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TIMELINE and Genera Articles
Buddhism Chronology - Provides both Buddhist Era and Current Era dates for major events in Buddhist history.   Timeline  
Buddhism On The Silk Road :The civilizations which flourished along the Silk Road in the first millennium CE were open to cultural and religious influences from both East and West.      
The Spread of Buddhism (a timetable of Buddhism) :Published by the Buddhist Information Centre 50, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 3, SRI LANKA Timeline
Buddhism Timeline Mary Long, Ph.D. Timeline 'The Source'
Decline and Fall of Buddhism (A tragedy in Ancient India) Dr. K. Jamanadas, F.R.C.S.(Ed.)
Namo Dharmaya Rudy Harderwijk Timeline  
Rise And Fall Of Buddhist Nuns : Dr. K. Jamanadas
Some significant dates in Buddhist history. Mike Horne Timeline  
Theravada Buddhism A Chronology John Bullitt, Ed. Timeline Access to Insight
Timeline - The History of Buddhism International Buddhist Society Timeline International Buddhist Society
Twenty Six Centuries of Buddhism Maung M Lwin Timeline
EVENTS (from most recent)

Thousands Convert to Buddhism in India 

  November 2001 India
Photos document destruction of Afghan Buddhas CNN March, 2001 Afghanistan
Millennium Peace Summit USA 2001 UN
The destruction and desecration of the Temple of the Tooth -The Dalada Maligawa Lankaweb January 1998 Sri Lanka
Burma and the Third Buddhist Council Taw Sein Ko 1900 approx: Burma
The Buddhist Councils Ven. Dr.Rewata Dhamma  
The Brief History of the Great Councils (From "The 'Teachings of the Buddha", 1997) Ministry of Religious Affairs, Myanmar India, Sri Lanka, Burma


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