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The Daily Routine of a Buddhist

(From ' The Teachings of the Buddha', Ministry of Religious Affairs, Yangon, 1997)

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         A Buddhist should be diligent to strive for daily religious tasks as compulsory duty. If we examine the term "Buddhist" in detail, we find as follows: The term "Buddha" means the supremely Self-Enlightened One through realization of the Four Noble Truths at the foot of the Bodhi-tree as he had fulfilled such perfections as dana, sila, etc., in his many births of samsara.

          Buddhism is the teachings delivered by Buddha in 45 years of Buddhahood for the benefit of all beings -- men, devas and Brahmas. "A Buddhist is one who takes refuge in the Buddha, in the Dhamma, in the Samgha, and practises according to the teachings of the Buddha."

          A Buddhist should not be a Buddhist for name sake only. He must practically abide by the Teachings of the Buddha; only then will he be a real Buddhist. It is very hard indeed to attain the life of a human being. Meritorious deeds such as charity, morality and meditation can be performed only in the human life. In the four miserable realms, these meritorious deeds cannot be performed, because beings there have to suffer miseries all the time. Also in the realms of devas and brahmas, it is not easy to do meritorious deeds, because they are intoxicated with sensual pleasures of jhana bliss. Human life is mingled with sensual pleasure and miseries, and so only a human being can strive for his deliverance from the whirlpool of miseries called Samsara. Now we have the golden chance to be born as human beings and to study, practise, and realise the teachings of the Buddha. So we should earnestly strive for becoming a real Buddhist.

         On becoming a real Buddhist, one must perform the following religious tasks daily with conviction and wisdom:

         Paying Homage to the Buddha

         Observing the Moral Precepts

         Doing the Act of Charity

         Cultivating loving-kindness,

         Striving for Propagation of Buddha's Teaching

         Sharing merit.

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