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Sangha Authors

Books, Discourses, Articles


IBRIC Word of the Buddha IBRIC
Jagaro, Ajahn Buddhism and Vegetarianism zip
What was the Buddha's Life Really Like? zip
Janaka, Sayadaw U The Fundamental Doctrine of Buddhism zip Buddhanet
Jatila, Sayadaw U

Dhamma Therapy for Human Illness
Jota Lankara, Ven. U The Nine Special Qualities of the Buddha
The Six Special Qualities of the Dhamma
The Nine Special Qualities of the Sangha
Jotika, Sayadaw U Snow in the Summer zip
Snow in the Summer pdf - zip
Katapunyo, Ajahn Sanong Attachment
A Taste of Dhamma
Khantipalo, Bhikkhu Banner of the Arahants: Life as a Buddhist monk.
Khantipalo, Bhikkhu

Forest Meditations: The Verses of the Arahant Talaputa (BPS WH 243; 1983)
Lay Buddhist Practice (BPS WH 206; 1982)
Practical Advice for Meditators (BPS WH 116; 1986)
The Wheel of Birth and Death (BPS WH 147; 1970)
With Robes and Bowl (BPS WH 83; 1986)

Access to Insight
Khantipalo, Bhikkhu Banner of the Arahants:Buddhist Monks and Nuns from the Buddha's time till now
Khamdee, Phra Ajaan Making the Dhamma Your Own (1999) Access to Insight
Ki Hoo Sunim, Ven. How can Meditation Help You? zip Buddhanet
Ledi Sayadaw

Alin Kyan, An Exposition of Five Kinds of Light
Anattanisamsa - Appendix - II. A Concise Descritption of The Advantages Arising Out of The Realisation of Anatta
Bodhipakkhiya Dipani, The Manual of The Factors Leading to Enlightenment
Catusacca - Dipani, The Manual of The Four Noble Truths
Five Questions on Kamma: Appendix - I.
Magganga Dipani, The Manual of The Constituents of The Noble Path
Niyama Dipani, The Manual of Cosmic Order
Patthanuddesa Dipani, The Buddhist Philosophy of Relations
Sammaditthi Dipani,The Manual of Right Views
Vipassana Dipani, The Manual of Insight

Ledi Sayadaw Anattanisamsa
Maha Saranagamana: the Great Refuge
Niyama Dipani / Manual of Cosmic Order
Lee Dhammadharo, Ajaan The Autobiography zip
Basic Themes zip
The Craft of the Heart zip
Duties of the Sangha zip
Food for Thought: 18 Talks on the Training of the Heart zip
Inner Strength: 16 Talks zip
What is the Triple Gem zip
Lee, Phra Ajaan

Autobiography of Phra Ajaan Lee (1994)
Basic Themes (1994)
The Craft of the Heart (1994)
Consciousnesses (1997)
Crossing the Ocean of Life (1998)
The Demons of Defilement (Kilesa Mara)(1998)
Duties of the Sangha (1995)
The Eye of Discernment: An Anthology from the Teachings of Phra Ajaan Lee Dhammadaro (1999)
Food for Thought (1995)
Frames of Reference (1994)
A Handbook for the Relief of Suffering (1995)
Inner Strength (1998)
Keeping the Breath in Mind Lessons in Samadhi (2000)
Knowledge (1997)
Keeping the Breath in Mind Lessons in Samadhi
Loyalty to Your Meditation (2001)
The Path to Peace and Freedom for the Mind (1995)
A Refuge in Awakening (1998)
Shelter (2000)
The Skill of Release (1995)
Starting Out Small: A Collection of Talks for Beginning Meditators (2000)
Visakha Puja (1998)
What is the Triple Gem? (1994)

Access to Insight
Lokanatha, Ven. U I am not !, 1958
Mahasi Sayadaw Ariyavasa Sutta
Discourse on the Bhara Sutta
The Progress of Insight
The Questions of Sakka
Samma Paribbajaniya Sutta
Talk on Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta
The Wheel of Dhamma
Mahinda,Ven. Karma in International Affairs
What do Buddhist consider wisdom
Mahinda Thera, Dikwelle Buddha's first discourse
Buddhist Points Misunderstood
Continuity of Life
Discarded Child, The
Kusala Vipaka
Meditation On The Spot
Path to Nibbana
Queen's quarrel. A
Mingun Sayadaw The Great Chronicle of Buddhas(Serialised)
Mun, Phra Ajaan

