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Subhadda, the wandering ascetic
  1. Are there any tracks in the sky?
  2. Are there any ariya bhikkhus outside the teaching of the Buddha?
  3. Is there any conditioned thing (sankhara) that is permanent?
The answers to all three questions are 'NO'. Dhammapada V. 254 & 255
Venerable Ananda      Is there no scent which would spread with the current of wind as well as against it?      " The reputation of virtuous ones, who take refuge in the Three Gems, who observe the five moral precepts, and who are generous and not avaricious, would spread far and wide " Dhammapada V.54 & 55
Venerable Ananda      Are the fundamental Instructions to bhikkhus given by the preceding Buddhas the same as those of the Buddha himself?
  • "Not to do evil, to cultivate merit, to purify one's mind - this is the teaching of the Buddhas.
  • The best moral practice is patience and forbearance; 'Nibbana is Supreme', said the Buddhas.
  • Not to revile, not to do any harm, to practise restraint, to be moderate in taking food, to dwell in a secluded place, to devote oneself to higher concentration- this is the Teaching of the Buddhas "
Dhammapada V.183, 184 & 185
Some Bhikkhus      Are there any means of gaining longevity for beings?      " By respecting and honouring the elders and those who are wise and virtuous, one would gain not only longevity, but also beauty, happiness and strength " Dhammapada V.109
Some Bhikkhus      Do Arahats enjoy sensual pleasures as they have the same physical make-up like any other people?      "Arahats do not enjoy sensual pleasures. They do not cling to the objects of sense just as water does not cling to the lotus leaf " Dhammapada V.401
A Brahmin      An offering made to whom gives one the greatest benefit?      "An offering made to one who has given up all evil is the most beneficial" Dhammapada V. 423
A Brahmin      What do we have to kill to be able to live hapilly and peacefully?      "One will have to kill ill will (dosa). Killing one's ill will is liked and praised by the Buddhas and the Arahats." Dhammapada V.399
Venerable Moggallana      For those who perform meritorious deeds, do they have mansions and other riches prepared in the Deva world even while they are still living in the Human world?      "My son, the Devas await the coming of the good and generous ones, as relatives await the return of one who is long absent. When the good ones die, they are welcomed joyously to the abode of the Devas " Dhammapada V.219 & 220
Sakka, (King of the Devas)
  1. Among gifts, which is the best?
  2. Among tastes, which is the best?
  3. Among delights, which is the best?
  4. Why is the eradication of craving said to be the most excellent?
     " Oh Sakka, the Dhamma is the noblest of all gifts, the best of all tastes and the bests of all delights.
     The eradication of craving leads to the attainment of Arahatsjhip and is, therefore, the greatest of all conquests "
Dhammapada V.354
Sakka, (King of the Devas)      All living beings wish to be free from anger and ill-will.
     Yet they are not free from danger and suffering.
     What is the cause of this suffering?
     " O King of Devas! All living beings long for happiness, security, peace and freedom. Yet they are not free from hatred, conflicts, dnager and suffering. This unhappy condition is due to the fetters of envy (issa) and meanness (macchariya)" Sakkapanha Sutta (Mahasi Sayadaw)
Venerable Sariputta      What are the two Dhammas?      " Tranquillity and Insight Meditation are the two dhammas " Dhammapada V.384