Notes of Appreciation by Foreigners

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who took courses of Meditation at the "InternationaI Meditation Centre", 31A, Inyamyaing, Rangoon

( From 'The Light of Dhamma', Vol. IX, No. 4, Union of Burma Buddha Sasana Council,1963)

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Mr. J. Van Amersfoort,

President of the Netherlands Buddhist Association, 38, Adelheidstraat, The Hague, Holland.

          "I was out of Dukkha and felt a refreshing coolness and delight, which words cannot describe. It is an escape and a refuge from all daily troubles, too great to be understood, when not experienced. And the great bliss is that every one can achieve this state, provided he has a pure mind at least for the time of concentration, has the right intentions, attentiveness and concentration, and anyhow tries to live as pure as possible.

          Another necessity is, that he has no fear whatsoever and a complete faith in his Guru. I hope with all my heart that Guru, U Ba Khin will have many followers and disciples in the near future, who can be helped by him as much as I have been."

Dr. Huston Smith, Ph.D,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge 39, Mass., U.S.A.

          "This has been, I believe, the most interesting and revealing part of our world trip. It is most refreshing to find persons interested not merely in theory but also in practice—U Ba Khin is the first person I have met on this trip who said not merely "Let's talk", but "Let's do something." We have met with great kindness here and we are grateful."

Dr. Leon E. Wright, Ph. D.,

Professor of Religion, Howard University, Washington, American University, Washington.

          "Vipassana Meditation so convinced and so communicated at this Center has a role to play unique in the religious evolution of world experience, and Thray Sithu U Ba Khin, our illustrious and honored Guruji, is its most effective prophet. It would be difficult for me personally to return thanks for the incalculable benefits received both in this setting and from this relationship."

         "I am firmly convinced that you were destined to show me the intimacies of Buddhist meditation at its very best. If I brought something to the encounter in terms of "Parami" you gave it direction and most meaningful engagement in your inspirationally challenging and genuinely productive method. I shall be with Anicca as long as I live, and as often as I do, my spirit shall gratefully acknowledge the Gurugyi who made it possible. You are that Gurugyi and have always my deepest respect and my purest love."

Dr. Elizabeth K. Nottingham, Ph. D.,

Professor of Sociology, No. 1, Ascon Avenue, Forest Hills, New York.

         "It was a lovely and rewarding experience that I have had with you and your disciples.

         Each time I came I felt surrounded and borne up by loving kindness. Your fellowship has meant more to me than any other single thing during my happy months in Burma.

          Though I may not have been able to learn very deeply about the Dhamma, I have learned from you and from your Center how to find a deep pool of quiet in the midst of the activities of a busy life. Thanks to your patient teaching. I can now enter such a state at will."

Mr. Walter Nagel, (West-Germany)

Rice Marketing Expert, Ness 7-9, Post Abfertigung, Hamburg, W. Germany.

          "The world is facing serious problems and may see chaos threatening mankind.

          You are showing a way out, teaching the individual how to find peace and complacency and how to lead himself and others to a better life. You, your-self, are the best example how religious belief and deep understanding of fellow beings can well be combined with the strenuous duties and responsibilities of a high position in outer life.

          As a foreigner in Burma, one cannot get acquainted with Burma, its life and notions without also studying this side of the Burmese character."

Mr. Richard Kelly, (with Mrs. Kelly), British Civil Servant,

Commercial Counsellor, C/o Trade Division, Kualalumpur, Malaya.

         "Guruji has shown us the way and has given us the power to follow it. There has been no greater experience in this life."

Mr. John E. Coleman of S.E.A,

Supply Corporation, Advisers to Government of Thailand, (Specialist in Criminology).

          "The Karmic forces that led me to you and your inspiring guidance have made on me an indelible impression of the light of the Dhamma.

         The Center, the people associated with the Center, and Guruji U Ba Khin can only command first place among my memories.

          With the light of the Dhamma as our guide, may we all soon win the Deathless."

Miss Marion Dix,

Director, World in Focus Films—Lecturer, No. 1131, Atlee Drive, La Canada, California.

          "Taking the course under Sayagyi at the International Meditation Center has been a wonderful, enlightening experience which will remain with me always. Through my films, and my own experiences, I hope to make this clearer, too, to my American lecture audiences. I shall miss the whole cheerful group at the Center. I hope to return."

