Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre
55a Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Mayango P.O.,
Yangon 11061 Myanmar (Burma)

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Telephone: 95 (1) 661479
Facsimile: 95 (1) 667050

Chanmyay Yeiktha, Hmawbi
Telephone: 95 (1) 620321
(About an hour drive by car from Yangon)

Chanmyay Yeiktha, Hinthada
Tel: (044) 21465

General Information

Sayadaw U Janaka speaks English. Chanmyay Yeiktha means "Peaceful Retreat". Chanmyay Yeiktha, Yangon (Rangoon), functions mainly as a meditation centre but is also a monastery with resident monks (meditation teachers) and nuns. It is for foreigners and Myanmar meditators alike.

Foreigners are well catered for and often have their own quarters and schedules. Men and women's accommodation is separate, clean and simple, complete with bed linen and mosquito nets. The forest center in Hmawbi (pronounced "Moby") was built with foreigners in mind. It sits on ten garden acres with large shady trees. The accommodations are very upscale by Burmese standards, with screened walking areas and a new meditation hall. One needs to register at Chanmyay Yeiktha - Yangon before going to Hmawbi.

Two healthy meals are served everyday, one at dawn, another just before noon, drinks such as orange juice are offered in the evening. Vegetarian food is available on request. In the dining hall, everyone eats slowly, quietly and mindfully. Clean, safe, drinking water is supplied.

The office has a telephone where international calls are received or made and paid for. No reverse charge is available for out-going calls. There is a fax machine, for emergency use only. There is a medical clinic with doctors coming on a regular basis. "Western" medicines are available. If you foresee any health problems, please bring your own. There is no malaria in Yangon or central Myanmar, but take precautions in the remote and border areas. For immunisations please consult your doctor.

If you telephone, Fax or post details of your arrival flight, you can be met at the the Yangon airport and likewise on departure. Mail can take up to 10 days to reach us. Transport is readily available.

It you arrive with a tourist visa and wish to practise extensively, we can arrange "meditation visa" extensions for up to one year. It is preferred that foreigners practise at least one month. Please bring extra passport photographs.

Like most renowned meditation teachers, Sayadaw U Janaka travels a lot, so you may want to check first to see when he will be there.

For long term meditation, you are invited to ordain as a monk, novice or nun. It is an excellent opportunity and will enhance your experience in meditation and Myanmar. However it is not obligatory.

Lay meditators must observe the eight precepts. Talking is kept to an absolute minimum, as is reading and writing.

Meditators are expected to practise at least from 3:30 am to 9:30 pm everyday, performing all activities slowly, to allow continuity of mindfulness and deep concentration.

There is no fixed meditation timetable, the teacher instructs the meditators based on their experience and ability.

Men and women have separate large meditation halls for sitting and walking meditation. These have a conducive atmosphere for meditation practice.

Chanmyay Yeiktha, Hmawbi

This is new, modernised centre. A branch of Chanmyay Yeiktha, Yangon. It is located in a cooler and quiet farming region about 50 minutes north of Yangon. It is situated on about 10 acres of gardens with many large shady trees and surrounded by quiet, typical, Myanmar villages.

Eight buildings were completed in December 1995 and more have been built since. All the buildings are self-contained. The Hmawbi centre is already catering for foreign and Myanmar meditators. All rooms are fresh and clean with western toilets and showers. The buildings have two, four or ten rooms with fly screen windows.

There is a large meditation hall for men and women away from all other buildings to ensure peace and quiet. Also, a unique feature is the installation of many wooden platforms with shelters which have been built under trees to provide meditators with solitude and a comfortable outdoor meditation situation.

Potential meditators are requested to register at Chanmyay Yeiktha, Yangon before coming to Hmawbi.

"Chanmyay Yeiktha" means "peaceful retreat",
so may all beings be peaceful and attain to Nibbana.

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