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Ayya Khema Be an Island : The Buddhist Practice of Inner Peace
Being Nobody, Going Nowhere (A Wisdom Basic Book)
When the Iron Eagle Flies : Buddhism for the West
Who Is My Self? : A Guide to Buddhist Meditation
Ayya Khema, Sherab Chodzin   Kohn (Translator) I Give You My Life : The Autobiography of a Western Buddhist Nun
Bodhi (Editor), Bhikkhu Bodhi   (Translator) The Connected Discourses of the Buddha
Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, et al Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree : The Buddha's Teaching on Voidness
Buddhaghosa, Bhadantacariya The Path of Purification
Chah, Achaan, & Jack Kornfield Being Dharma : The Essence of the Buddha's Teachings
Chah, Achaan, & Others A Still Forest Pool : The Insight Meditation of Achaan Chah (Quest Book)
Diana St. Ruth, Richard St. Ruth The Simple Guide to Theravada Buddhism (World Religion Series)
Henepola Gunaratana, Ven. Mindfulness in Plain English
Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness : Walking the Buddha's Path
Jack Kornfield (Editor), et al After the Ecstasy, the Laundry: How the Heart Grows Wise on the Spiritual Path
Living Dharma : Teachings of Twelve Buddhist Masters
A Path With Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life
Teachings of the Buddha
Joseph Goldstein One Dharma: The Emerging Western Buddhism
Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield,
  Robert K. Hall
Seeking the Heart of Wisdom : The Path of Insight Meditation
Julius Evola, H. E. Musson The Doctrine of Awakening : The Attainment of Self-Mastery According to the Earliest Buddhist Texts
Larry Rosenberg, David Guy, Jon Kabat-Zinn Breath by Breath: The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation  
Matthew Flickstein Swallowing the River Ganges : A Practice Guide to the Path of Purification
Maurice Walshe (Translator) The Long Discourses of the Buddha : A Translation of the Digha Nikaya (Teachings of the Buddha)
Nanamoli, Bhikkhu (Translator),   Bhikkhu Bodhi (Editor) The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha : A New Translation of the Majjhima Nikaya (Teachings of the Buddha)
Nyanaponika Thera The Heart of Buddhist Meditation : Satipatthna : A Handbook of Mental Training Based on the Buddha's Way of Mindfulness, With an Anthology of Relevant
Nyanaponika Thera (Translator), Bhikkhu Bodhi (Translator) Numerical Discourses of the Buddha
Nyanaponika Thera, et al Abhidhamma Studies : Buddhist Explorations of Consciousness and Time
Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein Insight Meditation
Sumedho, Ajahn The Mind and the Way : Buddhist Reflections of Life
Walpola Piyananda, Bhante Saffron Days in L.A. : Tales of a Buddhist Monk in America
Walpola Sri Rahula,
  Paul Demieville (Foreword)
What the Buddha Taught

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