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286 Timothy S E - Sydney, Australia 12/31/2002

I'm a Nichiren Buddhist, my beliefs are different to the belifs explained here. I have very limited understanding of the buddhism here, I'd like to understand it more, is there somwhere I can e-mail?

285 Rejina - kalimati, soaltee mode ktm nepal 12/27/2002

       Im am also buddhist religon so i wan t to know where is this place?

284 D. C. Golden E-Mail: dcgolden1@msn.com Location: Houton, TX, USA 12/26/2002

       Quite by chance I came across this site. By far this is the most comprehensive website on Theravada Buddhism I have seen. Thank you for putting so much effort to build this wonderful site. May the Noble Triple Gem bless you!

283 Susie Siriwimala - Colombo, Sri lanka 12/26/2002

       Excellent work. thank you very much for coming to the rescue of those who are thirsty for the knowledge of Dhamma. keep it up.

282 Mangala Theravadin Buddhists Org - Beijing, China 12/26/2002

       Namo Buddhaya! We are Indonesian Buddhist Students who study in Beijing China. We formed a Buddhist organization named Mangala Theravadin Buddhists Organization. Hopefully all of Buddhists around the world and we have chance to share the Dhamma. Anumodana.

281 Samita Eevensen - Arcata, California 12/23/2002

       Thanks for all the great info and resources, keep up the holy work.

280 G Thiraviyam - Bangalore, India 12/21/2002

       Thanks , through this site I smelt the fragrance of the country of my birth.

279 Jan Peys 12/10/2002

       your site about Myanmar is so beautyfull that i allmost feel home. I was in Yangon 5 years ago..and miss it..the friendly people,good food...everything!!!!!regards from holland,i come back soon.

278 Mya K Lwin -US 12/09/2002
        Thanx for the wonderful site.

277 James - United Kingdom 12/03/2002
        Very interesting site and content. I just surfed in.

276 Tiziana - Milano 11/20/2002
        Congratulations, very nice

275 Oliver 11/17/2002
        was nice to be here! greetings from http://www.linklister.de

274 Robin Bennison - Batley West Yorkshire England 11/11/2002

        A wonderful website truly inspiring I will concider converting to this beautiful way of life.

273 Paul Burton - Blackburn 11/07/2002

       I have been visiting this site for well over a year now and it never fails to provide me with the information I require. I find it a great aid to my practice to come here, especially as i live so far from the Sangha. Thank you.

272 MOHANA RANGAN T.V. - Chennai, INDIA 10/21/2002

        MAY ALL BEINGS BE HAPPY Wonderful site. Very informative . It creates ample opportunities to know, to learn, to practise Pure BUDDHISM. Many people will benefit from this site and become pure beings. Many Thanks

271 Rutty Bessoudo - Mexico City, Mexico 09/27/2002

       Thanks for your quizs. It's a very good and fun way to test our knowledge. Please keep adding questions. With Metta, Rutty

270 Ralphs Animation 09/24/2002

       great site!!!

269 Joachim - London
joachim_palm@hotmail.com Location: west

        Would any buddhist in London like to meet me and introduce your teachings and belifs for me?

268 novalis78 - Germany 09/16/2002

       This is a wonderful box of wisdom. You may find another one helpful too: www.nibbanam.com

267 U Nyanagga - India 09/14/2002

       Nothing to say your work, but the best. The new will wait your work

266 Sai Aung Min; Singapore 09/06/2002

       I felt our buddhism propagation was not so strong like other religions before I found this website. This website is indeed the place for all buddhists as well as everybody searching for "Dhama", the absolute truth. Now, I am very much delighted by knowing that buddhism is spreading through out the world by respectful Sayadaws. We need more Sayadaws, more Dhama teachers who can really teach the Dhama to all human beings regardless of the origins. Instead of donating other Dana such as big and luxurious buildings, we should have more dana on the propagation of Dhama to the world. This website fulfills that purpose. Sadhu. Sadhu. Sadhu.....

265 francesco; italy 09/01/2002

       congratulation, you have a big site, visite too mine! Thanks! bye from italy: http://poetries4u.de.vu/

264 Louise Hill; south africa 08/31/2002

       Thank you for this wonderful site. Am blessed to have a teacher closeby in south africa who is a wonderful Theravada monk - Sayadaw U Khemissara. Your site will help cement what is being taught. With Metta, Louise

263 Ven. Shasan Rakshit; Birmingham 08/27/2002

       This is first time I visited this web. I'm very pleased to visit and read about all details and Dhamma talk that all monks gave. Thank you very much for publishing this web for everybody.

262 Rudi: Germany 08/24/2002

       I just want to say thank you. Sadu Sadhu Sadhu!

261 Webmaestro ; Adelaide,South Australia 08/21/2002

       G'day from Down Under! Very nice website. Please visit South Australia and my website!!! Webmaestro :) http://www.metropolis5000.com

260 Rainer Mueller; Korea 08/18/2002

        I would like to learn meditation somewhere in Southeast Asia, can somebody advice

259 homero duarte neto (chandasiri); Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 08/17/2002

       Thank you very much for such a nice site! It was very helpful in many ways, mainly because I intend to become a Theravada monk and need to learn more and more! May all living beings be happy! Chandasiri

258 Kamal Dass (Tin Win) Calcutta (India) 08/07/2002

       Very informative site on buddhism

257 Kyi Tun; London 07/27/2002

       I do like this kind of web site and thank to web master. I live in london and I would like to get a friend who really treasure the dhamma. Please contanct me !!!!!!

256 Khin S. Yin - Los Angeles 07/23/2002

        I just happened to come across this web site. It is very impressive. Please keep up the good work and spread the damma.

