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The International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, 1998

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           Sayadaw Bhaddanta Agga Dhamma


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Dr. Asaba


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Asapha


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Canda Siri


           Sayadaw Bhaddanta Gunavamsa


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Dr. Jagarabhivamsa


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Jayanta


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Khemeinda


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Kovida


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Nandavamsa


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Naninda


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Ottama


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Pannavamsa


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Pannavamsa


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Pupapharama

          Sri Lanka

          Bhaddanta Revata


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Dr. Rewata Dhamma


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Silanandabhivamsa


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Sobhana


          Sayadaw Sumanasagara

          Sri Lanka

          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Sundara


          Sayadaw Bhaddanta Tilokasiri


          Bhaddanta Vamsapala


          Bhaddanta Vajiya Buddhi




           - Sayadaw U Agga Dhamma

           Sasana registration No.

           - 12/MYK (11) 000432


           - U Aindaka Gyi, Daw Nwan

           Date of birth

           - 12th Waning moon of Pyatho, 1301, Sunday


           - Pan Lin Village, Pin Lon Township, Southern Shan State.

           Age of Novitiation

           - 11 years

           Mentor Monk

           - U Kesara

           Place of Study

           - Kan Gyi Pariyatti Centre, Nyaung Shwe.

           Date of Ordination

           - 3rd Waxing moon of Kasone

           Age of Ordination

           - 20 years

           Preceptor Monk

- Agga Maha Pandita, Abhidhaja Maha Ratha Guru, Abhidhaja Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika U Vimala Bhivamsa, Patriarch of Shwe Gym Sect, Presiding Sayadaw of Kan Gyi Pariyatti Centre.

           Place of ordination

           - Khanda Sima (Ordination Hall).
Pan Lin Monastery, Pan Lin Village.


           - Government Dhamma Cariya
B.A. (Rangoon Arts and Science University)

           Posts held

- (i) Teaching Pariyatti at Kan Gyi Pariyatti Centre Nyaung Shwe, for 5 years.
(ii) Member of Compilation Board of Jambhu Dipa Tipitaka Pali and Burmese Dictionary Board, for 15 years, residing at Jambhu Dipa Hall, Kaba Aye.

           Patipatti experience (1982)

          Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha,
16, Sasana Yeiktha Road, Bahan, Yangon.

           Missionary works

           - At the invitation of Buddhists of Penang Malaysia, has resided at Malaysia Since 3rd January 1985 doing Theravada Buddhist Missionary works ever since.


           Myanmar, Pali, English, Thai, Malay, Hokkien, Chinese.


           Pa-O, Shan.

Agga Maha Kamatthanaacariya

           Age 87 Vasa 76

           Born of Father U Po An and Mother Daw Pyaung of Kyun Hla village in Yeyzagyo Township, Magwe Division, on 7th waxing moon of Waso M.E 1273 (A.D. 1911).

           He was ordained in M.E 1292 (A.D. 1931) at the age of 20.

           He received his education from Sayadaw of Maha Visutarama Monastery, Pakokku Township, Sayadaws of Mandalay and Yangon and Abhidhammaparagu Sayadaws of Amarapura. He passed Government Dhammacariya Examination. Maha Chulalonkorn Buddhist Univershity, Bangkok conferred on him honorary Doctorate Degree (Kamahtana Vipassana).

           He compiled treatises, Patipattaya Kye Mon, The way to practise Vipassana, Padesasamo pasakawpakahta, Basic Vipassana Practice, and Vipassana Dipanitika.

           From 1953 to 1963 (10 years) he instructed on the practice of Kamahtan (meditation) at Sao Maha Dhat Monastery, Bangkok. Since 1963 he opened at Chunburi monastery Mahasi meditation centre and he has been instructing on meditation. The centre has the yearly attendance of over one thousand Sangha, over one thousand laymen and over fifty foreigners.

           On January 4th 1993, the Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred upon him the religious title of Agga Maha Kamatthanaacariya


           Sayadaw U Asapha was born at Ma-U-Pin village, Sagaing Division, and went to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, in 1945. He became abbot of Wat Simon Burmese Monastery in 1948. This monastery was built by Myanmar soldiers in 1726 and since then the Myanmar Sayadaws have resided there. Sayadaw U Asapha, a compassionate monk, is the eighth abbot of this monastery. Because of his efforts this monastery has been developed with one Buddha chapel, four meditation halls and two residential quarters for monks.

           The Sayadaw is very active for the sake of Dhamma working, not only for his own monastery but also for many other monasteries; recently, for example, he has been helping to establish a Burmese monastery in Singapore.

Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja

           Age 90; Vasa 70

           Born of Father U Aung Zan U and Mother Daw Hnin Pyu of Sittway, Rakhine State on Tuesday, the 12 Waxing moon of Thidingyut M.E 1270 (A.D. 1908).

           He was ordained in M.E 1290 (AD. 1928) in Khanda Ordination Hall at Zedi Yen Monastery Hpayaung Cheik Township, Rakhine State, with Sayadaw U Sobhita as his Preceptar.

           He received his Pariyatti education from Thandwe Sayadaw of Hpayaung cheik Township, Lama Sayadaw U Uttama of Buthi Taung Township Kyaung Kyi Kyaung Sayadaw U Ketumla of Maung Taw Township, Sayadaws of Maha Vijayayama Taik of Pakokku Township and Agga Maha Pandita U Narada of Phaya Gyi Taik, Mandalay. He completed learning all religious books and treatises prescribed.

