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[Listed According to the Full Names of the Authors]



A.G.S. Kariyawasam, Buddhist Ceremonies and Rituals of Sri Lanka (BPS WH 402-404; 1995) htm file Access to Insight
A.L. De Silva Beyond Belief zip Zip File Buddhanet
A.L. De Silva

Beyond Belief; A Buddhist Critique of Christianity

htm file BSQ
( 22Vows of Dr. Ambedkar in 1956
Buddha and His Dhamma
Amara Chayabongse The Lives and Psalms of the Buddha's Disciples htm file
Anand Teltumbde, Dr.

'Ambedkar' In And For The Post-Ambedkar Dalit Movement
Globalisation And The Dalits pdf
Theorising The Dalit Movement: A Viewpoint
Ananda Weerasekera, Major General Buddhism and the Soldier htm file BPS
Anagarika Dharmapala (1864 - 1933)

The Development of Spiritual Emotions
The Constructive Optimism of Buddhism
The Duty of the Bhikkhus and Laymen
An Introduction to Buddhism
The Foundation of the Empire of Truth
Our Duty to the Peoples of the West
The Religion of Religions
The Religion of the Householder
What Buddhism is Not
What is Buddhism?
Why we should take the Buddha as our Example and Guide
Annyamanee Mallikamas Kamma-the Answer to Life htm file
Ba Khin, Sayagyi U The Essentials of Buddha Dhamma in Meditative Practice: (with an essay on U Ba Khin by Eric Lerner; 1981) htm file Access to Insight
Ba Khin, Sayagyi U

Anecdotes of Sayagyi U Ba Khin (1) (U Chit Tin). zip
Acecdotes of Sayagyi U Ba Khin (2) (U Chit Tin). zip
What Buddhism Is zip

Bernie Simon. Essays on Buddhism zip {short description of image} Buddhanet
Brian Ruhe

The Eightfold Path (Excerpt from "Freeing the Buddha" Chapter 3) pdf

pdf File Theravada Buddhist Community of Vancouver
Chit Tin, U The Coming Buddha (Ari Metteyya) zip
The Good Friend zip
Inevitable Suffering and Hope of Nibbana zip
Leading Virtuous Lives as Laymen zip
The Light of the Dhamma zip
Making the Most of This Life zip
The Middle Practice zip
Person the Buddha Would Not Admonish zip
Practising the Buddha-Dhamma as Laymen zip
Practising What We Preach zip
Story of Pacceka Buddha Matanga zip
Teaching the Buddha-Dhamma zip
The Three Traditional Destroyers zip
Two Guardians of the World zip
What is Buddhism
Chit Tin, Sayagyi U Discourses by Sayagyi U Chit Tin - Introduction htm file IMC
DPPS, Myanmar Myanmar Moral Culture htm file
Daniel Kent Meditations on Impermanence htm file BPS
Danister I. Fernando Towards good governance : 27-Nov-01 htm file Lake House
Darren Nelson Why Buddhism is Fastest Growing Religion in Australia zip   Buddhanet
David Maurice Influence of Buddhism on the Burmese People , 1957 htm file
Dorothy Figen Beginning Insight Meditation, and Other Essays (BPS BL 85; 1988): htm file Access to Insight
Douglas Burns Buddhist Meditation and Depth Psychology (BPS WH 88; 1994)   Access to Insight
Edward Conze The Way of Wisdom (BPS WH 65; 1993)   Access to Insight
Edward Conze. The Way of Wisdom zip {short description of image} Buddhanet
Eileen Siriwardhana The Heart Awakened zip {short description of image} Buddhanet
Elizabeth Ashley, Dr. Our Reactions to Dukkhazip
Pride and Conceit zip
{short description of image}

{short description of image}
Elizabeth J. Harris Violence and Disruption in Society: A Study of the Early Buddhist Texts (BPS WH 392; 1994):   Access to Insight
Elizabeth J. Harris A Journey into Buddhism zip
Violence and Disruption in Societyzip
Elizabeth J. Harris A Journey into Buddhism
Detachment & Compassion In Early Buddhism
Violence and Disruption in Society: A Study of the Early Buddhist Texts
  Vipassana Page
Francis Story

Animal Magnetism: Attraction of Spiritual Leaderspdf-zip .
From Womb to Womb - Metamorphosis of a Mother pdf-zip

Francis Story

The Appeal of Buddhism
Buddhist Meditation
Buddhist Mental Therapy
The Case for Rebirth
Of Gods and Men
The Place of Animals in Buddhism
The Scientific Approach to Buddhism
World Lunacy
G. Lyall. Buddhism - Australia's Reaction zip
History and Development of Buddhism in NSW zip
Gail Omvedt, Dr. Buddhism and Hinduism
Graeme Lyall Ethnic Buddhists in N.S.W.   Buddhanet
Gregory Kramer Seeding the Heart - Loving-kindness with Children pdf-zip   Buddhanet
Henry Clarke Warren (The Harvard Classics)

