Sagaing Hill, Myanmar (Burma)

The Sitagu Association of Myanmar, headed by the venerable Thegon Sayadaw, began construction on Sitagu International Buddhist Academy in 1994 with the aim of propagating the Three-fold Saddhamma of scriptural study (pariyatti), Buddhist practice (patipatti) and realization of the Dhamma (patipvedha) in the contemporary world. More specifically, with this project the Sitagu Association has set out to build a world-class educational institution designed to provide undergraduate and graduate level training in Buddhist Studies and related academic subjects to qualified monks, nuns and laypersons.

Aims of the Academy

Taking the Bodhisatta's career as a model, Sitagu International Buddhist Academy was established with three overall objectives in mind:

  1. To strive for personal welfare through self-development and the cultivation of knowledge (attatthacariya),
  2. To strive for the welfare of kin, friends and associates (natatthacariya), and
  3. To strive for the welfare of all people regardless of race, creed, nationality or gender (lokatthacariya).

In the spirit of these three goals, the activities of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy will be directed towards

  1. Revealing the reality and truth of Dhamma,
  2. Delivering Dhamma through cultural activities,
  3. Delivering Dhamma through moral education,
  4. Cultivating the noble seed of Dhamma in the human heart,
  5. Promoting humanitarian activities through Dhamma,
  6. Eliminating negativity through Dhamma, and
  7. Purifying the mind through Dhamma.

The Academy Campus

The campus of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy is situated just beneath the Swam-oo Ponna-shin Pagoda in the narrow plain separating the western-most spur of the Sagaing Hills and the Minwun ridge. Thus far, eight buildings have been completed which are intended to serve a variety of functions, such as classrooms, offices, a research centre, and a library; these include, Savatti Hall, Kappilavatthu Hall, Lumbini Hall, Nalanda Hall, the Adhipati's Residence, Gandhara Hall, Rajagaha Hall and Devadaha Hall. Construction is underway to complete three residences for the Rector, Registrar and General Manager; as well as Gaya Hall, Uruvela Hall, Magadha Hall and Vesali Hall by the end of 1998.

Teacher Training Program

Besides the several internationally trained monastic and lay scholars already conducting preliminary courses on campus, the Academy is engaged in an on-going teacher training program in which promising young scholar-monks holding Dhammcariya degrees are sent abroad to earn M.A. and doctorate degrees in such areas as Sanskrit, Indian philosophy, the history of Indian and world-religions, and other disciplines related to the field of Buddhist Studies. These monks will form the core of the faculty as the Academy expands its academic program.

Diploma and Degree Programs

It is planned that when fully established, the Academy will conduct courses and provide facilities for research in approved fields of study for the following Diploma and Degree Programs:

Diploma in Language Studies (English, Pali, Sanskrit, or Hindi)

Diploma in Buddhist Studies

B.A. in Buddhist Studies

M.A. in Buddhist Studies

Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies

Admission Policy

Admission to Sitagu International Buddhist Academy is open to any student--bhikkhu, novice, nun or layperson--who holds a Dhammacariya or equivalent degree from an accredited university.

Address for more Information

Sitagu International Buddhist Academy

Sagaing Hills, Sagaing City, Myanmar (Burma)

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