           From M.E 1316 (A.D. 1954) to M.E 1343 (A.D. 1981) he gave lectures on the method of preaching the Dhamma to over 70 monks and over 50 laymen at Taung Pu Lu Monastery and Hlaing Tet Dhamma Yeiktha in Thazi Township. He established Taung Pu Lu Dhamma Yeiktha in California, U.S.A. It took him 11 years to do it. For 38 years he had taught Buddhism and meditation to foreigners. Over 50 of them became Buddhist converts.

           In 1995 the Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred upon him the religious title Agga Maha Saddhama Jotikadhaja.


Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja

           Age 70; Vasa 51

           Born of Father U Ngwe Hmin and Mother Daw Aye Tin, Thazi Village near Thaung Twing Kon town, Taungoo District, Pago Division on Monday the 6th waning moon of Tazaungmoon M.E 1289 (A.D. 1927).

           He was ordained on 15 waxing moon of Tabodwe M.E 1308 (A.D 1946) with Sayadaw U Tayeinda of Sasanavepulla Monastery at Padank Khin Village, Ok Twin Township, Pago Division as his Preceptor.

           He received his education in Pariyatti from Sayadaw U Sasana of Ywa U Monastery, Thazi village, Sayadaw U Tayeinde of Sasanavepulla Monastery, Nyaung Lan Tawya Branch, Padauk Khin village, Ok Twin Township, and the Third Padana Nayaka Sayadaw U Nayaka of Nyaung Lun Tawya Monastery. He passed Dhammacariya Examination.

           He was an assistant lecturer of Pariyatti at Nyaung Lun Tawya Monastery. In 1953, the Government of the Union of Myanmar, Buddhist mission for the Hill Region sent him to Assam, India. Among nine missionary monks who were sent there, he is the only one who survives all dangers and hardships. For 41 years he has been converting many to Buddhism. He teaches the children Myanmar language and literature. He ordained 15 monks and initiated 35 novices into the Buddhist Order. He built in Assam two Pagodas and nine monasteries. Animists who practise the rite of animal sacrifices were converted to Buddhism and made to serve the Sasana duties.

           The Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred upon him the religious title Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja in 1995.


(Agga Maha Pandita)

           Age 73; Vasa 54

           Born of Father U Tet Toe and Mother Daw Khin Sein of Kyi Hpyu village, Minhla Township, Thayawaddy District, Bago Division, on 11, August 1925.

           He was ordained in the month of Tabaung M.E 1306 (A.D 1944) with Sayadaw Bhaddanta Tikkha of Aweiya Tawya Monastery as his Preceptor. His parents were donors.

           He learnt Pitaka from Sayadaw Baddhanta Uttama of Kyi Hpyu Ywa Kyaung, Oh The Gon Township. Sayadaw Baddhanta Vijaya of Phaya Gyi Kyaung Taik, Ukan Township, Sayadaw Baddhanta Buddhapiya of Nandawun Pali Takkatho Kyaung Taik, Tamwe Township, Yangon, Sayadaw U Kye of Phaya Gyi Kyaung Taik, Mandalay, Sayadaw Baddhanta Sobhita of Lay Kyun Chan Tha Recluse, Sagaing Hills, and Sayadaws of Maha Visutarama Taik, Pakokku Township.

           He passed Government Dhammacariya Examination, Set Kya Thiha Examination, and Cetiyangama Examination. He also obtained Doctorate degree from Nalanda University, India.

           For over twenty years he lectured at Nalanda University, India, on Pali, Athakatha, Tika, and treatises. He completed Jain Abhidhamma of the Buddha Period.

           At Nalanda University he was a Pali Lecturer, delivering Buddhist lectures in Hindi and English. He translated the selected Buddhist literature into Myanmar from Indian literature. He is now residing in Sydney, Australia, preaching Buddha Dhamma in English and propagating Buddha Sasana. His moral character, high education and tolerance have won respect and regard of foreigners.

           In 1993 the Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred upon him the religious title Agga Maha Pandita.


Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja

           Age 92, Vasa 73

           Born of Father U Po Toke, and Mother Daw Kyone of Ywangan Township Sothern Shan State, on the 7th waxing moon of Nayon, M.E 1268 (A.D. 1906).

           He was ordained on first waning moon of M.E 1287 (A.D. 1925) with Sayadaw of Shwe Pyint Lin Monastery of Ywangan Township as his Preceptor.

           He is taking care of Myanmar Monastery in Rajagaha Township, India and carrying out missionary works. He is a part time Member of the Executive Committee of Paradesi Sangha (India).

           The Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred on him the religious title "Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja on 4 January 1993.


           Age 76 Vasa 55

           Born of Father U Ba Sein and Mother Daw Sein Hman of Ngwe Hlan quarter, Taungoo Town on Monday 11 waxing moon of Nayon ME 1284 (1922).

           In 1939 he passed the Anglo-Vernacular ten standard examination from St. Lukes Mission High School, Taungoo with distinction in Mathematics. He received certificates in book keeping correspondence and typewriting from Swami's Business College Yangon. In 1941 he passed Burma Railways signalling Examination.

