Archaelogical Mysteries: pictures of unidentified art or archaeological objects Bob Hudson
Beikthano find resolves an historical mystery (Myanmar) Myo Theingi Cho
Birth Place of Siddhartha
The Buddhist Architecture at pagan, Burma (Myanmar) School of Archaelogy
The Buddhist Architecture of Thailand  
Buddhas, Bronzes and Brocades: Treasures of ancient China C.B. Liddell
Buddha's 'finger' beckons Taiwan crowds Mike Bristow
Buddhist Art from the Silk Road Roderick Whitfield
Buddhist Treasures Dug Up: in TERMEZ, Uzbekistan (25 December 2001) The
Buddhist Treasures Emerge From Asia (26 December 2001)
Emperor Ashoka's images unearthed in Orissa  
The Fasting Siddhartha By S. G. D. Wickramasuriya
French Envoy reports of third Buddha at Bamiyan : March 8 2002 - French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy has revealed the existence of a third Buddha statue at Bamiyan. Reported by Paul Michaud Paris
The History of Buddhist Architecture in Sri Lanka L. K. Karunaratne
Notable Monuments of Burma: written about 100 years ago by an archaeologist. Taw Sein Ko
Return of the Buddha: Archaeologists subsequently retrieved the fragments of around 400 sixth-century Buddhist sculptures from the ground at a primary school in Qingzhou, a town in eastern China's Shandong Provincein October 1996  
Shedding light on the Buddhas:In 1996, workmen at a primary school in eastern China's Qingzhou region made an incredible discovery. 3rd May 2002  
They Thought it was Buddha's Foot: a photographic report of the excavation in Northern Thailand of several ancient pottery kilns. Bob Hudson

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