Please Join the Volunteer Sangha List for Dhamma Duta Missions in the UK

Venerable Myanmar Monks with interest in International Dhamma Duta Missions are requested to join the Dhamma Duta List. Your details will be passed on to Viharas and Centres requiring a Myanmar monk for a period of from 12 months to 2 years.

Qualification and Experience

Minimum Vassa: 10

Language Skill: Basic skill in reading, writing and speaking in English.

'Dhamma Cariya' Title from recognized Sangha Examination Bodies in Myanmar.

Pariyatti Experience: Should be able to give general Dhamma Talks in Myanmar as taught by Senior Sayadaws of Past and Present, of all Traditions.

Patipatti Experience: Should have some theoretical and practice experience of Vipassana Meditation. Previous attendance at Residential Vipassana Meditation Retreats (either Mogok or Mahasi) is essential.

Sangha Duties

Routine Dhamma Activities, Dhamma Recitations, Talks, etc.

Duration of Assignment and Place

For a period from 12 months to 2 years depending on the requirements of the Viharas or Centres.

Mainly in the UK at a Myanmar or non-Myanmar Vihara.

How to Enrol

Please register sending your details by email to with your brief CV (Names, Age, Vassa, Place of birth, Education, Training, Address (email + postal), Pariyatti and Patipatti Experience, Two Referees, plus a recent photo)

(Your personal details will be kept confidential but may be shared with certain Viharas or Centres which are interested to sponsor you)