           He was ordained on the fullmoon day of Kason M.E 1305 (1943) at Nget Pyaw Taw Sima, Ngwe Hlan Quarter, Taungoo Town, with Sayadaw U Kethala as his Preceptor.

           From 1946 to 1955 he learned Pitaka literature at Abayayama Shwe Gu Kyaung Taik, Seinban quarter Mandalay. In 1955 he received the religion title Sasanadazasiripavara Dhammacariya from Dhekhinayama Pali Tekkatho, Mandalay.

           In 1957 he went to Japan with Myingyan Sayadaw, the Chairman of Sanghanayaka and built and consecrated Kaba Aye Zedi Taw Kyaung Taik Monastery and Ordination Hall.

           On 28 March 1992 the Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred upon him the religious title Agga Maha Pandita. During the 42 years of his residence in Japan, he has supported Buddha Sasana by donating 50 tons of printing papers from Holland (worth 4 million yen) a Toyota commuter car and other ten cars including Saloon and fire brigade cars to Myanmar.

           Now he has been planning to send to Myanmar 150 tons of printing papers (worth 12 million yen) for the publication of Tipitaka and Saloon cars, firebrigade cars and hospital cars for the Sasana Tekkatho.

(Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja)

           Age 73, Vasa 53

           Born of Father U Tha Saing and Mother Daw Chit of Ngnet Pyaw Taw village, Nyaung Lei Pin Township, Pegu Division, on 6 the waxing moon of Tabodwe M.E 1287 (A.D. 1925).

           On 4th waxing moon of Nayon M.E 1307 (A.D. 1945) he was ordained with Sayadaw Baddhanta Kosala of Ngnet Pyaw Taw Monastery as his Preceptor.

           He received from Sayadaw and Dhamma Kahtika Sayadaws of Ngnet Pyaw Tan Monastery, education in basic Pariyatti literature. Later he received higher Pariyatti learning from Sayadaws of Taw Wi Phayagyi Monastery, Mangala Theikpan Monastery, Bago, Bakaya Tawya Pali Tekkatho Monastery, Yangon, and Myin Wun Mingyi Taik, Mandalay, he passed Government Dhammacariya Examination and National Pariyatti Examination.

           In M.E 1316 (A.D. 1945) he was a member of the Committee of the Sixth Buddhist Council Pali Visodaka. In M.E 1317 (A.D. 1955) he went to Assam Province in India to carry out the propagation of the Dhamma at Nampake Monastery in Namakhahtiya Township in Dibaguga District.

           There he converted Assamese Shans, Kachins and Nagas to Buddhism. In 1972 he moved to Calculata and taught Myanmar language and literature at the Department of Myanmar, University of Calcutta. He instructed his lay disciples on the method of patipatti practice. He compiled two treatises Satu Phatu Samuha and the Method of Teaching Myanmar Literature.

           The Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred upon him the religious title Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja on 4 January 1994.


           Age 62, Vasa 42

           Born of Father U Pu, and Mother Daw Saw Mya of Zeya Thain village, Lei Wei Township, Mandalay Division on 26th December 1936.

           He was ordained on 14 May 1956 with Baddhanta Letkhana, Sayadaw of Min Wei Taung, Pyaw Bwe Township, as his Preceptor.

           As a novice he learnt from Sayadaw of Zeya Thein Monastery Lei Wei Township, Pariyatti education and he passed the Pahtamagyi class examination. He continued his religious education at Mokaung Taik Monastery, Mandalay and Maha Thizanawdaya Recluse at the Sagaing Hills and passed Dhammacariya Examination.

           He lectures Pariyatti at Zeya Thein Monastery Lei Wei Township which is his native place. He opens Vipassana meditation centres at Mogok Vipassana Dhamma Yeik Tha of Kheymuthiwun Monastery, Pyinmana Township. He performed as a Paripatt preacher of the Dhamma.

           At the request of foreign missionary Sayadaw Baddhanta Panna Thiri Nanda, he left Myanmar on 23 May 1987 to reside at the Theravada Buddhist missionary Monastery at Toronto, Canada. Since then he has been carrying out missionary works at the said monastery.

(Revised Autobiography)

(Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja)

           Age 63, Vasa 43

           Born of Father U Bo Gyi and Mother Daw Pu of Nagat Kyi village, Kyan Khin Township, Ayeyarwaddy Division on 13th waxing moon of Nattaw M.E 1297 (A.D. 1935).

           He was ordained on the 8th waxing moon of Tazaungmon M.E 1317 (A.D. 1955) with Sayadaw Baddhanta Sila of Shwe Maw Daw Monastery, Shwe Taung Township as his Preceptor.

           He received his education from the lecturing Sayadaws of Jotikayon Pali Tetkatho monastery Pyay Township, until he passed the pahtamagyi Examination. Then he resided in the Panna Zeyyone monastery, Yangon until he passed the Matriculation Examination. Then he went to India and he passed Paliacariya class at Nalanda University and B.A. (Pali). At Pan Sun village, Yey Nu Township, Assam Province, India, he taught Shans, Kachins, Jinpaws, and Nagas Myanmar literature, basic Theravada Buddhism, basic Paramathasanki and Buddha Abhldhamma.

