandaka) (Died of grief after leaving its Master)
When? Full moon day at Mid night, Monday, May, 594 B.C 97 Maha Era, Vesakha Waso month,
River to cross Anoma -
Destination Uruvela Forest (Spent here for six years)
Where? Buddhagaya in Bihar, India -
Practice Middle Way (Majjhimapatipada) Breathing-out and breathing-in Meditation/ Paticca-samuppada/ Insight Meditation/ Four Noble Truths
Age at Enlightenment 35 years, Wednesday, May , full moon day, 589 BC 103 Maha Era, Vesakha Kason month,
Under which tree Bodhi tree
The last donor of food to Bodhisatta (milk-rice) Sujata 49 mouthfuls of milk-rice
The first donor of food to the Buddha (myrobalan fruit and liquorice wood) Sakka (King of Devas) -
The first human donors of food (rice-cake and honey-comb) Tapussa and Bhallika (merchants brothers) From Ukkala ( said to be in Burma) (first lay-worshippers)
First Sermon Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta Four Noble Truths, Middle Path
When? Full moon day, Saturday, May, 588 B.C 103 Maha Era, Waso month,
Where? Deer Park, Migadaya forest, Isipatana (Saranath) near Benares Varanasi) -
First Buddhist Monks( Bhikkhus) Kondanna, Vappa, Bhaddiya, Mahanama, Assaji, They all became first five Arahats at the end of the Sutta.
Chief Disciple Sariputta (Upatissa) Right hand Chief Disciple/ Etadaga
Chief Disciple Maha Moggallana (Kolita) Left Hand Chief Disciple/ Etadaga
Disease Severe Dysentery As a consequence of previous evil deed in His past existence
Last words of the Buddha "All conditioned and compounded things have the nature of decay and disintegration. With steadfast mindfulness, endeavour diligently for your own liberation"
Age 80 years, Tuesday, Full moon day, 543 B.C Kason month, 148 Maha Era
Place Kusinara/ Kusinagare (Uttar Pradesh), India -
Cremation Sunday, 12th Waning day. The earth trembled violently and thunder-roars with flashes of lightning appeared in the sky.

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