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Some Exhortations given
Ven. Dhammaduta Sayadawgyi

Compiled and published in 2003 by

          Ven. Chekinda (Dhammaduta)

ITBMU Magazine 2002-03

Exhortation on Sasana Matters

           Like the civil servants on the service personnel in the government, there are many Sasana servants (Buddha's Holy Order of Monks in the Sasana), but of more quantity and less of quality. Those who are fully qualified do their duties only for the sake of the Sasana, then the perpetuation and propagation of the Sasana will never retrogress.


           Buddha has given the Sasana to every individual. You are the owner of the Sasana. It belongs to you. Don't waste it. Don't let it be spoiled. (Don't spoil it).


           The names with the best meanings are chosen and given at the time of ordination in the Sasana.

           It is most important that you must be able to live up to your name.


           If you want to stay in the Sasana, be a Sasana servant rather than to be a burden to the Sasana.

           The Sasana will flourish only when there are many Sasana servants (Load-bearers).

           Only Sasana servants should stay in the Sasana.


           The two main tasks of Sasana for the monks are studying of scriptures (Pariyatti) and the practising of meditation (Patipatti). Learning without practice has not much effect.

           Practice without learning may lead to wrongful practice.

           Learn as well as practise.

           Study as well as practise.


           Buddha's Sasana is not a place for the lazy or inferior people.

           If you are useless or unhappy to stay as a monk disrobe and be a lay person again, you are not stopped to do so.

           It is better to disrobe and be a lay person than to stay on in the Sasana as a useless monk.


           There is no creation in the Buddha's Sasana. You cannot get anything just by praying. You will reap the benefits of your own action Tread along the right path with awareness and mindfulness. Sasana shows the right way, so rely on yourself and try your best.

           In Myanmar the teaching of the Scriptures (Pariyatti) are uniform through out the country, without the discrimination of sect or tradition and the locality. But in the practice of meditation (Patipatti), which is the essence, it is deplorable that there are differences.

           Actually it is important that the methods (of meditation practice) should be exactly that of the Buddha and not those of the particular teachers.


           In the Sasana, do not discriminate (between your own son and the adopted son or your close friend and acquaintances).

           Do not favour anybody.

           Only then will your disciples be united and consolidated, and you will be able to propagate Sasana widely.


Exhortation for Monks and Samaneras

           The servant of the Sasana (Monk) must be always carrying out the duties of the Sasana.

           Some monks said that they want to take some rest. As for me I will do the duties of the Sasana all the time.

           I shall take a rest when I die.


           I am reminded of overworking at my life's stake. Life is not that important. Work is important.

           I work, still I got about five and a half hour's sleep a day. Buddha's (daily) rest was about two and three quarter hours only.

           How ashamed I feel!


           Puthujjanas are blind to their own fault. Monks should agree with one another to point out mistakes, if he sees any. Please ( he compassionate and) treat me likewise.


           Bear tolerance in mundane matters as well as in supramundane matters such as meditation etc.

           Pratising forbearance with a suppressed anger is not good for it might explode when (it becomes) unbearable.

           Forbearance only with mindfulness and wisdom is beneficial.


           A learner or a pupil should not resemble a puppy, but be like a chick peacock.

           Since a puppy is lovable when it was young and people would like to hug and cuddle it.

           But that puppy becomes a mangy dog because of this cuddling.

           Young chick was featherless and red skinned when it was young and nobody would like to touch it.

           But when it was grown up it turns out to be the elegant peacock with beautiful plumage.

           Don't let yourself become (like) a mangy dog.


           In the Sasana, when you reach the top the army of Mara comes to destroy you.

           There are many who cannot continue this journey (to perform the duties of Sasana) because they cannot withstand wealth and fame.

           Try to (combat and) over come it (the army of Mara).


           Saying that Sasana in declining is not true.

           The Sasana is not declining.

           It is only that the ability and courage of the Sasana servants (monks) are declining.

           The declining is due to the fact that the disciples cannot keep in step with their teachers.

           Try your best to excel me (your teacher).


           Dhammaduta forest monastery has no special rules and regulation of its own. Vinaya rule laid down by the Buddha are the rules of this monastery.

           If you can abide by the Vinaya rules you may stay here.

           If not, you are to go away.


           Trying to develop this huge monastery, enduring weariness and taking pain, is not for fame nor honour.

           But the main thing is to build up a place where monks can live in accordance with Vinaya Rules, and can learn the scriptures and practise meditation.

           I would be satisfied if I have one pioneer to accomplish Sasana duties.

           Now that there are more than one and I am most heartened for the Sasana.


           When delivering Dhamma talks there are two ways: one is to talk so that the people understand and the other is to give an impressive lecture.

           It is important to make your talk understandable.

           A Dhamma talk which is understandable and pleasant is the best.


           To stay alone in a forest monastery during the Buddhist lent, Vassa, is to develop mindfulness and awareness at all times and do improve health.

           I am living with the intention just to imitate the practice of the noble ones.


           Wherever you stay in a forest monastery or a monastery in town, it is important not to develop defilements.

           There are less distractions in the forest monastery.

           Residing at a town monastery can cause wrong doings if you are not careful.

           On the other hand, if you know how to live (mindful properly and cautious), you can develop higher wisdom.

           We usually look for a good place first to propagate Sasana. But it is more important to show capability to do good work.

           I believe that the place forest monastery I am staying has developed like this because of the good work than of good site.

           Always perform good work.


Exhortation for nuns

           The name Thila-shin (nun) implies (that she is ) the possessor of morality,

           They are called this way because they have (possess) morality morality is thriving and growing in them: they live gracefully by observing precepts.

           Never underestimate the moral precepts,

           You can have a life each in every existence, (where as) morality (sila) is difficult to attain.


           Nuns are the pioneers who are guiding the womankind.

           Don't let yourself be like any other ordinary woman.

           You are the models for womankind (of good conduct) and so you must excel other women in every good way.


Exhortations for lay followers There are two bad characteristics of man laziness and inferiority.

           The infers can be taught to improve themselves.

           Whereas nothing can be done for the lazy.

           When you are lazy you will be inferior (useless).

           Never be idle.


           By being a monk wearing a nun's robe or yogi sash don't think too much of yourself.

           It is important that monks, samaneras, nuns and yogis, all have their respective mentality associated with Dhamma.

           Appearances are deceitul and only the morality counts.


           One who works is bound to be blamed.

           If you are afraid of criticism you will never succeed.

           Take care not to be blamed by the virtuous ones and heed not what the foolish blame (say).


           To come in contact with Sasana is a rare virtue. But harder still is to have faith (Saddha).

           Don't let your single word diminish other's Saddha.


           It is a great sin.

           Wasting time is the greatest of all follies.

           New lives (existences) can be obtained over and over again. Time wasted cannot be regained.

           Along with it all wealth wisdom (knowledge) and merits are lost.

           Magga Kusala leading to the Bliss of Nibbana has escaped from you. Waste not time.


           There are the two kinds of courage to dare and to bear.

           Some think to dare is bravery. It is not so. It is better to have the courage to bear.


           Everyone has his value: one cannot gauge a person's worth.

          Worthiness is different (high or low) depending on one's words and deeds.

           Hence one has to assess one's own value.


           An idle person is a worthless person.

           Although one meets with Sasana the Triple Gems and the noble teachers, if one lives idly (does not practise according to the Dhamma), one will be a worthless person.


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