           Assigned by the Buddha Sasana Council of Kaba Aye Hill, he carried out for 13 years Buddhist missionary works at Pan Sun village, Yey Nu Township, Assam. In 1976 he took charge of Myanmar Monastery at Budhgaya. He was the Chairman of International Buddhist Society. Every year he lectured American students of Buddhism on Buddha Abhidhamma and gave talks and held discussions on Myanmar culture and Buddhism for those from different parts of the world who took interest in such subjects. He was assigned by State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee of Myanmar to chair Paradesi Sangha Nayaka Committee of India.

           He had compiled and published five books in English on Buddhism, five books in Hindi and three books in Bengal on the same subject.

           The Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred upon him the religious title Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja on the 4th January 1994.

(Abhidaja Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika)

           Age 86, Vasa 69

           Born of Father U Naing Ngo and Mother Daw Kaung Htaw on Sunday the 6th waxing moon of Tabaung M.E 1274 (A.D. 1912).

           He was ordained on the 5th waxing moon of Kason M.E 1295 (A.D. 1933) at Khanda Sima of Kelasa Temple, La maing village, Ye Township with Sayadaw Buddhanta Ketu Mala as Preceptor.

           He learnt basic Pitaka literature from Sayadaw Baddhanta Nadasara of Maw Kanin village monastery. He further pursued religious education under the guidance of Baddhanta Eindasara of Palike Monastery, Pa Nga village, Thanbyu Zayat Township, Baddhanta Thiri Dhamma, Sayadaw of Ka Tun Monastery, Baddhanta Visaguda Sayadaw of Htan Kana Monastery, Baddhanta Vijiya, Sayadaw of Go Yo Temple monastery, and Baddhanta Kalaya, Sayadaw of Kada Monastery, Paung Township. He passed Governmental Pahtamalat examination.

           He lectured at Yo Yo Monastery, Maw Kanin new monastery, and old Saw Kha dei monastery. Then he went to Thailand and resided there as a forest recluse. While practising Vipassana, he wrote religious treatises in Thai. Since the year M.E 1352 (A.D. 1990) he has been holding Pali examination in Thailand. He built 50 monasteries, 80 zedis, 9 Visugama Ordination Halls, 10 hospitals of each 50 bed-capacity, 2 primary schools, and Suvannagini Monastery and a 60 bed-hospital at three Pagodas Pass on Myanmar side.

           His Majesty the King of Thailand conferred upon him many religious titles, such as Sasana Administrator (Township level), Therasamagama Kammakar (Viniciya Department), Raja Guruganavasaka,

           Raja Guru Uttamaganavasaka, Gurusami Uttama sanvara Thera, Gurasami Raja Uttama Manyala Bahalanaradara Maha. Head of Sasana of Sri Lanka conferred on him Ekhara Pandita. The Government of the Union of Myanmar in 1997 conferred upon him the title of Abhidaja Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika.


           Age 77, Vasa 58

           Born of Father U Ni and Mother Daw Meima Nyo on 10, waning moon of Thadingyut ME 1285 (A.D. 1921).

           He was ordained on the Fullmoon day of First Wazo at 1.35 noon M.E 1303 (A.D. 1941) with Sayadaw Baddhanta Yakaya of Shuhtay Kyaung in Sittway Township as his Preceptor.

           He received his religious education from the Sayadaws of Naga Chaung Monastery, Ahtet Hpyu Ma Monastery in Maung Taw Township Sayadaw U Vigukahta of Maha Razikayon Monastery, Sangyaung, Yangon, and U Thuseiktiku lecturing monk. He meditated at Sunlun Vipassana Yeiktha, Yangon.

           While residing at Vizitayon Monastery at Bago he preached the Dhamma and one Chineseman and an Indian family became Buddhist. In M.E 1319 (A.D. 1957) at the invitation of his supporters and donors he went to Bangladesh . Since then he has been residing In Than Hpyu Kyaung monastery, Nila village, Tetkhanat Township, Cox Bazaar District and propagating the Buddha Dhamma.

(Agga Maha Pandita, Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja)

           Age 75 (DOB=10-Jan-1928), Vasa 50

           Born of Father U Ba Tu and Mother Daw Kyi of Kyone Twin Hsin Ku village, Wakhema Township, Ayeyawaddy Division, on Thursday 10 January 1928.

           He was ordained on 16, April 1948 with Singu Kyaung Sayadaw as his Preceptor.

           He learnt Pariyatti from Kyin Taing Hsin Ku Kyey Ywa Kyaung Sayadaw, Wakhema Township, Lecturing Sayadaws of Sadhamma Pariyatti Pali Tekatho, Nyaungdon Township, and Nayaka Lecturing Sayadaws of Masoyeing Taik, Mandalay. He passed Sudhamma lecturership examination, Nyaungdon and Government Dhamma cariya Examination. He received the religious title "Sasanadaja Siripavara Dhammacariya".

           He taught Buddhist philosophy and literature to the monks and novices at Popa Monastery in Nyaungdon Masoyein Taik in Mandalay and Aung Mingala Theidi Sarthin Taik in Yangon. He was lecturer in Abhidhamma at the University of Oriental Studies, U.S.A. He wrote books on Buddhism in English for foreigners. In 1954 he started the missionary work in Co Co Island. Then he extended his missionary work to Andaman Island. In Sri Lanka he studied languages. In 1961 he took the charge of Buddhist mission for the Tamil Buddhists in Southern India.

