Buddha's Famous Disciples

Oo Maung

(Arranged Alphabetically)


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Ven. Ananda ( a cousin and the attendant of the Buddha) Arahat (became Arahat only after the Buddha passed away) He was well known because of his humility and good nature and excellent memory.
Ven. Anuruddha Arahat Another important disciple of the Buddha and was famous for his magical and supernatural powers
Ven. Assaji Arahat, (one of the Five Ascetics) -
Ven. Bhaddiya Arahat, (one of the Five Ascetics) -
Ven. Channa Arahat (became Arahat only after the Buddha passed away.) He accompanied the Buddha-to-be on Renunciation, and later became a Bhikkhu. Because of his arrogance, the Buddha had instructed Ven. Ananda to impose the Brahma-punishment ( Brahmadanda) to him. He felt a deep remorse and asked for Pardon after the Buddha's Parinibbana.
Ven. Gavampati Arahat Not frequently mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures. He was invited to participate in the First Synod. It was believed according to purely Mon and Burmese tradition, the Buddha himself visited the kingdom of Thaton on his invitation.
Ven. Kaludayi Arahat Was Chief minister of King Suddhodhana
Ven. Kondanna (He was the first Arahat of the Order) Arahat, (one of the Five Ascetics) The first member of the Order of Samghas. He later retired to the forest and lived alone for twelve years.
Ven. Vappa Arahat, (one of the Five Ascetics) -
Ven. Mahanama Arahat, (one of the Five Ascetics) -
Ven. Maha Mogallana Arahat ( Left Hand Chief Disciple/ Vice-Chief) Was famous for his supernatural powers; he often visited the abode of the Gods, subjugated the Great Naga of Mount Mayu, and once scolded Sakra, King of the Gods, and the Great God, Bramah Baka.
Ven.Mahakaccayana Arahat He was admired by Sakka, the King of the Devas. (Dhammapada, Chapters 7, Story 5
Ven. Mahakassapa Arahat The First Buddhist Council was organized by him.
Ven. Rahula (was the Buddha's only son and said to be the first Samanera) Arahat Was received into the Order when he was still a child; he became one of the Chief Disciples on his own purity and merit.
Ven. Revata (was the youngest brother of Sariputta, ran away to avoid an arranged marriage and joined the Order as a samanera) Arahat (attained while he was still a samanera) {Dhammapada, Chapter 7, Story (9)} Not frequently mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures. He once created, by his super natural powers, splendid monasteries for the Buddha and his monks He once stopped the tide and saved some monks from drowning as they slept on a sand-bank. He was later declared by the Buddha to be the foremost of the forest-dwelling monks of his Order.
Ven. Sariputa (Upatissa before) Arahat ( Right Hand Chief Disciple / Chief ) Was in his wisdom next only to the Buddha.
Ven. Subhadda Arahat The last disciple to become an Arahat in the presence of the Buddha.
Ven. Upali Arahat He was the barber to the prince cousins of the Buddha. He became the chief authority on the Vinaya, or the Rules of Discipline.


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