The Ballad of Liberation from the Khandhas (1995)
The Ever-present Truth: Teachings of Phra Ajaan Mun Bhuridatta Mahathera (1995)
A Heart Released (1995)

Access to Insight
Myaungmya Sayadaw; U Nyanika Sasana (Hard to Encounter)
Myittha Sayadaw, U Vasava (Mahasi, Yangon) Attributes of Dhamma
Ñanamoli Thera

The Buddha's Words on Kamma (BPS WH 248; 1993)
The Discourse on Right View (Bhikkhu Ñanamoli and Bhikkhu Bodhi; BPS WH 377, 1991)
The Lion's Roar: Two Discourses of Buddha (Bhikkhu Ñanamoli, trans.; Bhikkhu Bodhi, ed.; BPS WH 390; 1993)
Three Cardinal Discourses of the Buddha (BPS WH 17; 1981)

Access to Insight
Ñãnananda, K, Bhikkhu From Topsy Turvydom to Wisdompdf BPS
Ñanavara Thera Collected Letters
Commonplace Book:
Letters to the dáyaka:
Letter to Sister Vajirá
Letters to Ven. Ñánamoli Thera:
Nibbána and Anattá:
Review of E. Baptist's pamphlet:
Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth:
Suttas Sartre
Ñanavara Thera (Somdet Phra Buddhaghosacariya) Uposatha Sila: The Eight-Precept Observance (1993) Access to Insight
Narada Mahathera Buddhism in a Nutshell (BPS, 1982)
Everyman's Ethics (BPS WH 14; 1985): Narada Mahathera
Access to Insight
Narada Mahathera. Buddhism in a Nutshell zip
An Elementary Pali Course zip
Narada Mahathera. Buddhism in a Nutshell - (Book's Contents) Tipitaka.Net
Nararatana Rajamanit, Chao Khun (Tryk Dhammavitakko) An Iridescence on the Water (1997) Access to Insight
Nyanaponika Thera

Contemplation of Feeling: The Discourse Grouping on the Feelings (BPS WH 303; 1983)
The Five Mental Hindrances and Their Conquest (BPS WH 26; 1993)
The Four Sublime States (BPS WH 6; 1993)
The Life of Sariputta (BPS WH 90; 1987)
The Power of Mindfulness (BPS WH 121; 1986):
Protection Through Satipatthana (BPS BL 34; 1990)
The Simile of the Cloth and the Discourse on Effacement (BPS WH 61; 1988)
The Worn-Out Skin (BPS WH 83; 1989)

The Abhidhamma Philosophy: Its Estimation in the Past and its value for the Present
Access to Insight
Nyanaponika Thera The Abhidhamma Philosophy: Its Estimation in the Past and its value for the Present - Nyanponika Thera. zip Buddhanet
Nyanaponika Thera

The Power of Mindfulness- (Book's Contents) An Inquiry into the Scope of Bare Attention and the Principal Sources of its Strength
Nyanaponika Thera

The Roots of Good and Evil

The Ganges Sangha
Nyanasatta Thera The Foundations of Mindfulness (BPS WH 19; 1993) Access to Insight
Nyantiloka Thera.