           He built Myanmar Monasteries in Los Angeles in U.S.A., Sydney in Australia, Toronto in Canada, and Singapore. He founded Buddhist Association in Malaysia. He is the adviser to Buddha Sasana Affairs in Penang, Pusaka Sayadaw of Malaysia Buddhist Examination, Lecturer in Buddha Abhidhamma at the University of Oriental Studies, Los Angles, California, U.S.A., and Vice Chairman of Buddha Sasana Council in California. He founded Sunday Schools throughout the world.

           In 1994 the Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred on him the religions title Agga Maha Pandita and in 1998 Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja.


           Age 79 Vasa 59

           Born of Father U Aung Kyaw and Mother Daw Su of Hpa Auk village, Mudon Township, Mon State, on Thursday 13 waning moon of Nattaw M.E 1281 (A.D. 1919).

           At the age of 18 he become a novice at Hpa Auk Tawya Kheymika Theikpan Monastery with Sayadaw U Sandima as his mentor.

           On 13 waxing moon of Dutiya wazo M.E 1301 (A.D. 1939) he was ordained with Sayadaw U Sandima as his Preceptor.

           He received religious education from the learned Sayadaws of Hpa Auk Tawya Kheymika Theikpan Monastery, Aung Myey Shwe Bon (Dhammikama) Monastery, Mandalay, Pathana Sayadaw Agga Maha Pandita U Narada of Yangon, Sayadaws of Pali Tekkatho Kyaung Taik, Nyaungdon, and Chauk Htat Kyi Phaya Gyi Kyaung Taik. He completed all prescribed courses in Pali, Athakatha and religious treatises.

           While learning, he lectured classes of Pariyatti pupils. He was also Dhamma Lecturer at Pha Auk Tawya Kheymiko Theikpan Monastery, Mudon Township. While serving as the Abbot of Dhamma Rakhita Kyaung at Baphathun village, Mindon Township, he taught Pariyatti to his monk pupils.

           Now he is the Ovadacariya Sayadaw of Makutarama Myanmar Monasteries in Colombo, Kandy, and Anuradapura in Sri Lanka.

           He preached the Buddha Dhamma to Sri Lankans and other foreigners in Sri Lanka. He made preaching tours to India, Nepal, Thailand and Singapore and propagated Buddha Sasana.

           Since his residence at Myanmar Monastery in Anuradapura in 1981 till today, he has been making all efforts for the survival of Myanmar Monasteries in Sri Lanka.



           - Ashin Revata


           - U Hoke Sein, Daw Mon Ti

           Date and place of birth

           - 21-9-1955
(5th waxing Moon of Taw ThaLin, 1317) in San Ywe Dan Road, Thone Ze, Thayarwaddy.


           - 1961 - 67 State Primary School, Magyi Kone
1967 - 74 State High School, Thone Ze
1974 Matriculated with distinctions in Chemistry and Mathematics
1975 - 76 Attended Correspondence course Majoring in Physics, Yangon University. Passed the first year with distinctions in Physics and Botany. Passed the second year with distinction in Physics, and the third year with distinction in Chemistry.
Graduated in April 1980

           Jobs held

           Volunteer teacher, 1980 - 81 in Kyun-Taw-Kone Village, Taik Kyl Township, Yangon Division. Taught Mathematics and English to fifth, sixth and seventh standard Students.

           Date of Noviciation

           30-3-1983 (2nd Waning moon of Tabaung, 1344)

           Mentor Monk

           U Panna Vamsa, In-gyin Myaing Sayadaw, Taik Kyi Township.

           Date of Ordainment

           3rd Waning moon of Tabaung, 1344 at 2:25 PM at Payagyi Monastery, Khanda Sima, Oak-kan, Taikkyi Township.

           Preceptor Monk

          Bhaddanta Vijaya

          Places of Residence

           11-4-1983 to 24-6-1984 at Moung Htoung Monastery, Thone Ze, during which Ashin Revata did Patipatti practice at Nyaung Kan Aye Sasana Yeiktha, Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha, Taung Pulu Taw-Ya, Kyauk Sin Taw Ya.

           Starting from 24-6-1984, Ashin Revata has followed Pariyatti and Patipatti works under the guidance of Chan Mye Sayadaw,' residing at Chan Mye Yeiktha, Kaba Aye, Mayangone, Yangon. At the invitation of Vipassana Meditation Centre of Thailand, Ashin Revata followed Chan Mye Sayadaw to Thailand from 1 3-11-91 to 5-1 -92. Ashin Revata visited the commencement ceremony of Lumbini Vipassana Centre and Holy Relics exhibition at Pu San, South Korea, in March 1995.

           He visited Japan, the U.S., Canada, Nepal, and India in October 1995 at the invitation of Mr. Suzuki, President of Japanese Theravada Buddhist Society, and also visited Malaysia in August 1996 to promote Theravada Buddhism at the invitation of Subang Jaya Buddhist Association.

           There, Ashin Revata delivered courses on Metta bhavana, Vipassana bhavana, Suttanta recitations, and delivered lectures at some Buddhist Societies in Malaysia.