Mrs. K.A. Stutes,

Route I. Box 103, Fairbanks, Texas, U.S.A.

          I cannot find words to express my thanks for what you have done for me. I know I shall never forget you and the wonderful people at the Centre.

Dr. John Smith Hislop, M.A., D.Ed.,

President, Board of Trustees,

Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation, California.

Vice President, Californa City Development Co., 5512 Hollywood Blvd. California, U.S.A.

         What an amazing and extraordinary life is yours!

         At the very top, the noblest task possible in life is that of guiding men to the Path of liberation and illumination. And this you do. How few men can truly help others— and of those and of all the world what a mere handful do.

         To you, Guruji, for your action in life goes all reverence and all honor. I hold you to be one of the truly great men of the world.

          At the moment, the dominant treasure I carry from your Island of Light is the growing perception of Aaicca in all formations.

         As I contemplated Anicca, I gave thanks to yourself, to Buddha, and to the devas and brahmas who implement His protection. And each day I salute the genius that points out the freeing fact of Anicca.

His Excellancy Mr. Eliashv Ben-Horin,

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for Israel, Burma.

          I doubt whether an ordinary being can point to so many periods in his lifetime that further his inner development as much as these ten brief days under your guidance. No doubt due to my insufficient Parami, my achievement here may have fallen somewhat short of what it could have been. By perseverance I hope, however, to improve. And I already take back with me considerable added strength and composure.

          You yourself are the finest example of what you set out to obtain in your pupils. Your wisdom, your tolerance and patience, and your deep, loving devotion leave a profound impact on the personality of those who come and sit at your feet. To yourself and to your dedicated helpers goes my true gratefulness.


Lecturer in Pali and Sanskrit Buddhism,

School of Oriental and African Studies,

University of London, U.K.

          Words are not adequate to express my gratitude for the great blessings I have received from you. It was some good destiny that guided me to your feet. for I had not planned this visit.Perhaps it was your own loving kindness that brought me here! In the endless cycles of birth and death a week or two in the search of Nibbana is not even a drop in the ocean! And yet, sir, when the Samhkharas of this body fail, I shall have only these few moments, the most noble ones of my life, to sustain me till I reach the final goal! May this seed grow within me in the form of bodhi!

         It is very painful to depart from this blessed place after living under your loving care and constant guidance. I shall be carrying with me many many sweet memories, but Gurugyi, I shall forever be praying for your unfailing noble presence which alone gives strength and confidence to my feeble mind.

Mr. Robert H. Hover,

Mechanical Engineer and Research Specialist,

(Missile and Space Craft Industry)

14713, So La Mesa Drive, La Mirada, California, U.S.A.

          Guruji Ba Khin is a giant in the world today—remarkable and singular. He is a master teacher, a master of his subject, a master in direct practical day-by-day application of his enormous power in National Government. His great gift, to those who will listen and do, is what man needs most—control of the mind and of the mental forces. This great gift is made all the greater because it is truly given. He has single handedly seeded, and is nurturing that long-sought annal between religion and science—the development of the Natural Human.

         To the technically trained: listen to Guruji as you would to a Poet, for meaning—do not dissect his words. They are the language of his specialty.

          For your priceless gift to me of Anicca, Guruji, for your continual example of great kindness and inspiration of steadfastness, I am indebted to you for the rest of my lives.

          May the skies henceforth be fair and bright over your Island of Peace.

Mrs. Beulah C. Smith,

475, A.Avenue, Coronado, California, U.S.A.

          Sayagyi's gift or power and his utter devotion to its dispensation—together with the tireless efforts of the entire group in behalf of the comfort, well being and development of the aspirant give the word "dedication" new meaning. For the privilege of taking the course and the many blessings received, I shall always be deeply grateful.

Mrs. Hislop,

C/o Dr. J. S. Hislop, M.A., D.Ed., 1803 N. Van Ness, Hollywood 28, L.A. California, U.S.A.

         How will it be possible to thank you for what you have done—for your tolerence, patience and kindness.

