[ People from all walks of life, who have taken refuge in the Triple Gem, share their encounters with Buddhism." ]




Allan Adasiak Distant Music WDYTMF
Ang Siew Mun My Spiritual Journey Continues , Malaysia BuddhaSasana
Bernadet An Asian Experience: USA BuddhaSasana
Binh Anson How I Came to Theravada Buddhism , Perth, Australia, BuddhaSasana
Dan Bammes Motivation Behind Sasana: A Refuge for the Skeptical Buddhist, The
Edward White Beginning of my journey, The WDYTMF
Ellis Windham Don't Ask Me What I'm Doing Here... WDYTMF
Eric Via, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Texas, USA. BuddhaSasana
Greg Bester, I Know That Everything Changes , Canada BuddhaSasana
Ian Clark Discovering the Dharma WDYTMF
J Johnson Chasing my own tail WDYTMF
Jerry Douglas, MD From There to Here , USA BuddhaSasana
Jigme Kunzang How I became a Buddhist WDYTMF
Jim Anderson The Long Search Canada BuddhaSasana
John K. Yui Partial Answers? WDYTMF
Joy Russell Just Watching Myself, San Francisco, USA BuddhaSasana
Kenneth Phua Towards Right Understanding WDYTMF
Kevin Allen Captivated by a statue WDYTMF
Lee Yu Ban From Head to the Heart: Malaysia BuddhaSasana
Mark Canter Awakening to the Obvious WDYTMF
Mary Duggan Emerging from the Darkness, Virgin Islands, USA, BuddhaSasana
Michael G Symonds Life at a Cosmic Scale, Iowa, USA. BuddhaSasana
Miguel Labarca How I became a Buddhist WDYTMF
Richard St. Clair Happy for the first time ever WDYTMF
Rio A Short Story, Quickly Unwrapped WDYTMF
Tan Chade Meng Floodgates WDYTMF
Ukrit Kungsawanich The Mindful Moment - Photographs and memories -Book Review on Tim Page (Photographer) 13-Jan-02  
Wynthia Goh A way of life WDYTMF

Becoming a Buddhist

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