The Buddha
The Story of Sumedha
The Birth of the Buddha
The Attainment of Buddhaship
First Events After the Attainment
The Buddha’s Daily Habits
The Death of the Buddha

The Doctrine:
Questions Which Tend Not to Edification
There Is No Ego
The Middle Doctrine
Fruitful and Barren Karma
Good and Bad Karma
Rebirth Is Not Transmigration
Death’s Messengers
The Devoted Wife
The Hare-mark in the Moon
The Way of Purity
The Conversion of Animals
Love for Animals
Sariputta and the Two Demons
The Summum Bonum
The Trance of Cessation
The Attainment of Nirvana

The Order
The Admission and Ordination Ceremonies
The Mendicant Ideal
“And Hate Not His Father and Mother”
The Story of Visakha
H.L. Seneviratne. Buddhism as a Practical Teachingzip zip file Buddhanet
Harry Than Htut Basic Buddhist Homage and Affirmations
Hecker, Hellmuth Buddhist Women at the Time of the Buddha (BPS WH 292; 1982)
Maha Kassapa: Father of the Sangha (BPS WH 345; 1987):
Life of Maha-Moggallana (BPS WH 263; 1979)
  Access to Insight
Helmuth von Glasenapp Vedanta Buddhism: A Comparative Study (BPS WH 2; 1978)   Access to Insight
Htin Aung, Dr. The Ari Monks and Introduction of Buddhism
Folk Elements in Burmese Buddhism 1959
J. Richards(Translated by) Dhammapada - Sayings of the Buddha   Buddhism Depot
Jill Jordan and Richard Giles

Introduction to the Abhidhamma
Jack Kornfield. The Eightfold Path for Householderszip: Jack Kornfield. zip file Buddhanet
Joanna Macy For The Awakening of All:zip The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka - . zip file Buddhanet
John Bullitt Theravada Buddhism, A Chronology
What is Theravada Buddhism?
  Access to Insight
John D.Ireland The Discourse Collection: Selected Texts from the Sutta Nipata (BPS WH 82; 1983)
Itivuttaka: The Buddha's Sayings (excerpts) (BPS; 1997)
  Access to Insight
K. Jamanadas, Dr. Decline and Fall of Buddhism: (A tragedy in Ancient India)
Tirupati Balaji was a Buddhist Shrine , 2001
Kawasaki. Jataka Tales of the Buddha, part 1 zip   Buddhanet
Ken Visakha Kawasaki Jataka Tales of the Buddha, Part I (BPS BL 135; 1995)
Jataka Tales of the Buddha, Part II (BPS BL 138; 1996)
Jataka Tales of the Buddha, Part III (BPS BL 142; 1997)
  Access to Insight
Kee Nanayon, Upasika (K. Khao-suan-luang)

Breath Meditation Condensed (1998)Upasika

Going Against the Flow (1998)
A Good Dose of Dhamma for Meditators When They Are Ill (1998)
Looking Inward (1998)
Reading the Mind (1998)
Stop, Look, and Let Go (1999)
An Unentangled Knowing: The Teachings of a Thai Buddhist Lay Woman (1998)
  Access to Insight
Ken Jones. Buddhism and Social Action (BPS WH 285; 1981)   Access to Insight
Ken Jones. Buddhism and Social Actionzip   Buddhanet
Khin Maung Nyunt, Dr. The Arrival of Buddhism in Myanmar
Ko Lay, U Comments on Salient Points in the Cakkavatti Sutta
Comments on Salient Points in the Pasadika Sutta
Comments on Salient Points in the Singala Sutta
L S Dewaraja, Dr. (Mrs) The Position of Women in Buddhism (BPS WH 280; 1981)   Access to Insight
L S Dewaraja, Dr. (Mrs) The Position of Women in Buddhism zip {short description of image} Buddhanet
Lawrence Mills (Khantipalo) Lay Buddhist Practice
Preparing for your last breath
Leonard Bullen Buddhism: A Method of Mind Training zip {short description of image} Buddhanet
Leonard Bullen Buddhism: A Method of Mind Training (BPS BL 42; 1991)   Access to Insight
Leonard Price Radical Buddhism zip   Buddhanet
Lily de Silva

Dana: The Practice of Giving (BPS WH 367; 1990)
Ministering to the Sick and Terminally Ill (BPS BL 132; 1994)
One Foot in the World: Buddhist Approaches to Present-day Problems (BPS WH 337; 1986)

  Access to Insight
Lily de Silva Ministering to the Sick and Terminally Ill zip zip file Buddhanet
Lily de Silva

