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Last Homage to the Buddha at Bamiyan
A Stroll on a Lonely Spring
There is a time
For How Long Will Thou in Slumber Remain?

Last Homage to the Buddha at Bamiyan
( 6th March, 2001)


    In deep pain at the news of the destruction of Buddha Statue at Bamiyan, Afghanistan, I penned down the poem given below:


    Hundreds of miles away from thy homeland,

    Traveled thou to the far land of Bamiyan

    A millennium before the dawn of Islam;

    Thou with overflowing love cultured the people of Afghans

    And showed them the rays of civilization,

    Under the Sun and rain stood thou and bore the fierce winds

    To protect and safeguard thy children in Afghanistan.

    Thou the epitome of Peace, cheered the World up with thy smile of compassion,

    The Universe prostrate at thy feet seeking blessings of Enlightenment,

    The Earth soaked in violence and blood turns for consolation and redressing to thee,

    Peerless Compassionate One are thou, emitting the rays of boundless love

    Time and again with the waves of peace, tranquility & harmony did thou bless the Earth.

    But alas! The vandals, the devil barbarians

    Murderers of human heritage, disguised in Talibans

    Broke thy hands and legs in the name of false Islam;

    For many days upon thy head hovered missiles and rockets

    And before we could dream they beheaded thou so swift;

     So patiently did thou bear all tyranny,

    And at last did thou submit to the murder of devil Talibans,

    None came for thy rescue! Where are the World Super Powers?

    Where is the justice? Who will punish the murderers of human civilization?

    We, thy followers, in deep pain & grief pay last homage to thee!

    Buddham Saranam Gacchami!

    Dhammam Saranam Gacchami!

    Samgam Saranam Gacchami!

A Stroll on A Lonely Spring
( 30th January, 2001)



    I have composed the poem given below when three Buddhist monks were shot dead at Ladhak, in northern India and when there was so much violence in the name of religion and God. Please see whether it is worth publishing.


    One evening when I had a stroll on a lonely spring

    An old man gently reached and said, "Namaste! Do you believe in God?"

    "Yes, once I did, but doffed now" with a smile replied I;

    "Why? God has created men in his own image,

    He is the Supreme!" roared the inquisitive man.

    "True it may seem, but the Truth remains,

    Men created God, many Gods at their wish

    And made them preach what they want and feel,

    I am afraid, I am unfortunate for I am born in an age

    When there is war among Gods and Humanity in flame,

    I heard the gun shot where three monks were killed,

    I saw the church engulfing in smoke,

    The mosque I witnessed when it crawled down

    And I consoled the widows bemoaning,

    The children emaciated in war wailing,

    Where is the God who has created men?

    Does He not hear His followers' cry?

    The stream of blood flows from the necks of meek animals,

    For help they cry but there is none to hear or sympathize,

    Then they, the weak species, in grief submit to the tyranny of men.

    But alas! no God is found anywhere, no super-natural being comes to partake

    But only the shameless human, like demon devour the flesh

    and rejoice in gaiety, so spiritual they feel, so Holy seems the day.

    I am bewildered, I know not what 'Holy' means,

    I am sad for all my fellowmen in hallucination they dream,

    Some dive into the stream of Ganges to cleanse their misdeeds,

    And the other pray for forgiveness

    To a God of their choice as if He awaits for their bribe,

    And they still claim there is a sacred place, worthy of worship,

    Merciless are the human, the insane, creators of Gods,

    Now tell me, old gentle man, can I still believe in God?"

    "Yes, Ven. Sir, my eyes have been opened,

    The Truth unveiled, please lead me sir

    From darkness to light, from ignorance to enlightenment,

    I seek refuge in you, have compassion on me".

    "Seek not in me refuge, there is the boundless Compassionate One,

    The fully Enlightened One, the Teacher of deva and men.

    He is the refuge for all, repeat-

    Buddham Saranam Gacchami

    Dhammam Saranam Gacchami

    Sangam Saranam Gacchami."

    "Mind is supreme, purify the mind,

    You are the maker of your own fate,

    Be light unto thyself, you are your own refuge,

    Love all beings like a mother does for her only child"

    So taught the Buddha for the welfare and happiness of all.

There is a Time

     There is a time to smile and things to forgive and forget,

     There is a time to remain composed and let things pass by as they come,

     There is a time to scale up the height of perfection when you are a student and still young,

     There is a time to retrospect the bygone days and learn but never to cling to anyone,

     There is a time to be quiet when all that you see frown,

     There is a time to swim in gaity like the white cloud in the sky,

     There is a time to sing a sweet song but you are the only one who can hear,

     There is a time to sustain in solitude when the down-tide makes you sigh,

     There is a time to blow like the wind in autumn before Sunset,

     And there is a time to say - "Yes"

     all these made the life beautiful but one day I must bid good-bye! (anicca).

For How Long Will Thou in Slumber Remain?

     For how long will thou in slumber remain?

     Wake up, wake up soon, before it is too late

     For thy offspring who since long lost the path

     And mounting the peak along necropolis

     Who soon will befall upon the eclipse of Humanity!

    For how long will thou in slumber remain?

     Look thither thy children engaged in war internecine,

     Since long they killed fraternity, Dismantled the Pyramid of harmony

     And now they prowl in narcissism of insanity.

     For how long will thou in slumber remain?

     Give a sermon of homily, Summon thy sons to forgo evils,

     Bestow courage upon thy daughters to live with dignity,

     How can thou creep into oblivion thy responsibility?

     For how long will thou in slumber remain?

     The Devil in disguise sneaked into thy Home And in delusion divided thy offspring,

     They lost identity in its originality

     That thou imbibed in all universality.

     For how long will thou in slumber remain?

     Teach thy children their identity,

     Neither Hindu nor Muslim, Buddhist or Christian, Neither Sikh nor Jain, Bahai or Zoroastrian

     Is the name of thy origin.

     For how long will thou in slumber remain?

     Unveil the truth to thy offspring,

     Neither Brahmin nor Sudra, Kshatriya or Vaishya, Neither American nor Asian, European or African

     Is the name of thy lineage.

     For how long will thou in slumber remain?

     Sweep the world in turmoil by thy compassion,

     Cleanse the dirt of humankind by thy pure thoughts,

     Rebuild thy home by thy universal love And invite me to preside over the function of inauguration.

     For how long will thou in slumber remain?

     Wake up, wake up soon, before it is too late

     For thy offspring who since long astrayed,

     Thou are the mother of all, the roof of Humanity

     And we, thy children should promise to live in harmony.

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