           Ashin Revata also novitiated and delivered 10 day retreats for Myanmar Buddhist youth in Malaysia

Venerable Dr. Rewata Dhamma

           Venerable Dr. Rewata Dhamma was born and ordained as a monk in Myanmar. He studied Pali and Theravada Buddhism under various eminent monk-scholars in Yangon and Mandalay and obtained the highest examination in Theravada Buddhism; at the age of 23 the President of Myanmar awarded him the title of Sasanadhaja Siripavaradhammacariya in 1953. In 1956 the Government of the Union of Myanmar sent him to India to study Sanskrit and Hindi at the Benares Hindu University. He also studied Mahayana Buddhism and pre-Buddhist thought at the Sanskrit University of Varanasi. He obtained an MA. degree in Sanskrit in 1964 and a Ph.D. in 1967 from Benares Hindu University.

           Ven. Dr. Rewata Dhamma worked as a honorary lecturer at both universities in Varanasi. The Sanskrit University of Varanasi also appointed him as the Chief Editor to compile the Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Technical Terms. During his stay in India, he was also engaged in writing, translating and editing several Buddhist texts. Most of his works were published by the Sanskrit University of Varanasi. One of his works, the Hindi commentary on the Abhidhammatthasangaha was selected as one of the outstanding books of 1967 by the Hindi Academy, so that the government of UP. awarded him the Kalidasa Prize for it. His books are selected as textbooks in Buddhist learning at many Indian Universities.

           In 1975 he came to England at the invitation of the Buddhist Association of Birmingham. His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, the head of the Karma-Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, appointed him as the Spiritual Director of the West Midlands Buddhist Centre in Birmingham. Ven. Dr. Rewata Dhamma established this Buddhist Centre and later a Buddhist Vihara also in Birmingham. Since then he has lived in Birmingham and conducted meditation retreats and taught Abhidhamma all over the U.K., Europe and the U.S.A. including in several universities, colleges and schools. In 1982 Birmingham University appointed him as a member of the University Court.

           Ven. Dr. Rewata Dhamma is a meditation master and one of the leading Buddhist scholar monks. He acts as Spiritual Director of the Britain-Burma Buddhist Association, Isle of Man Buddhist Group, as well as of his own Vihara, and is a patron of Birmingham Inter-Faith Council and has attended many international conferences. Recently, Ven. Dr. Rewata Dhamma was invited by the United Nations University to a conference in Bangkok to discuss the establishment of a desirable society. On this occasion he contributed a paper entitled 'Towards a Better Society — A Buddhist Perspective" which was widely appreciated.

(Sasanadhajasiripavara Dhammacariya, Agga Maha Pandita)

           Age 71, Vasa 51

           Born of Father Wunna Kyaw Htin Saya Saing, Myanmar architect and Mother Daw Hmon of Sadeiktan quarter, Mandalay on Friday 8 Waning moon of Nattaw M.E 1289 (16-12-1927).

           He became a novice named Shin Silananda on 10 waxing moon of Wazo M.E 1305 (1943) at Mahavizodaya Recluse, Sagaing Hills, with Vizodaya Sayadaw U Pannavamsa as his Preceptor,.

           He was ordained on Wednesday Fullmoon day of Wazo, M.E 1309 (2-7-1947) with Vizodaya Sayadaw U Pannavamsa as his Preceptor.

           He was reordained in M.E 1309 (1950) at Yangon and the supporter donor was Daw Tin and again reordained in M.E 1311 (1950) at Kyaung Taw Ya, Shwe Kyin Taik. U Ba Thein and Daw Ngwe Saw, rice merchants were his supporter donors.

           In his younger days he had attended Kelly High school run by Christian Missionaries, in Mandalay. As a novice and junior monk he received religious education from the reputed Sayadaws of Sagaing Hills and Mandalay.

           He passed Pali Pahtamange Examination in 1946, Pahtamalat Examination in 1947 and Pahtamagyi Examination in 1948, standing good positions in the order of merit. In 1954 he received the religious title Sasanadajathiripavaradhammacariya and in 1954 Sakyathiha Dhammacariya (Pariyatti sasanahita Dhammacariya).

           In 1954 he went to Sri Lanka and sat for the London G.C.E examination which he passed with distinction in Pali and Sanskrit.

           He was a lecturer at Atisudayon Pali Tekkatho in Sagaing Hills. He taught at Abayayama Shwe Gu Taik in Mandalay, Pali, Athakatha, Tika, Sanskrit, He is the examiner for B.A and M.A candidates in the Department of Oriental Studies, Mandalay University.

           He was one of the Editorial Board Members for the sixth Buddhist Synod of 1954. He was the Nayaka of the Committee for compiling Pali-Myanmar Dictionary sponsored by Buddha Sasana Council.

           In 1960 when Mahavizodaya Sayadaw passed away, he succeeded him as the Abbot. In 1969, he took the charge of assistant Abbot of Abayayama Shwe Gu Taik, Mandalay. Now he is the Abbot of the said Kyaung Taik.

           Since 1959 he has been carrying out Buddhist missionary works in Asian, Euopean countries and USA.

           In 1979 when Mahasi Sayadaw made a missionary tour in USA, at the request of Buddhist devotees of San Francisco and surrounding towns, U Kelasa and U Silananda were stationed there with missionary assignment.

           He opened classes for basic Buddhism, Abhidhamma, Visudimagga, Suttanta and Dhammapada Athakatha and he lectured on these subjects in English for foreigners and in Myanmar for Myanmar nationals.

           He had been diligently taking many Sasana duties. He is the founder Abbot of Dhammananda Vihara, the Nayaka of Theravada Buddhist Society, California, USA, the Adviser to the Department of Dhammacakka, Oakland Town, California and Bodhi Tree Meditation Center, Lagos, Florida, the Ovadacariya Sayadaw of Tathagata Meditation Center San Jose town , and the Ovadacariya Sayadaw of Yangon Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha, Myanmar.

