Daw Nyar Na Sar Yi Buddhist Nunnery
Sangyoung Township, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Photos of Initiation Ceremony for Girls to become young Buddhist Nuns

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Thamein Daw Daya Thukhitar Yarma - Daw Nyar Na Sar Yi - Myan Aung Buddhist Nunnery

       Dear distinguished Guests - Ladies and Gentlemen

       You all are warmly welcome to Thamein Daw Daya Thukhitar Yarma, Daw Nyar Na Sar Yi, Myan Aung Buddhist Convent as our brothers and sisters. On behalf of the head of our institute, please allow me to present some of the salient points about our place.

       As you all know during the days of Lord Buddha, there are women monks (Bhikkhunis) as we have monks (Bhikkhus) at this present moment. But this line of women monks had disappeared long ago. In our country we are proud to have women folk, known as Thilashins (Nuns) who are studying Buddhist Literature and are sitting the same examinations as the monks. Such women who are devoting on Buddhist literature may be rare in other countries. In our country there were three prominent women in this field.

  1. The first is Mai Kin - known during the days of Mandalay Yadanabon Era, 200 years back
  2. The second is Daw Mar Lar Yi during the colonial period, 100 years back and
  3. The third is Daw Nyar Na Sar Yi, the founder of this present institute.

       Daw Nyar Na Saryi was born in Myan Aung Township and was trained at Thamain Daw Daya Sagaing. Thus our institute is called "Thamain Daw Daya, Thukhitar Yarma, Daw Nyar Na Sar Yi, Myanaung". The actual name is Thukhitar Ya Ma.

        Daw Nyar Na Sar Yi has been well known since the colonial days and had been honoured by the Governor of Burma. After the war the devotees built this building for her and she established this Buddhist College for Thilashin (Myanmar word for women who hold nine precepts).

        Here you will see there are about 300 Thilashins (Nuns) studying in this institute (married ones are not accepted in this place) and their main task is to sit for the Buddhist Examinations held by the Government and other Non-Government Buddhist Associations. During the Summer Vacation many of their Nuns will go back to their home towns. At their place we accept young girls, convert them into Nuns and stay in this institute for a week or two to study Buddhism. You know very well the young teenage girls do not like to remove their lovely hair. But after training and guidance by senior Thilashins, the followers of Daw Nyar Na Saryi (at present there are 36 branches under Daw Nyar Na Sar Yi Institute), the young girls in this country are no more reluctant but proud to shave their head and become a Nun as young boys go into monasteries as novices and study religion during their summer vacation.

        This institute is also a recognized centre for women from abroad, to stay and study Buddhism while they are in our country. At the present moment we are proud to state that there are 56 young Nuns who are preparing for Dhammacariya final examination which is equivalent to the final year of a University.

        For all these effort and constant regular service to Buddhism for over 50 years, the Government had crowned the 5 Senior lecturers of this institute with religious honours such as Agga Maha Ganta Wasaka etc.

        You may look around and study the life of Thilashins of Myanmar while you are here.

        May Buddha bless you and we hope we will meet again in the near future.


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