The life of the Buddha is a poem

      The whole life story of the Buddha is a wonderful poem. It is so fascinating, attractive and artistic and I have never read such a wonderful poem. The emergence of the Buddha is the highest honour so far gained in the history of humanity.




Prof Max Muller


A teacher who never had human frailty

       The Buddha was the embodiment of all the virtues he preached. His moral code is the most perfect the world has ever known. During his successful and eventful forty-five years as a supremely enlightened teacher, he translated all his work into essence and in no place did he give vent to any human frailty or any base passion.


Prince in beggar's clothing

       If you desire to see the most noble of mankind, look at the prince in beggar's clothing; it is he whose sanctity is great among men - 'the Buddha'.


Abdul Atahiya


Albert Schweitzer


Everlasting value and advanced ethics

       The Buddha gave expression to truths of everlasting value and advanced the ethics not of India alone but of humanity. The Buddha was one of the greatest ethical men of genius ever bestowed upon the world.

  Jhana mudra

The god who walked on the earth

       The Buddha is the only god who ever walked on this earth.


Swanmi Vivekananda


H. C. Wells


Buddha is not a myth

       You see clearly a man, simple, devout, lonely, battling for light, a vivid human personality, and not a myth. He gave a message to mankind universal in its character. Many of our best modern ideas are in closest harmony with it.


One who knows the true nature of the world

       Among the founders of all religions in this world, I respect only one man — the Buddha. The main reason was that the Buddha did not make statements regarding the origin of the world. The Buddha was the only teacher who realised the true nature of the world.

       But, while many others made unjustifiable claims based on rather simplistic logic on how the world originated, the Buddha did not commit himself to any statement about a beginning. This was because he knew his listeners did not have the proper intellectual training and understanding of the physical world to comprehend what he himself had discovered.


Bertrand Russell


Swami Vivekananda


One who has reached above all

       Show me in history one character that has reached so high above all. The whole human race has produced but one such person - Buddha - preaching high philosophy yet having the deepest of sympathy even for the lowest animal.


      The Buddha emphasised reason, morals, principles and experience

       The Buddha had the courage to point out the unsatisfactoriness of popular religion, superstition, ceremony, and priest craft. He was not interested in the metaphysical and theological outlook, miracles, revelations, and dealings with the supernatural. His appeal was to reason, logic, and experience; his emphasis was on ethics and his method was one of psychological analysis, a psychology without a soul. His whole approach comes like the breath of the fresh wind from the mountain after the stale air of metaphysical speculation.


Pandit Nehru


Sir Edwin Arnold


Flower of mankind

This is the Blossom on our human tree
Which opens once in many myriad years —
But when opened, fills the world with
Wisdom's scent and Love's dropped honey.


Eternal debt to the Buddha

       It is my deliberate opinion that the essential part of the teachings of the Buddha now forms an integral part of Hinduism. It is impossible for Hindu India today to retrace her steps and go behind the great reformation that Gautama effected in Hinduism.

       By his immense sacrifice, by his great renunciation, and by the immaculate purity of his life he left an indelible impression upon Hinduism, and Hinduism owes an eternal debt of gratitude to that great teacher.


Mahatama Gandhi


Dr Malalasekara


The greatest conqueror of the world

       The Buddha was the greatest conqueror the world has ever seen. He conquered the world with his infallible weapons of compassion and wisdom. His teaching illuminates the way for mankind to cross from a world of darkness, hatred and suffering, to a New World of light, love, happiness and security.

  Jhana mudra

Buddha's message to humanity

       The Buddha has been something greater than all doctrines and dogmas, and his eternal message has thrilled humanity through the ages. Perhaps at no time in past history was his message of peace more needed for a suffering and distracted humanity than it is today.


Pandit Nehru


Prof Max Muller


The Buddha's voice comforted the suffering poor

       The voice of the Buddha has comforted the bereaved and helped the suffering poor. It has ennobled the lives of the deluded and purified the corrupted lives of criminals. It has encouraged the feeble, united the divided, enlightened the ignorant, elevated the base and dignified the noble.


The voice of the Buddha is not a voice from heaven

       He belongs to the history of the world's thought, to the general inheritance of all cultivated men; for, judged by intellectual integrity, moral earnestness, and spiritual insight, he is undoubtedly the greatest human being who has ever lived.

      This was not the heavenly voice of a divine power, but a very human voice, which called on men to seek final emancipation through mental purification and enlightenment. Even today, this voice echoes in our ears and reminds us that we can understand the truth revealed by him, if only we exercise our will and our concentration.

       The voice of the Buddha is a message of hope, confidence and courage. It tells us that hatred never ceases through hatred but only by loving-kindness. This vibrant voice emanated from a great personality, who was once a warrior, a royal prince, a yogi, a mendicant and finally a Buddha.


Prof Max Muller


Julius Huxley


Buddhism begins where science ends

       The Buddha is the pillar of wisdom and Buddhism begins where science ends. Buddhism is the complete conceivable victory of mankind over itself. The Buddhists' way of thinking belongs to the future.


The calm Buddha image

       His eyes are closed but some power of the spirit looks out of them and a vital energy fills the frame.