           The following is the list of meditation centers where he yearly instructs the method of Meditation

Meditation Centers

Dhamma Classes and Lectures

List of books and treatises he has compiled and published

  1. Half Moon Bay, Dhammananda Kyaung Meditation Center
  2. San Jose, Tathakata Meditation Center.
  3. Sacaramento, Meditation Center.
  4. San Francisco, American Buddhists' Meditation Center.
  5. Neshville, Meditation Center.
  6. La Puente, Meditation Center.
  7. Canada, Toronto Meditation Center.
  8. Canada, Ottawa Meditation Center.
  9. Canada, Vancouver Meditation Center.
  10. Mexico, Halapa Meditation Center.
  11. Jamaica, Kingston Meditation Center.
  1. Abhidhamma and Pali classes on every Tuesday at Dhammananda Kyaung.
  2. Vipassana classes on every Wednesday at Zen Center, Berkeley.
  3. Dhamma classes on every Thursday at Zen Center, San Francisco.
  4. Vipassana and Dhamma classes twice a month at Tu Kwan Temple, San Francisco.
  5. Vipassana and Dhamma classes twice a month at Tathagata Meditation Center, San Jose.
  6. Abhidhamma, Visudimagga, Vinaya, Suttanta and Jataka classes on every Thursday at Zen center, San Francisco.
  7. Pali, Paritta and Abhidhamma classes for Gentian Theravada Buddhist monks, Americans and Vietnamese at Dhammananda Kyaung.
  1. Tipitaka-Pali-Myanmar Dictionary Vols. I and II.
  2. Taya U.
  3. Thein Thin Tan.
  4. Comparative study of Sandaniti dhatu mala and Paniniyadhatuptha.
  5. Saya Saing, Myanmar architect.
  6. Pupa Seiditikanisaya (manuscript)
  7. Satha Sanghayana Pali, Alhakatha Tikas Edited work
  8. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  9. An Introduction to the Law of Kamma
  10. Thoughts for the Occasion
  11. An Introduction to the Doctrine of Anatta (No-Soul) and five Sanskrit Treatises.


          Age 77, Vasa 55

           Born of Father U Chan Tha and Mother Daw Khin of Htanaung Taing village, Myingyan Township on Friday, 5 Waxing moon of Tazaungmon M.E 1283 (5, November 1921). He is the fourth son in the family.

           He passed the 7th standard examination in 1936 from ABM school, Myingyan Township. He became a novice at Chan Tha Gyi Kyaung Talk, Anaukpyin, Mandalay, with Sayadaw U Letkhana as his mentor. He learnt Pali literature and in 1938 he passed the Government Pathamange Examination.

           He continued his studies under the guidance of Sayadaw of Zeyatheni Kyaung Taik, Myingyan Township. In 1939 he passed the Government Pahtamalat Examination and in 1941 the Government Pahtamagyi Examination.

           In 1941 he came to Sayadaw U Tiloka of Wayon Seik village, Kyi Myint Daing, Yangon, who took him to Sayadaw U Sasana of Pyi Lon Chan Tha Kyaung Taik for his further education. He was ordained on Sunday 11 waxing moon of Tazaungmon M.E 1305 (7-11-1943) with Thandwe Sayadaw of Kyi Myint Daing Kyaung Gyi Taik as his preceptor. Daw Shwe Thit, U Po Chit and Daw Thi and Family were supporters and donors.

           From 1941 to 1949 he learnt Five Nikayas, Pali Pitaka, Athakatha and Tikas at Chauk Hat Kyi Phaya Kyaung Taik, Yangon.

           In 1949 while residing in Ariya Vihara Monastery in Calcutta, India he learnt Sanskrit.

           From 1950 to 1957 he resided in Makutarama, Mahavisuddayama and Panlawade monasteries in Colombo, Sri Lanka and learnt English and Sanskrit.

           From 1957 to 1959 he resided in Jambudipa Vihara, Kaba Aye and performed Sasana duties in academic capacity.

           From 1959 to 1981 he was despatched as a missionary monk to Thailand by Kaba Aye Buddha Sasana Council of the Government. For 22 Years he lectured on Pali Pitaka and Vipassana at Bodhiyama Monastery in Nakonsawun Town.

           In 1961 December he returned to homeland for a short time and for 18 days he learnt from the Sayadaw of Mahasi Sasana Yeiktha Vipassana meditation. In 1962 till May, he further learnt the method of Vipassana meditation. Then he returned to Thailand to resume his missionary work

          While residing at Maha Bodhi Yama Vihara, in Nakonsawun, at the request of the interested foreigners, he opened Theravada Buddhism classes by correspondence. From 1965 to 1981 over 1500 pages on Theravada Buddhism had been circulated to 20 countries.

           In 1981 at the invitation of Theravada Buddhist Society of USA he moved from Thailand to USA. Residing with Sayadaw U Silananda, he has been assisting the former in missionary works.

           From 1983 till to day at Dhammananda Vihara he has been teaching every Sunday, Buddhism and Vipassana to the students.

(Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja)

           Age 78 Vasa 58

           Born of Father U San Nyunt and Mother Daw Hpaw of Kya Khat village, Depayein Township, Sagaing Division on Friday, 13th waning moon of Tabodwe M.E 1282 (AD. 1920).

