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BUDSIR -- Buddhist Scriptures Information Retrieval is a CD-ROM containing the Thai edition of the Pali Tipitaka and Atthakatha (commentaries) in romanized script. Cost: US$300 Mahidol University, Thailand  
Chattha Sangayana Tipitaka CD: (Free CD) It contains the Chattha Sangayana (Sixth Council, 1954-1956) edition of the Tipitaka, transcribed from the Myanmar print edition. It also includes Atthakatha (commentaries), and Tika and AnuTika (sub-commentaries), VRI VRI
Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project Richard Salomon  
A Fabulous Memory of Venerable Mingun Saydaw U Vicittasarabhivamsa Win Pe TBSA

Guide to Tipitaka (Edited by Editorial Committee, Burma Pitaka Association)

Ko Lay, U , 1986 Nibbana.com

Guide to Tipitaka: Outline of the Pali Buddhist Canonical Scriptures. [Print Version] pdf-zip

Ko Lay, U Buddhanet
The Contents and Structure of the Pali Canon and its Commentaries
Digital editions of the Pali Canon and Commentaries
Publications: The Pali Canon, its Commentaries and translations
Post-Canonical Literature other than Commentaries on the Canon
Association of Buddhist Studies,UK ABS
Overview of Tipitaka Scripture Ven. Nârada Theravada.net
Simile and Metaphors   Access to Insight
The Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project offers a free public-domain electronic edition of the Pali Canon (in romanized Pali) via the Internet. (Also available from JBE's mirror site in the UK.)   JBE
Sutta Anthology Jakub Bartovský, compiled by NTDP
Three key Suttas: Setting the Wheel in Motion, Not-Self and the Fire Sermon. zip   Buddhanet
Tipitaka, der Pali Kanon des Theraváda-Buddhismus
in deutscher Sprache
The Tipitaka: The Pali is based on the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tipitaka Series. Mettanet-Lanka
Tipitaka and commentaries in Pali   Tipitka.org
Tipitaka Online: Translated by the Burma Pitaka Association Nibbana.com
Tipitaka The Pali Canon(plus a map showing the Major Divisions of the Tipitaka) Access to Insight



Tipitaka http://www.metta.lk/tipitaka/index.html
Tipitaka Online http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tipitaka
Tipitaka.net http://www.tipitaka.net/

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