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227 Aung Kyaw Sint, U.S.A 12/13/2001

        Very Impressive and Excellent way to reveal the true Buddhism to the world..

226 Aldo and Kriz, Buddha Land 12/12/2001

        hello i hav 2 say this is a great site if u r into nibbana etc aldo and i r doin an essay on nibbana 4 RE its soooo bad but we hav2 do it oh well congrats on the site im off cus i cant b bothered cya Wednesday

225 Mahendra , Indonesia 12/05/2001

        Very interesting web-site for Buddhism. It's a good place to learn Theravada Buddhism. The chanting should be distributed in CD form so that Buddhist laymen can learn reciting paritta with Burmese accent. The news on educational activities and buddhist universities should be updated and enhanced. Mettacittena,

224 Yang g.c, Malaysia 11/30/2001

       Good web site & comprehensive teaching of the dharma. Appreciate that the site also cover the higher doctrine, the buddha explanation of the universe.

223 John, Billinge 11/26/2001

       Its amazing that this is actually in my own little village!!!

222 Karl Von Pupp 11/21/2001

       Very impressive site! I will admire this!

221 Alessandra Mor, Chicago 11/20/2001

       Fab website! Keep up the good work! Alessandra Mor

220 Hla Maytu, Missouri, USA 11/15/2001

        I am very glad to stumble onto this website. I am a Buddhist by birth but did not really think about my religion until as I got older. Your website has a lot of information which I am going to read. Thanks.

219 Brittany, Edmonton, Alberta 11/04/2001

       Really good site, it helped me get a 90% on a social studies project, thanks!!

218 Richard, In mountains in Asheville, NC, USA 11/04/2001

        This is most auspicious finding... Thank you!

217 Joe Stevens, Nottingham 11/02/2001

       What a beautiful site! I wonder if anyone knows if there is a Theravada vihara or group in Nottingham?

216 Veekay, India 10/31/2001

       Very excellent website.

215 Maung Khin, Middle East 10/23/2001

        A very good site. May I thank Dr. M M L for introducing me to this site. I find the articles very useful. It will take months to fully appreciate the whole site. This site does not come up when searched through Google for example. Perhaps the Webmaster could make some adjustments. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu; Maung Khin

214 Jean Duvalle: http://www.american-engineering.com 10/20/2001

        Hi there! I just bumped into your site, and I kind of enjoyed it. Keep it up!

213 Aika Miura ; Asian Pictures 10/18/2001

       Hi! What a nice place!

212 Ida Widjaja;Jakarta, Indonesia 10/07/2001

       How can I get the translation in English for paritta : Namakaragatha, Pubbabaganamakara, Pancasila...etc ?

211 Khin Maung Win; Germany 10/05/2001

       Dear Svetlana, I know for a fact that there is Myanmar Embassy in Moscow.That is the best place to get your visa.You can get a one month visa.If you can survive 2 weeks of Vipassana training,you would surely have the firm foundation to practice on your own. After that, all you need is a quiet secluded place. t can be anywhere. There are also meditation courses being offered in England and you can find the place and schedule in Nibbana.com. Vipassana training is conducive to peace and tranquility of mind and if that is what you are seeking,go for it. I wish you great success.

210 Engineering Jobs ; ENGINEERING JOBS 10/04/2001

       I found your site very interesting. Thanks!

209 Ong Hwee Ching; Malaysian but in Singapore now 09/28/2001

       This website is very useful for one who want to find some information about Dhamma.

208 Rachel and Laura, Scotland 09/25/2001

        Well OK if you like this kinda thing! we r 2 scottish lassies in school trying to find information on Buddhism seeing as we have an exam to pass on it. Didnt find this v. useful coz I am not really following all this. Bye

207 Svetlana Karnaoukhova, Russia 09/21/2001

        I found a lot of information, very useful for me. But the question I would like to ask, still remains. I want to know where to get an entry visa for practice of Vippasana if I dont have an embassy of Myanma in my country.

206 Tan Lee Yean, Malaysia 09/10/2001

        Recently my friend visited Myanmar and she told me about the place she visited and also the Buddhist temple. So I visit this site and find it exciting and can learn more about the Buddhism.

205 Madhouse Chat Talker, DC 09/08/2001

       Great looking site


U Tin Htut


       This is a very wonderful web site. Thanks very much and appreciate the great job. Lord buddha,the greatist teacher left his teaching since was enlightened. His teaching were carried by great disciples from the very beginning to present days passing down so many years from 2590 to 2545 years. Now all the teaching are already recorded in so many languages. So many present day teachers read, translate, interpret and practice as the way theirs' teachers teaching them. Lot of peoples forgot or unnotice the original dhamma itself containing Buddha teachings for Nibanna only, teaching for common peoples and buddha talk to general public. All recorded teachings were recorded in book forms so that many readers could not interpret the real accent of Lord Buddha. So many people they consider themselve they are fully educated but in reality they are just telling what they have read. During the great period of time in history so many great teachers and interpreters came up but so many monks, teachers and lay persons were not fully recognised and were even wrongfully accused. If we can recognise those teaching and interpretation by comparing the original dhamma text, it will be of great benefit to the mandkind. With loving kindness. May all beings be freed from suffering and attain enlightenment.

