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Save the Children

       Every year, over 12 million young children die before reaching their fifth birthday, many perish during their first year of life. To put this number into perspective, one child dies before their fifth birthday approximately every 2.6 seconds, or almost 33,000 per day. What is really terrible is that most of these deaths are not caused by starvation or natural disasters - most of these children are dying because of a few diseases and conditions that are preventable or curable for mere pennies.

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Help the Homeless

       Homelessness and poverty are tightly linked. People who are living in poverty often must choose between food, shelter and other basic needs. For the poor, an accident, a medical crisis, a lost paycheck can all translate into not having a place to call home next week. It has been said that every human being has a primary and fundamental right to adequate food and shelter. Yet so many people in our world are deprived of this basic right. This right of feeling a warm bed at night, in a place called home.

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