Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika
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     Born, December 26, 1936, in Lair Way Township, Mandalay. Received early education at Zay Ya Thein Monastery, Aye Lar Township.

     Became a novitiate at the age of 10. Passed his Abbhidhama Exams at age 20. Was ordained into monkhood in May 14, 1956 at Zay Ya Thein Monastery, in the township of Pyaw Bwe, Mandalay District.

     After passing the highest level Pali examination from Nyaung Yan Pali College, Mandalay, he was awarded "Sassana Daza Dhamma Sariya".

     He continued to teach at Zay Ya Thein monastery for the next 18 years.

     In February 2, 1984 at the invitation of his former Sayadaws and devotees he went on a Dhamma Duta tour of Thailand, Malaysia, Penang, Singapore, India and Nepal.

     March 23, 1987, at the request of his childhood friend and colleague Sayadaw Panna Siri Nanda, (who was residing in Wat Bot Karot, Thailand), he accepted his call to assume Theravada monastic duties alternating between the Maha Dammika Monastery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Chinese/Burmese Sassana Monastery in Taiwan.

     July 23, 1987 - February 18, 1989 went to Taiwan. With the assistance of Sayadaw Panna Siri Nanda, and Sayadaw Nanda Siri, rented a one room apartment and started teaching Buddhism in the Therevada tradition to Taiwanese of Burmese/Chinese origin.

     February 18, 1989 successfully built and established a Buddhist monastery at 122, 5/6 Floor, Chung Shao Street, Chung Hwa City, Taiwan.

     March 28, 1994 returned to Myanmar to accomplish various charitable, construction, renovation and building projects as token of gratitude towards people in his birth place, in Aye Lar Township, Mandalay and the vacinity. On the fifty third Anniversary of the Independence Day of Myanmar, Janauary 4, 2001, Sayadaw was awarded the prestigiuous title of: "Agga Maha Sadha Dhamma Jotika Daza" by the State Peace and Development Council. Sayadaw now is the resident chief monk at the Maha Dammika Monastery, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.