Word of the Buddha
Nyanatiloka Mahathera Devotion in Buddhism - Courageous Faith: Two Short Essays zip
Fundamentals of Buddhism zip
Nyanatiloka, Ven. Egolessness, 1958
Nyanasobhano, Bhikkhu (Leonard Price) To the Cemetery and Back (BPS BL 96; 1983)
Radical Buddhism (BPS BL 92; 1982)
Access to Insight
Nyanika, Ven. U
(Myaungmya Sayadaw)
Sasana ( Hard to Encounter ) (Book's Contents)
Nyaunggan-Aye Sayadaw Strive While There is Time, 1994
Pajalo Thera

Bitter Fruits of War and Sweet Dreams of Peace
Deeper Dhamma Versus 'Golden Buddha'
Do not believe in anything
Dying and Getting Reborn
Educating Grown-ups
Forest Dwelling
Looking through Conventions
On Children
On Friendship
On Giving
On Marriage
On Talking
Prophet, The
Sayings by J.K.
Sri Lanka and the Art of Smiling
Stranger in Paradise, A
Touching Freedom Behind Iron-Bars
Way to Give Children a Future, A

Palihawadana, Professor What is The first Precept: Professor Palihawadana, Mettanet-Lanka
Pandita, Sayadaw U On the Path to Freedom (Serialised)
Pandita, Ven. U How To Become a Buddhist, 1958
Pandita, Samanera U The Evils and Dangers of the Soul View or Heresy of Self, 1958
The Ideal or Perfect State, 1958.
Pannadipa, Ven. U Buddha Desana and Essential Principles for Enlightenment, 1998 , (Book's Contents)
Buddhist Meditation - A Way to Supreme Blissful Peace and Happiness,
The Four Noble Truths, 2000
Nibbana, the Supreme Goal of Buddhism, 2001
The Opening of the Glorification of the Theravada Buddha Sasana, 1998
Salient Articles on Buddha Desana, 1999
Pannasiha Maha Thera, Madihe Pirith Suttas, 3 Mettanet-Lanka
Pannyavaro, Ven. The Art of Attentionpdf-zip Buddhanet
Payutto, P.A. Ven. Buddhist Economics: A Middle Way for the Market Place zipPayutto, P.A. Ven.
Toward a Sustainable Science zip

Pesala, Bhikkhu

  1. An Introduction to Buddhism (32pp)
  2. An Introduction to Meditation (24pp)
  3. An Introduction to Kamma (24pp)
  4. An Explanation of Rebirth (24pp)
  5. A Precious Human Rebirth (16pp)
  6. Where Have You Come From? (16pp)
  7. The Way Down to Hell is Easy (24pp)
  8. Money Makes the World Go Round (16pp)
  9. The Heart of Buddhism (32pp)
  10. Porisada the Man-eater (16pp)
  11. The Power of Love (24pp)
  12. Ethical Dilemmas (24pp)
  13. What is Nibbana? (16pp)
  14. An Exposition of the Man gala Sutta (24pp)
  15. An Exposition of the Metta Sutta (24pp)
  16. An Exposition of the Dhammacakka Sutta (24pp)
  17. The Debate of King Milinda (168pp)
Pesala, Bhikkhu. Adhamma Dana, 1997
Fifty Years Together
Rebirth, 1999
Phut Thaniyo, Phra Ajaan Ajaan Sao's Teaching: A Reminiscence of Phra Ajaan Sao Kantasilo (1997) Access to Insight
Piyadassi Thera The Book of Protection (Paritta) (BPS; 1999): Access to Insight
Piyadassi Thera The Book of Protectionzip
The Book of Protection (PARITTA) pdf-zip
The Buddha: His Life and Teachings
Piyadassi Maha Thera Book of Protection, The. (Pirith book Translated into English) doc
The Law of Cause and Effect
Piyadassi Thera,Ven. The Timeless Message
Piyatissa Thera The Elimination of Anger (BPS BL 68; 1975) Access to Insight
Piyatissa,Thera The Elimination of Anger zip Buddhanet
Pyinnyathiha , Ven. The Triple Gem
The Way to Social Harmony
Rahula, Bhante The Middle Path
Revisiting the Land of the Buddha
: Pilgrimage to Several Asian Lands
Bhavana Society
Rahula, Venerable Dr.Walpola Buddhism in the Western World By  
Ratsamee, Phra Where does suffering come from? zip Buddhanet
RewataDhamma, Sayadaw