One Foot in the World: - (Book's Contents) Buddhist Approaches to Present-day Problems
Maung M Lwin, U
Biographic Data of the Buddha
Buddhism Quiz
Monk and Nuns' Names in Myanmar (Burma)
Classification of Individuals
Note-Book of a Lay Puthujjana
The Law of Dependent Origination
Numerical Dhammas
The Hierarchy of Ariyas (Chart)
The Sasana Flag
Thirty one Bhumis (Chart)
Malcolm Huxter Death: A Buddhist Perspective .   Buddhanet
Maurice O'Connell Walshe "Giving from the Heart," in Dana: The Practice of Giving (BPS WH 367; 1990)   Access to Insight
Myanaung U Tin

All the World's a Stage
The Buddhist Way of Life
Mind leads the World
The Vital Link in the Wheel of Life
Myo Min, U Comments on Salient Points in the Mahanidana Sutta (on Paticca-samuppada )
Nina van Gorkom

Introduction to the Buddhist Scriptures    Part I    Part II

Letters from Nina   Part I    Part II    Part III

Perfections leading to enlightenment

Understanding Reality
Nina van Gorkom
Conversations on Buddhism
Correspondence with Robert Kirkpatrick
Buddhist Outlook on Daily Life
Mental Development in Daily Life
Understanding Reality
Pilgrimage in Sri Lanka

Abhidhamma in Daily Life
Abhidhamma and Practice
Dhamma Letters to Friends
Letters about Vipassana
Letters from Nina
Listening to Dhamma

htm fileBirth, Age, Illness and Death
htm fileDeeds of Merit
htm fileDhamma Discussion at Wat Wangtagu
htm fileKammasakata-Nana
htm fileSamatha-Sutta
htm fileSummary of Paramatthadhamma
htm fileSummary of the 24 Paccaya
htm fileViriya-Parami
Nina van Gorkom

"Generosity: The Inward Dimension," in Dana: The Practice of Giving(BPS WH 367; 1990)

htm file Access to Insight
Nina van Gorkom

Dhamma in Cambodia by Nina van Gorkom
htm filePreface
htm filePart 1
htm filePart 2
htm filePart 3

Nu, U (Ex-Prime Minister of Burma)

Buddhism Theory and Practice
      Buddha   Sila   Samadhi   Panna
       Experience of a Yogi   Some Extracts from Visuddhimagga

The Kamala Lectures on Buddhism
Three Fundamental Concepts: (1) What is Sila?
Three Fundamental Concepts: (2) What is Samadhi?
Oo Thein, 'Kyi-Pwa-Yay' Last Words of the Buddha
P. D. Santina, Dr Fundamentals of Buddhism   Buddhanet
P. Kearney Freedom Bondage: Exploration of interdependent arising in early Buddhism   Buddhanet
Petr Karel Ontl. Of Mindsets and Monkeypots zip   Buddhanet
Phil Brown Buddhism and the Ecocrisis: zip   Buddhanet
Philip Russel Brown Socially Engaged Buddhism zip   Buddhanet
Po Sa, U A Brief Outline of Buddhism
Richard Burns Buddhism: The Religion of Thailand zip   Buddhanet
Robert Bogoda, A Simple Guide to Life (BPS WH 397; 1994)   Access to Insight
Robert Bogoda. A Simple Guide to Life zip   Buddhanet
Roger Bischoff Buddhism in Myanmar: A Short History (BPS WH 399; 1995)   Access to Insight
Roger Bischoff Buddhism in Myanmar zip   Buddhanet
S. Beck, (Trans. ) Dhammapada - Sayings of the Buddha   Buddhism Depot
S N Goenka
The Art of Living
A Dhamma decision
All gratitude to Myanmaar
Awaken in wisdom !
Benefits of Dhamma service
Birth Centenary Day Message
Buddha's path is to experience reality
Buddhasahassanamavali- A foreword
Building the dwelling of Dhamma
Celebrating the Centenary Year
Compassionate Goodwill
Dharma and Sectarianism
Dhamma is to be practised
The Dhamma of Householders
The Essence of Dhamma
Farewell Dhamma Brother!
The First Vipassana Course in India
The Floodgates of Dhamma open
Forty years of a new life
Freedom from addiction
From Devotion to Direct Experience
Fruition of Sacca Adhitthana
The Giving up of Anger
Goenkaji's Speech at the International Buddha Conference
Goenkaji addresses "Millennium World Peace Summit" at United Nations
Grateful Centenary Commemoration
Gratitude to Sayagyi U Ba Khin
How To Defend The Republic!
The importance of self-observation
Inner Peace for World Peace
Kamma-- The real inheritance
Liberation from all Bondages
May the Dhamma spread
The meaning of happiness
The merits of Dana
My Teacher's boundless Metta
Nasik Jail discourse for prisoners
Pilgrimage to the Land of Dhamma
Playing with Fire
Qualities of the Triple Gem
Relief for the Earthquake affected
Seventy years completed
Right volition of Dana
Sila: The Foundation of Dhamma
The Spread of Dhamma around the World
The Snare of Mara
The Sweetness of Dhamma
The Universal Path of Dhamma
The value of Dhamma service
U Ba Khin: A Shining Star of Dhamma
Vipassana at the WEF
Walk the path yourself
Why the Vipassana Pagoda?
Work out your own salvation
The Munificent Nature of Dhamma
Viriya, The Parami of Proper Efforts
What happens at Death
  Vipassana Research Institute
S N Goenka The Universal Teaching of the Buddha
S. Wannapok
(Translated by )
Dhammapada - Sayings of the Buddha   Buddhism Depot
Scott Foglesong Crossing the Flood: A Commentary on the Oghatarana Sutta    
Shwe Mra, U Comments on Salient Points in the Mahaparinibbana Sutta
Shinichi Inoue Putting Buddhism to Work zip   Buddhanet
Suan Lu Zaw

