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Course 39: From July to December 2019

Lecturers: mainly Theravadin Monks from Myanmar, Malaysia, UK and USA and some lay Practitioners

Weekly Lectures by Emails or Internet
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Lecture No. Lecture Topics Authors
1 Buddhism and the Buddha J. Oliver

The 'Buddha'

Ven. Dhammasami

Tipitaka: the Buddhist Bible

Ven. Dhammasami

The First Sermon of the Buddha

Ven. Dhammasami

The Four Noble Truths

Dr. Tin Htut

The Noble Eightfold Path

Ven. Dhammasami
7 Samsara and the Planes of Existence Ven. Nanda Siddhi
8 Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta J. Oliver
9 Kamma and Rebirth Dr. Maung M. Lwin
10 Nibbana (Nirvana) Ven. Dhammasami
11 Paticcasamuppada tba
12 Abhidhamma; Introduction Ven. Weiponla
13 Abhidhamma: Salient Features Ven. Dhammasami
14 The Sangha J. Oliver
15 Daily Buddhist Practice Ven. Dhammasami
16 Dana U Tin Htoon
17 Sila U Tin Htoon
18 Taking Three Refuges J. Oliver
19 Recitation of Parittas Ven. Dhammapiya
20 The Value of Puja Bhikkhu Pesala
21 Meditation in Daily Life Bhikkhu Pesala
22 Insight Meditation Ven. Dhammasami
23 Meditation Retreats J. Oliver
24 Meditation: Personal Experience Dr. Nay Dee
25 Buddhism as a Way of Life Ven. Bodhidhamma
26 Theravada Buddhism Resources
and the World Wide Web
Dr. Maung M Lwin


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