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Part l

1. Preface to the Discourse

2. The Date of the Discourse

3. Three Kinds of Introduction

4. Bodhisatta and worldly Pleasures

5. The Ignoble Quest

6. The Noble Quest

7. The Renunciation of the Bodhisatta

8. Making His Way to Alara, the Great Ascetic

9. Taking Instructions from the Holy Sage Alara

10. Reassuring Words

11. Approaching the Sage Udaka

12. Practising Extreme Austerities in Uruvela forest

13. Extreme Austerity of Crushing the Mind With the Mind

14. Jhanic Absorption restraining the Breath

15. Extreme Austerity of Fasting

16. Mara's Persuasion

17. Right Reasoning

18. Absorption in First Jhana While an Infant

19. Resumption of Meals

20. The Enlightenment

21. Extreme Austerity is a Form of Self-mortification

22. Considering the Question of Giving the First Sermon

23. Missing the Path and Fruition by Seven Days

24. Missing the Great Chance by One Night

25. Journey to Give the First Sermon

26. Meeting with Upaka, the Naked Ascetic

27. Truth is not Seen when Blinded by Misconception

28. Arrival at Isipathana

29. Thus the Blessed One Continued

Part II

30. Sensuous Gratification is Base and Vulgar

31. Ditthadhamma Nibbana Vada

32. A low, Common Practice

33. Not the Practice of the Noble Ones

34. Not tending to One's Welfare (Anatta Samhito)

35. May Householders Indulge in Sensuous Pleasures?

36. Four Kinds of Indulgence in Worldly Enjoyments

37. Practice of Self-mortification

38. The Niganda Scripture

39. Physical Suffering

40. Profitless Effort

41. Wrong Interpretation of Self-mortification

42. Misconception Regarding Contemplation on Feeling

43. The View of a Teacher

44. How to Avoid the Two Extremes

45. Antidote for Indigestible Food

46. How Vision and Knowledge are Developed

47. How Vision and Knowledge Appear Step by Step

48. Knowledge Deepens through Practice

49. The Commentary Explanation

50. Starting from Any Step According to the Definitions of the Texts.

51. The Kilesas are calmed

52. Silabbataparamasa Ditthi

53. Temporary Putting Away

54. Arising of Super-knowledge

55. Penetrative Insight

56. Realization of Nibbana

Part III

57. Pavarana

58. Elaboration on the Eightfold Path

59. The Path of Right Speech

60. The Path of Right Action

61. The Path of Right Livelihood

62. Seeking Wealth in Consonance with Moral Law is Right Livelihood

63. The Path of Right Mindfulness

64. Whether the Noble Eightfold Path was Sermoned in Detail or Not

65. How to Produce Vipassana Sati, Insight Mindfulness

66. Explanation on Insight Momentary Concentration (Vipassana Khanika Samadhi)

67. Proper Insight Knowledge Only by Mindful Noting

68. No Insight without Mindfulness

69. The Path of Right Concentration

70. Assertion that Vipassana Cannot Develop without Jhana

71. The Path of Right View

72. Kammassakata Sammaditthi

73. The Path in Three Stages

74. How Jhana-labhis Develop Insight

75. Contemplation on Miscellaneous Volitional Activities-Pakinnaka Sankhara Method

76. Beginning of Vipassana Magga

77. How Vipassana Samadhi Maggas are developed

78. How Vipassana Panna Maggas are developed

79. The Path of Right Thought . . . Samma Sankappa Magga

Part IV

80. Truth of Suffering Dukkha Sacca

81. Critical Examination of the Disparity

82. Accurate Pali Text on Definition of Dukkha Sacca

83. The Four Noble Truths

84. Jati Dukkha

85. Viparinama Dukkha

86. Sankhara Dukkha

87. Misery in a Mother's Womb

88. Suffering of Birth

89. Suffering throughout the Whole life

90. The Upadanakkhandhas at the moment of seeing

91. Five Groups of Grasping at the moment of Hearing

92. Five Groups of Grasping at the moment of Smelling

93. Five Groups of Grasping of the moment of Eating

94. Five Groups of Grasping at the moment of Touching

95. Five Groups of Grasping at the moment of Thinking

96. Suffering because of the Five Groups of Grasping

97. Upadana and Upadanakkhandhas

Part V

98. Samudaya Sacca

99. The Story of Sampeya Naga King

100. The Story of Queen Upari

101. How Fresh Rebirth takes place

102. In Brahma Land he shines Bright

103. Attachment leads to Rebirth

104. A Dhamma-teaching Sayadaw

105. Born a buffalo for the sum of kyats 40?

106. Nga Nyo's small measure of rice

107. Terrible life now as a Demon, now as a Cow

108. Regaining Human Life after being a cattle and a dog

109. Even Rebirth as a Crowing lizard is possible

110. Kama Tanha

111. Bhava Tanha

112. Vibhava Tanha

Part VI

113. Nirodha Sacca

114. How cessation of Craving is brought about

115. Magga Sacca... the Truth of Path

116. Exposition on the right view Samma ditthi

117 Meditation on the Four Truths

118. How much Sutamaya, Knowledge through Hearing?

119. Development of Pubbabhaga Magga otherwise called Vipassana Magga

120. Nama as distinct from Rupa, example given by the Buddha

121. Abstention during Vipassana meditation

122. Knowledge of the Four Truths through Vipassana nana

123. Vipassana and the Four Truths

124. Vipassana is also a constituent of the Nirodhagamini Patipada

Part VII

125. Sacca nana with regard to Dukkha Sacca

126. Kicca nana with regard to Dukkha Sacca

127. Kata nana with regard to Dukkha Sacca

128. Sacca nana with regard to Samyudaya Sacca

129. Kicca nana with regard to Samyudaya Sacca

130. Anusaya kilesa actually exists

131. Kata nana with regard to Samudaya Sacca

132. Sacca nana with regard to Nirodha Sacca

133. Kicca nana with regard to Nirodha Sacca

134. Kata nana with respect to Nirodha Sacca

135. Sacca nana with regard to Magga Sacca

136. Kicca nana with regard to Magga Sacca

137. Kata nana with regard to Magga Sacca


138. When the Buddha did not admit Enlightenment

139. Acknowledgment of Buddhahood

140. Concluding Statement

141. Matter for Consideration

142. Higher knowledge for the listeners of the teaching

143. Records of the Sanghayana, the First Great Council

144. How the Venerable Kondanna attained Higher knowledge while listening to the discourse

145. How Magga nana is dust-free and stainless

146. Magga nana evolves out of Vipassana nana

147. Was not Magga nana attained by appreciation of the Discourse?

148. Acclamation by the Devas and Brahmas

149. The earthquake and appearance of shining light

150. Fervent utterance of joy by the Blessed One

151. The Venerable Annasi Kondanna's Request for ordination

152. Not easy to give up one's traditional belief

153. Citta, the wealthy man and Nataputta

154. Developing devotional inspiration

155. Ordination by Ehi Bhikkhu

156. Beings who attained a higher knowledge through hearing the First Sermon

157. Higher knowledge attained only after actual practice

158. Systematic guidance and practice in the early period of the Sasana

159. Mere listening to the discourse is not sufficient actual practice is needed

160. How the Venerable Vappa etc. strove for attainments

161. Six Arahats including the Blessed One

162. The Great Concluding Prayer

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