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"If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism"
(In his Autobiography by Albert Einstein)


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An Analysis of Madhyamike Particle Physics Buddhism offers a view of the world that is capable of explaining things : (Gizard) Cyborganic.com
Buddhism and the Brain An examination of the neuroscience behind Buddhist meditation and insight.(Derek Ellerman)
Institute for the Scientific Study of Meditation (ISSM) The purpose of The Institute for the Scientific Study of Meditation is to explore the diverse topics relating to ritual, meditation, yoga, and other related practices ("meditative practices").
Psychological State Changes in Meditation James Kempf talk.religion.buddhism
The Scientific Approach to Buddhism Francis Story Nibbana.com
Time and Impermanence in Middle Way Buddhism and Modern Physics (Victor Mansfield, Department of Physics and Astronomy Colgate University Hamilton)
Toward a Buddhist Philosophy of Science An essay examining science, technology, and related topics from a Buddhist perspective. (Jim Kukula. )
Why Science Declined In Ancient India Dr. K. Jamanadas Ambedkar.org

Theravada Resources around the World {short description of image} Myanmar (Burmese) Theravada Buddhism


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