The Model Of The Mind Under Bodhiology

Susan Elbaum Jootla
Dana: The Practice of Giving (BPS WH 367; 1990)
Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns (BPS WH 349; 1988)
Investigation for Insight (BPS WH 301; 1983)
Teacher of the Devas
(BPS WH 414; 1997)
  Access to Insight
Susan Elbaum Jootla A Taste of the Holy Life zip   Buddhanet
Suvimalee Karunaratna Prisoners of Karma: A Story   Buddhanet
Sujin Boriharnwanaket

Pali Fonts for the following books (Install the fonts, then copy and paste the book into a word file. Then select all and change the font to  pCharter )

Deeds of Merit   Part I    Part II    Part III
Part IV    Notes

Realities and Concepts: the Buddha's explanation of the world    Part I and II    Part III

A Survey of Paramattha Dhammas    preface    Part 1    2    3    4     5     6    7    8    9    10    11     12    13     14   

Interview with Nina van Gorkom brief interview with the Buddhist writer
The Master Avengers
Sujin Boriharnwanaket Kammasakata-nana: (Excerpt from dhamma discussion at Utayan Lan Na, February 22, 2000) Translated by Amara-Varee Revised by Robert Kirkpatrick
Sujin Boriharnwanaket

Realities and Concepts:
The Buddha's Explanation of the world
Sunthorn Plamintr, Dr. An Outline of Buddhism
The Five Precepts

From the book "Getting to Know Buddhism", 1994

Urban Dharma
Sylvia Boorstein Paramis: The Heart of Buddha's Teaching and Our Own Practice   Vipassana Page
T. Price Renunciation (BPS BL 36; 1986)   Access to Insight
T. Price Renunciation zip   Buddhanet
Taw Sein Ko

Selection of Articles

Buddhist Archbishop for Burma
Burma and the Third Buddhist Council
Burmese Eras and their Reckoning
The Introduction of Buddhism into Burma
Notable Monuments of Burma
Pali Examinations in Burma
The Religion of the Buddha will last 5000 years
Than Daing, U The Doctrine of Paticcasamuppada
Tin Hla, Ma An Exposition of the Brahmajala Sutta
Titus Gunasekera. Buddhism for the Enquiring Mind zip   Buddhanet
V. A. Gunasekara, Dr

Ethnic Buddhism and Other Obstacles to the Dhamma in the West
The Heart and Brain in Buddhism


Basic Buddhism: A Modern Introduction to the Buddha's Teaching

Preface to this Edition
  1. Introduction to Basic Buddhism
  2. The Life of the Buddha
  3. The Basic Teaching of the Buddha
  4. Some Cardinal Tenets of Buddhism
  5. Meditation and Buddhist Practice
  6. The Buddhist Attitude to God
  7. The Buddhist Attitude to Man
  8. Knowledge, Wisdom and Enlightenment
  9. The Doctrines of Karma and Rebirth
  10. Buddhist Cosmology and Nibbana
  11. Buddhism and the Modern World


  1. On Becoming a Buddhist
  2. The Five Precepts
  3. Higher Precepts and Meditation
  4. The Three Gems of Buddhism
  5. Main Buddhist Tendencies in the West
  6. Glossary of Pali Terms
htm file BSQ
V. A. Gunasekara, Dr
V.F Gunaratna Buddhist Reflections on Death (BPS WH 102; 1982)   Access to Insight
Von Glasenapp

Vedanta and Buddhism: A Comparative Study

Yvonne Rand.

The Buddha's Way and Abortion


(General Buddhism by Sangha Authors A to H)
(General Buddhism by Sangha Authors I to Z & Nuns)

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