Amaravati Upasika Association Much of the content is related to the Theravadan Forest Sangha tradition since I find this a very satisfying approach to Buddhism with excellent teachers and great integrity. UK
Angulimala The Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy Organisation. UK
Aukana Trust A registered Buddhist charity organisation Wiltshire UK
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies It is dedicated to bringing together teachers, students, scholars and practitioners who are committed to exploring Buddhist thought and practice. Barre MA , USA
Bhavana Society Bhávaná Society, established in Washington DC, in 1982, is dedicated to the practice of Theravadan Buddhist meditation. High View WV, USA
Buddha's Light Universal Welfare Society BLUWS is a non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit organization aiming at Education, World Peace, Unity and Prosperity for all - irrespective of race, religion, creed and sex. Bangladesh.
Buddhist Peace Fellowship Bangladesh Committed to teaching of the Buddha-Dhamma and to progressive social work among our extremely poor people. Bangladesh
Buddhist Center of Dallas It is the culmination of the Buddhist community within Texas and around the United States pooling their resources together to build a temple. Dallas TX.
Buddhist Cultural Center Writing, translating, publishing, and offering meditation courses. Sri Lanka
The Buddhist Instruction Ministry It is dedicated to promoting and teaching fundamental Buddhism based on interpretations of the Pali Canon. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia A Theravada Buddhist Society. Offers free literature and dhamma. Malaysia
Buddhist Pitaka Society Dedicated to the study of the discourses in the Pali Canon. Edmonton/Toronto
The Buddhist Society of Queensland P. O. Box 536, Toowong QLD 4066, AUSTRALIA: The primary purpose is to foster the knowledge and the practice of the teachings of the Buddha in Queensland. Australia
Buddhist Society of Western Australia The Society has established Bodhinyana Monasteryin Serpentine, 60 km south of Perth, and supports the monastic community living there. Nollamara, WA, Australia
Buddhist Society UK Founded in 1924 by Christmas Humphreys, the Buddhist Society is one of the oldest Buddhist societies in Europe. UK
Buddhist Spectrum Study Group - Based upon Buddhist purity in the Theravadin Tradition Canada
Buddhist Study Association of Greater New York Source of information about various Buddhist traditions, Buddhist centers, etc. W Orange, NJ. USA
Buddhist Wisdom Centre It is the publisher of the Vipassana Tribune, a semi-annually newsletter for the yogic community. Selangor, Malaysia.
Buddhistische Gesellschaft München Offers info about events, public lectures, seminars, help projects (in German ) Germany
Buddhistische Haus Frohnau One of the oldest surviving Buddhist centres in Germany, now acquired by the German Dhammaduta Society of Sri Lanka in 1957 Germany
Centro Mexicano del Buddhismo Theravada A. C. (CMBT) The objectives of CMBT include offering the teachings of Theravada Buddhism, both theory and practice, in Mexico and other Latin-American countries. CMBT also runs the Theravada monastery Dhamma Vihara. Mexico
Chieng Mai Dhamma Study Group This web site replaces the Chieng Mai Dhamma Study Group's annual English-language anthology (translated from the Thai Ariya Dhamma series) in order to provide a much more comprehensive and easily accessible set of resources. Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Council of Thai Bikkhus in USA Provides list of Thai temples in U.S., articles, projects, and bulletin boards. (In Thai) USA
Dhammakaya Foundation Offers teaching and retreats at branches worldwide. Maintains Wat Phra Dhammkaya, a residential center of monks, novices, and laypeople. Thailand
Dhammayut Order in the USA (In Thai) USA
East Midlands Buddhist Association The East Midland Buddhist Association was established in April 1987 by a group of lay Buddhist practitioners in the Midlands, under the guidance and direction of Ven Kassapa, a Buddhist monk UK
Friends of Dhamma Czech Theravada group in Prague in Thai forest tradition in the lineage of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho. Czech
Gaia House Gaia House offers Insight Meditation (known as Vipassana in the Buddhist tradition) and Zen Retreats throughout the year. The Centre provides comprehensive Dharma teachings and spiritual practices to realize wisdom and compassion in daily life. UK.
Khmer-Buddhist Educational Assistance Project (KEAP) The honorary founding patron of KEAP is Most Venerable Maha Ghosananda, the spiritual leader of Cambodian Buddhism. Cambodia
Kushinagar.com About Kusinara, the place where the Buddha entered Parinibbana. India
Mahamandal Welfare Organization A welfare organization for the benefit of Buddhists in Bangladesh. Bangladesh
Mahindarama Sunday Pali School The Sunday Pali School offers Dhamma Lessons, medical and social services. Penang, Malaysia
Metta Foundation It is the mission of the Metta Foundation to foster the convergence of wisdom born of traditional meditative stillness and compassion born of human encounter. USA
Mid-America Dharma Group Mid America Dharma is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the practice of vipassana or Insight Meditation available to others in the central region of the United States. Kansas City MO, USA
Nepal Bauddha Pariyatti Shiksha Dedicated to establish the learning of Theravada throughout Nepal. Nepal
Ottawa Buddhist Society Focuses primarily on Buddhist teachings in the Theravada tradition. Ottawa, Canada
Oxford University Buddhist Society The Oxford University Buddhist Society aims to satisfy anyone with a little tingle of interest in Buddhism. They are not attached to any particular school of Buddhism, but seek to provide stimulating talks and discussions on all aspects of Buddhism and Buddhist thought. Oxford, UK
Panna Youth Centre, Singapore

