Amulets and Statues of Buddha - exhibits collection of Thai antique amulets and statues. In Thai.
Buddhist Amulets little medals, statues, relics or talismans- a popular element of Buddhist practice in Thailand. Bob Hudson
Buddhist Art and Architecture Buddhanet
Buddhist Art from the Silk Road Roderick Whitfield
The Buddhist icon and the modern gaze Bernard Faure
Buddha Image ArchiveSeveral dozen Buddha images Flyvision.org
Buddhist Studies: Art Resources
The Contribution of Buddhism to the World of Art and Architecture: Ven. Dr. Rewata Dhamma
Emerald Buddha offers details of Wat Phra Kaew, built in 1782 to house the most celebrated image in Thailand, the Emerald Buddha.
Hand Mudras - Symbols of Deeper Meaning : The symbolic gestures of the hands of Buddha images, called Mudras, are picture tools of identification of deeper meaning: Buddhanet
Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art - a photographic research and teaching archive.
Kositpipat, Chalermchai - displays a collection of Buddhistic paintings. Also in Thai.
The "lost wax method" of bronze casting:- some pictures from Mandalay, Burma. Bob Hudson
Stupas: Stupas are Buddhist monuments traditionally containing relic(s) of the Buddha. Stupa.org.nz
Sacred Rocks and Buddhist Caves in Thailand - offers an introduction to their natural and cultural significance and beauty.
Thai Amulets,Charms, and Talismans - features Nang Kwak, Phra Pitta Maha Ut, and other type of amulets.
Thai Art Gallery: Some of the pictures in this section depict important events in history of the Lord Buddha. Others serve to illustrate the style of painting and the materials used to create these fresco masterpieces. Bangokpost.com

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