Buddhism in Myanmar
Buddhism and Economic Justice
Early Buddhist Missionaries
Sunyata-Emptiness and Self-emptying-Kenosis
The Buddhist Councils
The Contribution of Buddhism to the World of Art and Architecture
Paths of Purification
Traditional Wisdom and Modern Knowledge
What I Expect of Friendship with Christians
Rewatadhamma, Ven. Dr. Introduction to Buddhism  
Saddhamaransi Sayadaw (Ven. U Kundala) Talks on Vipassana Meditationpdf-zip Buddhanet
Saddhamaransi Sayadaw Dhamma Ratana
Dhamma Padetha(Serialised)
Samai, Chao Khun How to resolve your personal conflicts Buddhanet
Seelananda Bhikkhu

Buddha and Buddhism, The
Buddha, His Birth, Enlightenment and the Passing away, The
Buddha’s Admonition to lay disciples, The
Buddhism, its relevance to the 21st century
Buddhist Meditation
Concept of Salvation,TheA Buddhist Perspective doc
Eight excellent and wonderful things in the great ocean and the Sasana
Fruits of the Going Forth, The
Killer begets a killer and who conquers, a conqueror, The
Middle Path and The Middle Doctrine, The
Model For All Bhikkhus, A
Panadaure Ariyadhamma as a Dhamma Communicator, Ven
Real Buddhist is a citizen of the world, A
Upadana and Anupadana- A study based on Early Buddhist Discourses doc
What the Buddha taught to Bahiya of the Bark Garment

Senah, Phra Patience and Achieving your ambitions
What human beings believe
Silananda, Ven. U Buddhist Ceremonies, 1960
Silananda, Ven. U The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
Introduction to Vipassana
Is Theravada Buddhism for Arahatship Only?
Questions and answers about Vipassana
Meditation Instructions
A Talk of Kamma, Rebirth and Suffering
Sim, Phra Ajaan Simply So (1995) Access to Insight
Sitagu Sayadaw Abhidhamma & Vipassana, 1998
Mangala Sutta
Myanmar: the Land of Pagodas, 1997
Sagaing Hills of History and Legend,1997
Soma Thera

Kalama Sutta: The Buddha's Charter of Free Inquiry (Soma Thera, tr; with an essay by Bhikkhu Bodhi; BPS WH 8; 1981)
The Removal of Distracting Thoughts (BPS WH 21; 1981)
The Way of Mindfulness: The Satipatthana Sutta and Its Commentary (BPS; 1999)
Words Leading to Disenchantment: Two Essays (BPS BL 79; 1978)

Access to Insight
Soma Thera. Words Leading to Disenchantment Buddhanet
Sumana, Samanera Going Forth: A Call to Buddhist Monkhood (BPS WH 27; 1983) Access to Insight
Sumedho, Ven. Ajahn The Four Noble Truths zip (Book's Contents) Buddhanet
Sumedho, Ven. Ajahn The Four Noble Truths
Suwat Suvaco, Phra Ajaan

Blatantly Clear in the Heart (2001)
Disenchantment (2001)
A Fistful of Sand (1999)
Right Attitude (2001)
Right Concentration (2001)

Access to Insight
Tate, Ajhan Teachings on Anatta zip Buddhanet
Thate, Phra Ajaan The Autobiography of a Forest Monk Access to Insight
Thabyekan Sayadaw Timeless and Priceless Treasures (1996)
Buddho (1994)
Steps Along the Path (1994)
Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff)

Books and sutta anthologies:
The Buddhist Monastic Code (1996)
Dhammapada: A Translation (1997)
An Introduction to the Patimokkha Training Rules (1994)
Itivuttaka: This Was Said by the Buddha (1999)
The Mind Like Fire Unbound: An Image in the Early Buddhist Discourses (Barre, MA: Dhamma Dana Publications, 1993)
Refuge: an Introduction to the Buddha, Dhamma Sangha (1997)
Study Guides
That the True Dhamma Might Last a Long Time: Readings Selected by King Asoka (1996)
The Wings to Awakening: an Anthology from the Pali Canon (1996)