203 Rosa Alex: Home Page 08/30/2001

       Good site! Thanks!

202 Mark & Zin-Zin Wealthy, Kettering, Northants, England 08/17/2001

        English man, Burmese woman. Met together in Burma in 1999 whilst working with Premier Oil. Now back in England and married. Both practice Theravada Buddhism at the Birmingham (Burmese) Talaka Pagoda and at Leicester Vihara

201 Keith Ritchie, Tayside, UK 08/13/2001

        Great Site with lots of info. Only things is I would like to find someone in my area if possible to speak to.

200 Florian, Theravada Abhidhamma 08/08/2001

        Truly a treasure of information and inspiration. Excellent work that provides material for all interested in pure Buddhism. Yours, Florian

199 Hrishikesh, India 08/06/2001

        I HOPE THE MESSAGE OF PEACE OF THE LORD BUDDHA PERVADES THROUGH US ALL. May the lord grant us all moksha though our paths and religions may be different we through love and peace will all attain moksha(nirvana) and unite with the supreme soul for the people of the world I send my wishes of peace may the glory of the buddha never fade may the lord narayana grant us all happiness. om namo vasudevaya om namo buddhaya shanti shanti shantihi

198 Sayadaw Upannananda, Singapore 07/31/2001

       I am delighted to see this website and thank to those who organized for this.

197 Vico Alfarine Kirtinanda, Indonesia 07/28/2001

       Namo Buddhaya, Boddhisattvaya Mahasattvaya.. Hi, I'm Vico from Indonesia, wants to be your friend,... Please mail me at valfarine@yahoo.com

       Sabbe satta bhavantu sukithata, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

196 Haryono Sutanto:Jakarta, Indonesia 07/23/2001

        Great, especially information on the practice of Vipassana.

195 The Rev. William Hobbs, Southbridge, MA 07/20/2001

       I loved your website. Excellent and accessable teaching for those wishing to learn more about meditation & Buddhism. Its practice is enriching all aspects of my life! My Christian faith is enriched and enlarged. Thank you.

194 Johanes, Indonesia 07/20/2001

       I am so happy to know this website because I can learn more and more about Buddhism from this website.

193 Bradley, USA 07/12/2001

       Very nice site, very friendly, and lot's of info.

192 Lesley Fay Henshall, Wigan, UK 07/09/2001

       After many years becoming lost amongst words in books, searching far and wide for guidance, I have just inadvertantly fallen over a gem under my very feet. Grateful thanks.

191 Michell, USA 06/28/2001

       I have been read forward this website. This is the one I thought it would be perfect for me to look more information about meditation that I get from most difference website, and thankyou so much about people that put alot of effort to developed into this website.

190 UEN TZUNG-KUEN, Taiwan 06/25/2001

        I like this web very much, thank you. I hope I can get more information about Mahasi Sayadaw here.

189 Thaw Htaik Win, Australia 06/24/2001

       I didn't expect there could be such a web site as this one. I don't have enough words to describe all my delight when I found it. A very very nice site!!!

188 Khin Maung Win: Germany 06/21/2001

       Dear UMML, I am very grateful to you for the opportunity to learn Dhamma from Tipitaka and the teachings from Myanmar Sayadawgyis that are on your website. As the Buddha said "The gift of Dhamma is the greatest of all gifts", you are performing the greatest meritorius deed. May you and your loved ones live in peace, health and happiness and attain Nibbana ultimately!

187 Khin Maung Win: Germany 06/21/2001

        Dear Evgeny, I am very glad to hear that you have decided to become a monk at a very young age.That is in accord with what Buddha said, "come and see yourself" The only way to learn Dhamma is to practice under the guidance of a learned elder Bhikkhu who is a living example of the Dhamma. There are plenty of learned Bhikkhus who are worthy of respect in both Ceylon and Myanmar. I don't see any big difference between studying in Myanmar and Ceylon because the bhikkhus in both countries practice Theraveda Buddhism.There are devout laity in both countries who are happy to support the Sangha as best they can. If you have decided to go to Ceylon, go over there without any delay before something else will prevent you from going there. Once you have the basic foundation, you can go to Myanmar at anytime. May you make progress and attain Nibbana ultimately!!

186 Jan: Buddha-direct Homepage 06/21/2001

       Sadhu, friends May all beings come home together by the Noble 8-fold Way in Bliss!

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