          If my case had not been so complicated and I not so unprepared for your guidance, it could have been easier for you. Even so, in the few weeks of my stay here, I have been able to experience :—the steadiness of Anapana, the constant coming into being and disintegration of Rupa (Anicca), the intense (almost life taking) pain of Dukkha, the indescribable refreshing coolness of Peace.

         The essence, the living part of Buddhism, I have lived and for this I owe to you, Guruji, the only one in the world who can teach it.

         All these have to be experienced, to be appreciated—otherwise it will fall into the category of words.

Miss Evelyn Sedlachek, 2072, Makiki Place, Honolulu, Hawaii.

          After travelling to so many countries and seeing the condition of their natures and the religions they do embrace, You are the great column of light, strength and purity on this universe.

          I want to thank you and yours for your loving-kindness and deep compassion you have given to us.

Mrs. Allysen Preston.

3761, Round Top, Qr., Honolulu, 14, Hawaii.

         Words cannot express, Sayaji, what you have done for me. The deep longing I have had all of my life to know, it has been satisfied.

         You are doing the highest work that one can do, that of releasing his fellowmen from suffering.

          May all who aid you be blessed.

Mr. Anthony Brooke,

Rajah Muda of the former independent state of Sarawak.

          For the past 3 years my pattern of life has been to meet and talk with individuals and small groups of sincere and concerned people all over the world in the search for insight into the problem of the ordinary person's ineffectiveness—of his need to find a quality of power, which would be his source of inspired activity and which would make him not only an effective force in day to day affairs but which would equip him to make a notable contribution to human welfare and world peace. Since the individual can communicate nothing that he has not first discovered for himself, I was attracted by the international character and reputation of your Centre to come to obtain a discipline of meditation.

          Here, Sayagyi, you have in this short time awakened me dramatically to a consciousness of that very "Power Within", which some religions speak about but generally fail to communicate. You have convinced me that this Power is a Natural Power, stemming from ever present awareness of the truth of the atomic forces operating in the body and mind of man. You have also convinced me—or perhaps I should say that my own experience has convinced me—that deliberately endured suffering can lead to the acquisition of a powerful and radiant energy in which disease can find no resting place and which is capable of dispelling even the dreaded effect of atomic radiation, such as Strontium 90. As one of your grateful students, I would like to help verify this claim.

         Your indefatigable work here, and your own supremely dedicated and inspiring example, is a challenge not only to orthodox religionists and medical scientists (by reason of the variety of different diseases which vanish as if miraculously during the course of meditation) but to all who recognise that our major ills in personal and international life stem from ignorance, wrong morality, and the misdirection of power.

          Finally, I leave with a firm resolve to keep Anicca as the dominant force in my life: to apply it to all thoughts, sensations and situations—and to return for more training as soon as possible.

Mrs. Ruth Denison (with Mr. Denison)

2697, Creston Dr., Hollywood, California, U.S.A

          At the hour of my departure I simply like to express my deepest thanks to you in this. I feel like a ship having received ancor for its voyage. My meditation experience at your place was the most profound and revolutionary one for my innerself ever I shall remember and carry it in me all my life. I hope to return another time.

Dr. Simon Auster,

1607, 34th Street. N.W., Washington 7, DC, U.S.A.,

          Wisdom is rare, but there is wisdom here.

Mr. Halden Landie,

Real Estate Salesman & Building Contractor,

2528, York Avenue, Vancouver 9, B.C., Canada.

         We found truth here, absolute truth and people living and proving it in their every-day life.

The truth taught here by our Great Sayagyi gives one the ability to be reborn into reality—a Revelation to hold.

          It is my hopeful desire to retain and take with me the reverence of the Divine nature and the serenity that is really here. May we be worthy students of our remarkable Teacher Sayagyi.

For your greatness so humbly disseminated we are reverently grateful.

Mrs. Foerlla Landie,

(for Honolulu) 3761, Round Top Drive, Honolulu 14, Hawaii.

          The time has come for us to leave this Haven where Truth is found. It is as though we have been sojourning on a more enlightened planet, and the beings here.. just as one would expect to find in a world of highest degree.

         We take with us the priceless gift of Anicca, and it will be our mainstay throughout the balance of life.

          They speak about "The Go'den Age a million years from now", but we could have it here to-day, if the people of the world were to follow your teachings.

          For what you were, what you are, and what you will be, in all reverence I bow to you, Sayagyi.

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