Chattha Sangayana Tipitaka CD The texts are also available in multi-script CD-ROM's, free of cost to scholars and institutions. It contains the Chattha Sangayana (Sixth Council, 1954-1956) edition of the Tipitaka, transcribed from the Myanmar print edition.
A Handful of Leaves

A free CD-ROM containing a selection of texts with teachings from Theravada Buddhism, taken from the pages of the Access to Insight website. A MUST-HAVE for all learners of Theravada Buddhism.

BIONA CD ROM Free study material, which is now provided on CD ROM. To receive a free BIONA CD ROM send your name and address or your e-mail address and they will send you material immediately. To begin or continue Buddhist education, read the free books provided by the sponsor of their site, BIONA Books.
Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation 11th Floor, 55, Hang Chow South Road Sec 1, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886 2-23951198, Fax: +886 2-23913415
It covers various Buddhist traditions for free distribution to group and institutions.
WAVE Free Dhamma books They are not a society but a group of friends who are interested in doing the volunteer Buddhist Dhamma work. The Theravada Dhamma Books are strictly for free distribution but postages are not. (added 29th June 2002)
Burmese, Devanagari and Romanized Pali fonts Burmese, Devanagari and Romanized Pali fonts for the Chatta Sanghayana Tipitaka CD-ROM by Vipassana Research Institute
Fonts and Encodings for Pali On the different types of encoding and fonts for Pali (Pali Language Resources)
Indology Fonts various indology fonts, including the Washington Romanized Indic
Skt Times Character Fonts From
Accent for Windows This is a keyboarding utility to add an additional function key so that the user can easily type diacritic characters in his word processor.
Buddha - The Great Legend

An authentic and extensive work on Buddhism put forth in an interactive CD-ROM . It includes a general overview on "Buddha", Legend of the Buddha, Buddhist ethics and the spread of Buddhism.

Buddhist Software

Contains Digital Buddha Vacana: extracts from Buddhist scriptures for daily reflection throughout the year. (amended)

CSCD Conversion Utility

CSCDCONV is a utility to be used with the Vipassana Research Institute's Chattha Sangayana CD-ROM. It converts the data files on the CD from their native format (Aalekh) into HTML 4.0 using Cascading Style Sheets.

Dhammapada Online v1.0

A software utility which displays a verse from the Dhammapada every time you boot up your pc. This utility installs itself in the startup directory, so that it starts with Windows.

Digital Buddha Vacana

Digital version of the book Buddha Vacana: Sacred Literature of Buddhism, which contains extracts from some of the discourses of the Buddha and some post-canonical writings.

Karma Manager Karma Manager is a program which takes a word or phrase and rearranges the letters into other words or phrases. For example, if you take the phrase "Anagram Maker" you can rearrange the letters to get "Karma Manager." Karma Manager comes with a dictionary of words which it will use to create anagrams, or you can supply your own dictionary or dictionaries.
Lunar-ephemeris Lunar Ephemeris is a moon phase calculator. It is valid for the years -35000 to 35000. It calculates the lunar phase day, age angle, right ascension, declination, rise and set times, rise and set azimuths and coming lunar and solar eclipses.
Lunar View Lunar View 1.3 is the the popular moon phase viewing program. Users may view the current phase of the moon or find the lunar phase for any date and time. An excellent tool for the professional or amateur astronomer. Requires a color Macintosh running System 7 or later.

MoonPhase displays the current phase of the moon on the tray notification area of the system taskbar. Requires Windows 95 and up, or Windows NT4 or up.

Pali-English Translation Software

The pali to english translation software, its input, and its output, are free and subject to a gnu-style copyright. Other pali-related things may come.

Pali Tutor Pali Tutor For Macintosh Users only. This is a Hypercard Stack that allows you to run vocabulary and declension drills. You need Hypercard 2.1 or better and Mac OS 6 or better. The file is 152K compressed with Stuffit. Freeware.
Random Dhammapada Verses

A Perl script to randomly generate Dhammapada verses.

The Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project offers a free public-domain electronic edition of the Pali Canon (in Romanized Pali). (Also available from JBE's mirror site in the UK.)

This application (for Macs) randomly generates a verse from the Udana each time it is opened, making it a nice addition to the Startup Items folder. Additionally, clicking on the quotation will generate a new verse.

Verses of the Elders "Verses of the Elders" contains inspirational verses from the early Buddhist monks and nuns. This application randomly generates one of the verses each time it is opened, making it a nice addition to the Startup Items folder.
Wiedermoon Wiedermoon is a little Macintosh application that shows the phases of the moon on a small calendar.

Buddhist Card, zip

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Budha Jayanti Cards for the Indian celebration of Buddha's birthday.
Pure Love Free Buddha postcards and animated graphics
Religion Cards Free online greeting cards with Buddhist themes.
World of Buddhist E-Cards Upakara Kalyana Mitta Buddhist Association (UKMBA)
Buddha & Zen Desktop Pictures - Buddha Desktop Pictures, High Quality Pictures JPEG 16bits, from all the world.
Buddhist Icons Icons for your Desktop from
Buddha The Buddha collection features original photography, selected for full screen effect as screensavers, royalty free clipart, or wallpaper backgrounds. Images of Buddha images from Thailand, Nepal, Burma, India and China.

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