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Kahtein (Kathina) Festival of Tazaungmon. Source: The New light of Myanmar Friday, 12 November , 2004

Communities of interpretation in the study of religion in Burma by Juliane Schober (June 2008)

Bangladesh Indebtedness to Myanmar by Dr. Abdul Mabud Khan 12/28/2008
Although a State of the Muslim majority, there is a considerable number of Buddhist population in Bangladesh. They are scattered in south and southeastern parts of the country. This concentration of the Buddhists in a particular locality is due to the influence of the Buddhist country of Myanmar.1 According to the census of 1991, the total number of the Buddhists population in Bangladesh is about 625,000.

Arakan- A Promised Land by Dr. A. S. Nayaka 12/28/2008
Arakan, a land which cherishes Buddha's principles of moral code, tranquility, love, compassion and wisdom, has patronized Buddhism for more than two millenniums

Broken Glass Palace Chronicle of Burma by Hla Shwe (M.A) | Sunday, December 28, 2008
I had a master degree in history from Rangoon University and I also learnt that the academic who specialized in Burma historiography has biased when they had concluded the Burmese history

These Buddhist Kings with Muslim Names... by Dr Jacques P. Leider 12/28/2008
‘Shut off from Burma by a hill range, Arakan has a separate history, but it is the same in kind’, is one of those unhappy generalizations of Geoffey, Harvey, the British colonial historian, which are waiting to be shaken by thorough research. more +

The Life Story of A Distinguished And Outstanding Bhikkhu - The Most Venerable Saradawpharagree (Collection of Articles)

The Home of Pali by U Razinda, Dept. of Ancient Indian & Asian Studies, Nalanda, India 7/7/2003
Pali, in which only the Buddha delivered his noble messages, appears to have been hallowed as the text of the Buddhavacana. The language of the Buddhavacana is called Pali or Magadhi and sometimes Suddha-Magadhi, presumably in order to distinguish it from Ardha-Magadhi, the language of Jaina Canons. Magadhi means the language or dialect current in the Magadha. In Pali Lexicon, the definition of Pali is given thus: 1 pa paleti, rakkhati ' ti pali. Since it preserves the Buddhavacana (words) in the form of the sacred text, it is called Pali. In fact, the word Pali signifies only "text" "sacred text".

The Speech delivered by Nimal Samarasundera, Secretary of Ministry o Buddha Sasana ( Sri Lanka ) 7/7/2001
I consider it a privilege to be here to attend this historic occasion of inaugurating the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University. This is the Red Letter Day in the history of Buddhist world when the Government of Myanmar is establishing a University which is the first and only one of its kind in the entire Theravada Buddhist world and which is a fulfillment of a long-felt need in the region. I wish the new university every success.

A brief history of Mahamuni by Khaing Kyaw Kyaw | Tuesday, January 01, 1991
According to almost all Arakanese chronicles, it is asserted that the Mahamuni Image was cast during the reign of King Candasuriya of Arakan in the middle of six century B.C. when the Lord Buddha in his life time made his sojourn to Dhanyawadi, the ancient city of Arakan.

Rakhine Thungran by Kyawt Hla | Sunday, December 28, 2008
Traditional Rakhine Thungran is celebrated on 13-17 April every year, it's also known as the Water Festival. Traditionally there is a festival for each of the twelve months.

Buddhist Ethics of Human Values by Dr. A.S. Nayaka | Sunday, December 28, 2008 It is indeed a great pleasure to be here to meet you all coming from different places in quest of knowledge and peace. Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience before distinguished gatherings.

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