Affirming the Truths of the Heart: The Buddhist Teachings on Samvega Pasada (1997)
The Customs of the Noble Ones (1999)
The Economy of Gifts (1997)
Emptiness (1997)
A Guided Meditation (2001)
The Healing Power of the Precepts (1997)
Karma (1997)
Life Isn't Just Suffering (2000)
The Meaning of the Buddha's Awakening (1997)
Nibbana (1996)
Noble Strategy: Essays on the Buddhist Path (1999) :
No-self or Not-self? (1996)
The Not-self Strategy (1993)
One Tool Among Many: The Place of Vipassana in Buddhist Practice (1998):
The Path of Concentration Mindfulness (1997)
Questions of Skill (2001)
Right Speech (1999)
The Road to Nirvana is Paved with Skillful Intentions (1999)
Samsara Divided by Zero (2000)
Trading Candy for Gold: Renunciation as a Skill (1999)
Upasika Kee Nanayon and the Social Dynamic of Theravadin Buddhist Practice (1995)
The Weight of Mountains (2001)


Beyond Coping: The Buddha's Teachings on Aging, Illness, Death, and Separation
The Four Noble Truths
Recognizing the Dhamma
Stream Entry
The Ten Perfections
The Ten Collections
Access to Insight
Thanissaro, Bhikkhu, tr. Readings Selected by King Asoka zip Buddhanet
Thanissaro, Bhikkhu, The Wings to Awakening: An Anthology from the Pali Canon (1966) - (Contents Page)
Tharmanay Kyaw, Ven. Great Gifts and Giving Well
Thate, Phra Ajaan The Autobiography of a Forest Monk (1996)
Buddho (1994)
Steps Along the Path (1994)
Access to Insight
Thittila, Ven.

Essential Themes of Buddhist Lectures pdf-zip

Thittila, Ashin

A Buddhist Companion (An Exposition & Selected Quotations )

Theravada Buddhism   Right Thought   Right Speech   Right Action   Duty & Behaviour   Habits & Practice   Right Attention & Resolution   Patience   Loving-kindness & Compassion   Generosity   Happiness   Mind   Meditation   Kamma   Cause & Effect   Sickness & Old Age   Death & Rebirth   Greed   Hatred   Delusion   Absence of Greed   Absence of Hatred   Wisdom

Essential Themes of Buddhist Lectures( 41 lectures on various topics )
The Meaning of Buddhism
Uttamasara, Sayadaw Learning How to Die
Vajiranana, Ven. Dr.. Justice in Buddhism zip Buddhanet
Vinayarakkhita, M. Ven. Buddhism -A Scientific Experimental Path Mettanet-Lanka
Visuddhacara, Ven. Loving and Dying zip: Buddhanet
Webu Sayadaw The Essential Practice: Dhamma Discourses of Venerable Webu Sayadaw (Part I) (BPS WH 375; 1991)
The Essential Practice: Dhamma Discourses of Venerable Webu Sayadaw (Part II) (BPS WH 384; 1992)
To Light a Fire (BPS BL 122; 1990)
Access to Insight
Webu Sayadaw To Light a Fire: Dhamma Discourse Buddhanet
Webu Sayadaw

Discourse I
Discourse II
Discourse III
Discourse IV
Discourse V
Discourse VI
Discourse VII
Discourse VIII
The Power of Forbearance
How Maha Kassapa was deceived
Dhamma-Asoka's younger brother
Mahodadha and King Videha
Don't destroy yourselves
A Discourse Delivered at the International Meditation Centre, Yangon
Words of Wisdom
The Path to be followed in this world
Interview with Webu Sayadaw by a group of Western Students

Webu Sayadaw The Essence of Buddha Dhamma
Zagara,Ven Dr. U Daily life Dependent Origination : Zagara,Ven Dr. U
Why you should love your illness : Zagara,Ven Dr. U

Nun Authors



Ayya Khema, Sister

All of Us (Beset by Birth, Decay and Death) (1988) : Sister Ayya Khema
Meditating on No-self (BPS BL 95; 1984)
(To be Seen) Here and Now (1989)

Access to Insight
Ayya Khema, Sister All of Us:12 Talks zip
Meditating on No-Self zip
Nothing Special zip
Ayya Khema, Sister Nothing Special Vipassana Page
Ayya Kheminda Practical Guidelines For Vipassana Vipassana Page

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