Buddhism For Younger Generations

Venerable U Nyanika

A Guide to Buddhist Morals

Venerable U Panna Dipa

Sunday Dhamma

Venerable Dhammarakkhita





Sunday Dhamma

Homage to the Buddha

Weekly Lessons
1. The Buddha and Triple Gems 12. Prince Siddhatta, Enlightenment, Son Rahula
2. Bowing Down and Dukkha 13. In the Beginning/ 31 Planes of Existence
3. The Five Precepts and the Ghosts and Spirits

14. Past Lives/ Jataka Tales

4. Metta - Loving Kindness

15. Shrines/ Symbols

5. Vipassana Meditation 1

16. Patiencece/ Meditation

6. Vipassana Meditation 2

17. Tolerance/ Buddhism for Students

7. The Sangha

18. Independence Day/ Buddhist Characters

8. The Bhikkhunis/ Thilashins

19. More Buddhist Characters

9. The Four Noble Truths

20. Buddhanusati, Dhammanusati, Sanghanusati

10. Theravada Buddhism/ Four Elements/ Mangala Sutta

21. Sunday Dhamma Revisions

11. Nama Rupa/ Anicca, Dukkha, & Anatta

22. The Buddhist Pilgrimage

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