Objectives: To train Buddhist Youths to do extensive propagation of the Buddha-Dhamma, and to establish ourselves as a learning centre for teenagers and young adults in the near future

Samatha Trust, The Samatha meditation techique has its roots in the Thai Theravadin tradition, and was introduced to England in 1962 by a Thai meditation teacher. The Samatha Trust was formed in 1973. UK
Sati Center for Buddhist Studies . The Sati Center for Buddhist Studies supports the study of Buddhist teachings. Their perspective balances scholarly inquiry with serious meditation practice. Palo Alto CA,USA
Seattle Insight Meditation Society The Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS) is a non-profit organization devoted to offering the Buddha's teachings on insight and awareness to all those who seek them. Seattle WA, USA
Show Me Dharma Show Me Dharma is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the practice of Insight Meditation available to Mid-Missouri. Mid-Missouri, USA
Skillful Meditation Project Its purpose is to promote the study, instruction and practice of meditation in accordance with the tradition of early Buddhism Idyllwild CA., USA
Suhada Social Service Foundation Provide guidance and counselling as a national service to those in need of it without any discrimination and other services Sri Lanka
Theravada Buddhist Community of Vancouver The TBCV is the only Western Theravada group in the city. The main teacher is Brian Ruhe and the meditation practice and study is guided by Ajahn Sona at the Birken Forest Monastery. Canada
Tovana - The Israel Insight Society Tovana the israel insight society is a non profit organzation for vipasana meditators. Israel
Vipassana Metta Foundation The Vipassana Metta Foundation invites you to Maui where they offer the opportunity to develop liberating insight and loving kindness in silent meditation retreats. Maui, HI, USA
Vipassana Research Institute This web site provides information on the Vipassana Meditation Technique, as taught by S.N.Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Vipassana is an universal, scientific method towards purifying the mind. India
World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) The World Fellowship of Buddhist (WFB) was founded on 25th May B.E. 2493 (1950) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, by a famous Pali language scholar, Dr. Malalasskera. Bangkok, Thailand
Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia Objectives: To be the national organisation of all Buddhist youths in Malaysia; To encourage, foster and develop the practice of the Teachings of the Lord Buddha among youths; etc. Malaysia


Group Name



Buddha Buddies From Boston area, USA
Cosmopolitan Buddhist Assembly (CBA)
Dharma-dykes - A private mailing list
Gateway Monastery A community of gay men living under a Buddhist tradition.
Gay Men's Buddhist Sangha For the gay community
LGBT Buddhist Web Ring A collection of web sites

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