Buddhist Online Groups (Theravada)


BuddhaDhamma : A Theravada Buddhism group. General discussion of Theravada, or "The Way of the Elders" Buddhism, and its relevance to everyday life.

Buddhism Course: 6-Month Course in Theravada Buddhism. (Nibbana.com) (only the organiser may post)

Buddhism News & Review: Daily Buddhist News from around the world. (Nibbana.com) (only the organiser may post)

Dhamma List: A discussion mailing list of an international Buddhist community (particularly Theravada Buddhism).

Dhamma Study Group : A discussion forum for those interested in understanding and practising the Buddha's Teachings as found in the ancient texts and commentaries of the Theravada tradition.

Dhammapada Online: Dhammapada Stories and Verses (Nibbana.com) (only the organiser may post)

eDhamma: They provide the teaching of the Buddha dhamma and other related buddhist articles of interest to you. (only the organiser may post)

Eightfold-l : Eightfold-l is a discussion list on the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. This list is to be used as a sort of "study group" for beginners and advanced students of Buddhism alike.

Insight Practice : This group (was insight@world.std.com) discusses Buddhism & insight (vipassanâ) meditation & applications to daily life.

Pali Discussion Group: This is a forum for anyone with an interest in Pali language and literature, as well as Pali translation works. The oldest Theravada literature is written in Pali.

Sangha Online: Theravadin Monks asnwer Dhamma Queries. (Nibbana.com)

Sasana-nuggaha International: The main aim is to promote and propagate the Theravada Budddha Sasana in a variety of ways, including supporting scholar monks, free distribution of Dhamma books, arranging Dhamma Missionary tours, etc. (Restricted membership) (Nibbana.com)

Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary mailing list: Joining this mailing list will have you updated on the developments of Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) project through email. SBS is a Buddhist sanctuary in Malaysia for the training of Theravada Buddhist monks in theory and practice of the Dhammavinaya. (only the organiser may post)

Sutta : This group aims to deliver weekly suttas by email. The goal is to cover all of the suttas located at Access to Insight (www.accesstoinsight.com) in a slow, steady, and structured way.

Tipitaka Online: Regular postings of translated Suttas. (Nibbana.com) (only the organiser may post)

Triplegem: Discussion Group on Theravada Buddhism. (Nibbana.com)

Upasika : This list was created by Upasika of the Theravadin Forest Sangha Tradition as a resource/ tool to support their individual practice and their community of practitioners.


Myanmar Buddhist: This club is dedicated for all of the members to remember three jewels while they are away from our mother land and also away from parents.

Theravada Buddhism:



Buddhist Reading Circle - chapters from the reading list for discussion .
H-Buddhism Discussion Network - for the worldwide Buddhist scholarly community
Sasana Mailing List - informal group to practice Buddhism
Talk.religion.buddhism - all aspects of Buddhism as religion and philosophy.
Theravada Buddhist Forum - A MSN Community Group

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