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Afghanistan Buddhism in Afghanistan, Historical Background of htm file
Afghanistan Buddhism and Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan htm file JA Will Perera, 1958
Afghanistan Bamiyan, the glory and the tragedy htm file Ven S. Dhammika  

Finding Buddha in Africa - a Buddhist Temple in the golden mielie fields of Bronkhorstspruit, 40km east of Pretoria

htm file Sean O'toole, 12 April, 2002  
Arya Region ARYA Buddhist (with links to other sites in the region) htm file  
Australia Buddhist Contribution to Social Welfare in Australia    
Australia Buddhism finds a new home Down Under- May 5 2002   Larry Schwartz  
Australia History of Buddhism in NSW and current developments Graeme Lyall Buddhanet
Australia Why is Buddhism the fastest growing religion in Australia? Darren Nelson Buddhanet
Cambodia The other treasures of Angkor DONALD RICHIE The Japan Times
Canada Buddhism in Canada
Buddhism in Ottawa
China A History of Chinese Buddhism Charles D. Patton  
Europe Promoting Buddhism in Europe 'Lake House'  
France Buddhism in France Ven. U Thitinyana, 1997
Germany The Spread of Buddhism in Germany 'Lake House'
India The Land the Buddha Walked

Amaravati  Bharhut
Bodhgaya  Kushinara  Lumbini  Nalanda  Rajgir
  Sanchi  Sankasya  Sarnath  Sravasti  Vaishali
India Buddhism makes a comeback in India Francois Gautier  
India A highly personal journey 12 May 2002      
India Revival of Buddhism in India 'Lake House'
India Tallest Buddha will be made in Sheffield    
Malaysia Buddhism in Malaysia htm file Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda YBAM
Malaysia Analysis On The Demography Of Buddhist Population In Malaysia: - Perspective Of The Younger Generation htm file Loka Ng Sai Kai / March, 2000 YBAM
Malaysia Dharma Master Zhu Mo & Buddhism In Malaysia htm file Leong Kok Hing YBAM
Malaysia Survey on 1000 Malaysian Buddhists htm file Cornelius Koh Beng Yan & Yeoh Kia Gee YBAM
Malaysia Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Maha Nayaka Thera A Brief Introduction on His Life and Contributions to Malaysian Buddhism htm file Benny Liow Woon Khin  
Myanmar (Burma) Buddhism in Burma Ashin U Thittila
Myanmar Buddhism and Burma D. Guha, 1963
Myanmar Buddhism in Myanmar Multi-Author
Myanmar Buddhism in Myanmar Rewata Dhamma, Ven. Dr.
Myanmar Buddhism in Myanmar: A Short History (BPS WH 399; 1995) Roger Bischoff Access to Insight
Myanmar Buddhist Nuns in Burma Dr. Friedgard Lottermoser Vipassana Page
Myanmar Buddhist Nuns in Myanmar (Photos)
Myanmar By Road to Bagan     Mynamar Times
Myanmar The Daily Monastic Life and Education in Myanmar Sao Htun Hmat Win
Myanmar The Introduction of Buddhism into Burma Taw Sein Ko
Myanmar Myanmar Monk and Monastery Kyaw Win, 1997
Nepal Buddhist peace pagoda opens in Nepal    
Poland Cyber Sanga In Polish
Russia Russian Buddhism on the Internet
Sri Lanka Associations/ Institutions Mettanet-Lanka
Sri Lanka Ceremonies to mark 250 years of ordination of Upasampada from Thailand    
Sri Lanka Historical Buddhist details Mettanet-Lanka
Sri Lanka Historic Temples Mettanet-Lanka
Sri Lanka Maha Sangha of Sri Lanka Mettanet-Lanka
Sri Lanka Pilgrims Rests & Guest Houses Mettanet-Lanka
Sri Lanka Samadhi Statue A C B Pethiyagoda  
Sri Lanka Velgam Vehera – the Buddhist shrine of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, 18 May 2002      
Spain Buddhism in Spain . Lists Buddhist resources in Spain
Taiwan Taiwanese Buddhist Leader Opens Museum of World Religions    
USA Buddhism's appeal on the rise Seattle P-I.Com  
USA Buddhism in the US, June 18, 2001
Vietnam Buddhism in Vietnam Laura Clark and Suzanne Brown  

Travels of Buddhism in Asia


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