       The ages roll by and Buddha seems not so far away after all; his voice whispers in our ears and tells us not to run away from the struggle but calmed-eyed, to face it, and to see in life even greater opportunities for growth and advancement.


Pandit Nehru


Anatole France


What the Buddha image teaches us

       It seems that the kindly, appreciative, eternally young man is seated cross-legged on the lotus of purity with his right hand raised in admonition to utter these words: "If you wish to escape from suffering, from fear, practise compassion and develop wisdom"


The Buddha taught self-reliance

       Of all the teachers of the world, the Buddha was the one who taught us to be self-reliant, who freed us not only from the bondage of our views but from the dependence on invisible beings called god or gods.

       He invited everyone into the state of free dom, which he called Nirvana. All must attain it one day and the attainment is the complete fulfilment of man.


Swami Vivekananda


Rabindranath Tagore


The Buddha's early morning duty

May my heart lend its ear to every cry of pain,
As the lotus bares its heart to drink the morning sun.
Let not the fierce sun dry one tear of pain,
Before I wipe it off from the sufferer's eyes.
But let each burning human tear
Drop on my heart and there remain,
Nor ever be brushed off until the pain
That caused it is removed.


Salvation never comes from another person

       It is not the Buddha who delivers living beings. He guides them to deliver themselves, even as he has delivered himself. They accept his teaching of the truth, not because it comes from him, but because personal conviction, inspired by his words, arises by the light of their own spirit.


Dr Oldenburg





Why I like Buddhism?

      I prefer Buddhism because it gives three principles in combination, which no other religion does. Buddhism teaches prajna (understanding as against superstition and supernaturalism), karuna (love), and samata (equality). This is what man wants for a good and happy life. Neither god nor soul can save society.


Dr. B.R. Ambedkar


Dr Radhakrishnan


Buddhist philosophy

       As much as man's understanding capacity is deep, Buddhist philosophy is the only teaching that can penetrate into the bottom of that deep knowledge.

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Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon

Buddhism and the parliamentary system

       It may come as a surprise to many to learn that in the assemblies of the Buddhists two thousand five hundred years ago, are to be found the rudiments of our own parliamentary practice of the present day.


Lord Zeland, Viceroy of India


Prof Rhys Davids

A Religion without Persecution

      There is no record known to me in the whole of the long history of Buddhism throughout the many centuries, where its followers have been for such lengthened periods been in supreme control, of any persecution by the Buddhists of the followers of any other faith.

  Shwezigon Ceti
Kyaikhtiyoe Paya  

Hinduism and Buddhism

       Hindu systems of philosophy would have lost much of their depth, interest and value, if they had not assimilated much from Buddhism.


Dr S. N. Dasgupta


Swami Vivekananda

What Hinduism had done to Buddhism

       Hinduism threw away Buddhism after taking its essence.

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The path to escape from disaster

       The path that the Buddha showed us is, I believe, the only path humanity must tread if it is to escape disaster. For us it should be our peculiar good fortune to try to tread that path.


Pandit Nehru


Pandit Nehru

Buddhism is a living religion

      Buddhism influenced Indian life in a hundred ways, as it was bound to, for it must be remembered that it was a living, dynamic, and wide-spread religion in India for over a thousand years.

  Ananda Ceti, Pagan
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Buddhism is for brotherhood

       It was not to be an organisation for converting those of other faiths, but a brotherhood of mind and heart ready to help those, who had been inspired by the teachings of the Buddha and who wanted to put it into practice as human beings.


Anagarika Govinda


Albert Einstein

The religion of the future

       The religion of future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend a personal God and avoid dogmas and theology, covering both natural, spiritual. It should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers to this description." (Talk on "Science and Religion", Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A. 19th May 1939).

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Gods need salvation too

       For the first time in human history, the Buddha admonished, entreated and appealed to people not to hurt a living being, and it is not necessary to offer prayer, praise or sacrifice to gods. With all the eloquence at his command the Buddha vehemently proclaimed that gods are also in dire need of salvation themselves.


Prof. Rhys Davids



Bertrand Russell


Begining of the World

      There is no reason to suppose that the world had a beginning at all. The idea that things must have a beginning is really due to the poverty of our imagination.

      Therefore, perhaps, I need not waste any more time upon the argument about the first cause.

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      Over great areas of the world it still survives: it is possible that in contact with westernern science, and inspired by the spirit of history, the original teaching of Gautama, revived and purified, may yet play a large part in the direction of human destiny. (The Outline if History)


H G Wells

Bertrand Russell  

      "I do not belong to any religion. However if I am to idertify myself with a religion, I would select Buddhism because it appeals to the wisdom of the mankind".
      "Of the great religions of history I prefer Buddhism."

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      "If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism" (In his Autobiography)

Albert Einstein


H G Wells

      "The fundamental teaching of Gautama, as it is now being made plain to us by the study of original sources, is clear and simple and in the closest harmony with modern ideas. It is beyond all dispute the achievement of one of the most penetrating intelligences the world has ever known." ('Outline of History')

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“How wonderful it would have been to have been born and brought up a Buddhist!"   Iris Murdoch,
British Novelist

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