255 Lynn Naing Htoon; Singapore 08/23/2002

       lawka dhamma

254 Peter B. Reynolds 08/08/2002

        Thank you for your love. Thank you for being a blessing to all. I gather and share love and wisdom. What is love? Please send your words. love, Peter

253 Kyi Tun ; London 07/27/2002

       I do like this kind of web site and thank to web master. I live in london and I would like to get a friend who really treasure the dhamma. Please contact me !!!!!!

252 ajahngeorge; vienna 07/17/2002

        marvellous work, a boon in this mad age.

251 hein myat min, singapore 06/28/2002

        Excellent articles from sayadaws

250 John April : Indianapolis, Indiana 06/01/2002

       I practiced there 1995-96. I was wondering if you could connect me with U Nadasiri or U Sunanda. It would be good to know they are well. I, too, am well, still benefitting from the practice I learned at Mahasi.

249 Ordinaryman: Planet Earth 05/20/2002

       Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu, something I always want to see. Still swimming in the sea of Karma,Yarga,Marna but having a chance to learn and practice true Theraveda Buddhism in this life time give me a chance to be free. May you be able to attain Nibban in this life time.

248 Min Htin; Indonesia 05/17/2002

        It is very impressive and I am much grateful to those who organised this excellent website. As a Myanmar Buddhist, I am proud to tell friends who have interests in Buddhism to learn on this site.

247 Dennis: California 05/16/2002

        This is an invaluable page for many Buddhists. I want to suggest that the government should offer a service that anybody can make a secured donation with his or her credit cards to the Meditation Centers in Sagaing. Thank you.

246 Anthony; England 05/14/2002

        Where do I begin to follow this religion??

245 John Simon; Los Angeles, CA 05/02/2002

        Greetings, my brothers and sisters. I am most glad to have found your web site. Your information is most useful. Keep up the good work! Peace and love:)

244 Fiona Fealy, nr Edinburgh, Scotland UK 04/26/2002

       I am not a buddhist myself, but i do seem to find myself agreeing with all the religion says...

243 Irene Loo, Phoenix, AZ 04/18/2002

       Thanks million for this web pages. I can study about Buddhism.

242 U Nay ga Dhamma, Tucson, AZ,USA 04/04/2002


241 Rajeev, India 03/15/2002

        I am presently studying architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi (INDIA). I am designing a Vipassana Meditation and Research Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal as my thesis project. So, far I have done many case studies for my thesis but they were either different in nature or not designed properly or were operating through some makeshift arrangements. I would be very very grateful to you if you kindly share with me some information about the design of a Vipassana Meditation Centre. It could be anything like your own personal opinion on how an ideal Vipassana Meditation Center should be or the design philosophy, drawings or area programme of any existing Vipassana Centre. Sir, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you. Rajeev Mishra.

240 Rev. W. Sunanda, Singapore 02/28/2002

       Keep it good work.you may visit our web-site too. (www.buddhist-book.com)

239 Answer from The WebMaster 02/23/2002

       FAO: Vincent JACQUE; Re: Your Guestbook Message: "I'm desperately seeking an audio file to hear how to chant the short taking refuge in Pâli, according to the Burma tradition. Can someone help me?"

        Please visit the following links for the audio file. You will find that taking refuge in Myanmar Pali is part of the recitation for taking five or Eight Precepts. TAKING EIGHT PRECEPTS: (at eDhamma.com) http://www.edhamma.com/realaudio/clip-MahagandaryonSayadaw-TakingEightPrecepts-1.ram (Please copy all of this link, if necessary, and paste )

       You can read the Pali text in English for Five Precepts (very similar) and for taking Refuge at http://www.nibbana.com/cvihara.htm#precepts
        If you can read Myanmar Pali, visit http://www.nibbana.com/cvihara2.htm#precepts

238 Emma Tin Tin Myint, Singapore 02/16/2002

       Recently came back from Yangon. I had visited 'Hse mile gon' Panditarama Meditation Center. It looks like a 5 star resort. They were conducting a 60 days retreat for American yogis. Certainly worth considering.

237 Alfred Myat : Sydney 02/16/2002

       I would like to share your good deed Sadhu' Sadhu' Sadhu . You have done the great job.

236 Gordon Pagett (Dhammasami): Birmingham, England 02/15/2002

       what an excellent sight, I will be spending a lot of time here.

235 amanda: s.c. 02/05/2002

        I think the sight is great but the info needs to be accessed faster.

234 Vincent JACQUE : Bruxelles - BELGIUM 02/03/2002

        Ex-Vajrayâna disciple (after 4 years), I just joined the Theravada Buddhism. I found a Dhamma group in Brussels that follows the teachings of Mahasi Sayadaw and Sayadaw U Pandita. I'm desperately seeking an audio file to hear how to chant the short taking refuge in Pâli, according to the Burma tradition. Can someone help me?

233 Yvonne Lee : Singapore 01/31/2002

       I hope to get more info where female yogis can know about nuns life and the place to go for long retreats in Asia? Please email me the relevant info. Thanks!

232 Jeff : SJ NB, Canada 01/19/2002

       Nice site

231 Lennart : Germany 01/16/2002

        Someone looking for PALI ONLINE? See: www.nibbanam.com/palikanon.htm accayanti aho rattim...

230 Purity - Philippines 01/12/2002

       I enjoy reading. Myanmar or Burma is really interesting.

229 Anne - London 01/09/2002

       I think this is a great web site that explains the concept of buddhism clearly. technial words are used which make me feel more familiar with the subject.

228 Pavel Lanka: Australia 01/04/2002

        Congratulations! A True Gem in cyberspace. May All Beings be Happy

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