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Translated By "K"

Vol. 1, No. 3, 1981

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1.    The lives of the Buddhas none can endanger. Safe may I be similarly.

2.    Nothing can obstruct the perception of Buddha, the Blessed One, neither in the past, nor in the present, nor in the future.

3.    Endowed with these three attributes is Buddha the Blessed One. Intellection precedes all His deeds, words and thoughts, which follow unservingly the light of that intellection.

4.    Endowed with these six attributes is Buddha, the Blessed One. There is no lessening ever of His compassion, His teaching, His industry, His transcendent insight, His concentration, and His rapt contemplation of Nibbana.

5.    Endowed with these twelve attributes is Buddha, the Blessed One. Never was there any kind of act or words in jest, in carelessness, in thoughtless haste; of any teaching left out for lack of comprehension; of the slightest sign of hesitation where the good of all creatures if concerned; of resorting to equanimity without due consideration. Endowed with these eighteen attributes is Buddha, the Blessed One; I worship Him and the six Buddhas before him.

6.    The Teacher is incapable of any unwholesome deed or word or thought. No obstruction can ever impede the vision of Buddha, the Blessed One, neither in the past nor in the present, nor in the future. All the deeds, words and thoughts of Buddha the Blessed One are preceded by intellection, and they follow the light of that intellection. This Dharana paritta is incomparable, without equal in protecting all beings who have faith in it, supreme refuge of all who are in fear of the vicissitudes of Samsara, of supreme power in their protection.

7.    This Dharana Paritta, Ananda, commit it to memory, recite it, ask to be elucidated on any point necessary. By its power one's body is not subject to death by poisoning, or drowning, or burning; one escapes all kinds of dangers; none can work ill on one though they try to contrive it one whole day, two whole days, three whole days, four whole days; madness will not overtake one, nor stupefaction; neither man nor spirits can harm one.

8.    How powerful is this Dharana Paritta? It is as powerful as the seven suns that will burn up the universe it is like an iron armour that defies the power of supernatural beings; it can withstand the five types of enemies and guard against famine, wars and pestilences; to those mortal-born it gives assurance from dumbness, deafness, mental feebleness, and accidents such as falling from heights and moving objects; it cart bring new honours and positions and enhance old ones. In fact, Ananda, the power of this Dharana Paritta has been spoken of by seventy seven crores of previous Buddhas, Good will befall, evil will not; good repute will spread, not evil repute; happy state of mind, not suffering; propensity to good deeds, not bad deeds; good dreams, not bad dreams; good premonitions, not bad ones; even trees about to die will live again, and living trees will burgeon; such truly is the power of this Paritta.

9.    In fact, Ananda, the power of this Dharana Paritta has been spoken of by ninety nine crores of previous Buddhas. One can be aware of ill being planned against one; weapons cannot injure one; charms which protect one gain in power; diseases are cured; unbearable and crippling maladies come not near; ropes cannot tie, manacles cannot lock, prisons cannot confine one. Thus have all Buddhas lauded the power of this Dharana Paritta and by the truth of this may I ever be protected by it and enjoy mental and physical well being and prosper exceedingly.

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