           He was ordained on 3 waning moon of Tabaung, ME 1302 (A D 1940) with Seidaw Gyi Tawya Sayadaw U Adisa as his Preceptor.

           He learnt Pitaka from Sayadaw U Sohang of Kya Khat village, Sayadaw U Kesara and U

           Sireinda of Shwe Gu Taik, Monywa Township, Seik Khun Ywa Sayadaw U Asgara, U Areindama, Sayadaw U Asara Bivamsa of Zeebani Taik, Mandalay, Sayadaw U Asarabivamsa and U Ethariya of Ashin Adisa-vamsa Monastery, Yangon, U Nagasena of the same Monastery, and Sayadaw U Susarita of Shwe Kyaung, Myan Aung Township.

          He passed Pahatmange Nge Pathtamalat and Pahtama Gyi Examinations.

           Over 40 years he has carried out missionary works in Kandy, Sri Lanka. He has been preaching the Dhamma to the Sri Lankans, Germans, English, Austaralians, Malaysians and Singaporeans.

           In 1996 the Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred upon him the religious title Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja.


(Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja)


          Age 64 years Vasa 44

           Born of Father U Htun Tin and Mother Daw Aye Chit of Gonhnyin village, Myan Aung Township. Ayeyawaddy Division, on 7th Waning moon of Thadingyut in M.E 1297. (A.D. 1935).

          He was ordained on 14th waning moon of Tabaung M.E 1316 (A.D 1954) with Sayadaw of Shwe Pyi Kyaung Monastery as his Preceptor.

           He received religious education under the guidance of Shwe Pyi Kyaung Sayadaw of Meizali Kwin village, Myan Aung Township, Sayadaw and monk lecturers of Shwe Hin Tha Tawya Taik, Nyaungdon Township and Sayadaw of Phaya Gyi Taik, Yangon. He passed Pahtamakyaw clan of Sudhamma Pariyatti Examination, Myan Aung Township, Shwe Kyin Nikaya Sasanapala Association Dhamma Kathika Examination, Nyungdon Township, and Government Dhammacariya Cetiyyangana Examination.

           He gave lectures on Pariyatti at Shwe Pyi Kyaung Monastery, Meizali Kwin village, Myan Aung Township, Myan Aung Kyaung Taik, Nga Htat Kyl Phaya Road, Yangon, and Aung Mingala Siddhi Sarthindaik, Shan Road, Yangon.

           He learnt from Sayadaw of Htan Thon Pin village monastery, Myan Aung Township, the method of Vipassana practice. From 1977 to 1983 he lectured on Buddhist literature, and held Abhidhamma classes and Vipassana of training at Myanmar Buddhist Monastery in Penang in Malaysia. From 1984 till to-day he has moved to La Puente, Los Angles, California, U.S.A and tried to set up a Myanmar Buddhist Monastery there. There he has been teaching basic Buddhist literature, and holding classes for Buddhist culture, Abhidhamma, and Samatha Vipassana practices.

           He compiled Basic Abhidhamma (Text book for the class) and Basic Vipassana practice.

          The Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred on him the religious title of Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja on the 4th January 1998.




           Date of birth

          14, Waxing moon of Thadingyut M.E 1310 (A.D. 1948)

          Place of Birth

           Daung O Gyi Village, Myaing Township, Pakoku District




          Father U Mya Thein, Mother Daw Daw Chit

           Noviciation Date

           Monastery at Shansu village, Letpandan Township, Thayawaddy District

           Mentor monk

          Sayadaw U Vayama

           Date of Ordination

          13, Waxing moon of Wazo M.E 1330 (A.D. 1968)

          Ordination Place

          Shwe Hintha Tawya Kyaung Taik, Nyaungdon Township, Maubin District.

           Preceptor Monk

          The Third San Kyaung Sayadaw U Zagara

          Support and

           Daw Aye Kyi, Instructor of Weaving, Hpaw Kan Quarter, Insein

          U Pan Aye and Daw HIa Khin and Family, Shansu Village, Daw Lon Tin and Family

          Teachers and

           Sayadaw U Asaba of Ywa Kon Kyaung

           Sayadaw U Vayama, Elder brother U Vasava,

           Sayadaw U Tezadipati of Khatawhmi Kyaung, Pathein and

           Lecturing Sayadaws of Shwe Hin Tha Tawya Taik of Nyaungdon Township, Taungpaw Kyaung Taik of Danubyu Township, Taik Thit Pa Zawtayon of Myaung Mya Township Mya Thein Tan Kyaung Taik and Chauk Tat Kyi Phaya Gyi Kyaung Taik.



           Government Dhammacariya (1978)


           Name- Bhaddanta Vamsapala

          Vassa - 30

           Age of Novitiation - 50 years

           Parents' Name - U Kay and Daw Thaung

           Birth Place- Kungyangyiywa, Myaung Mya Town

           Date of Birth- 1310, the Month of Waso (1949, June 16)

           Sasana Registration No.- 14/Ma Ma Na (Tha) 000094

           Present Residential Monastery- Tisara Vihara 100 Luyer Avenue East, Connington 6107 Perth, Western Australia.

           Former Residential Monastery - Pajjotarama Pali University, Myaung Mya Town

           Educational qualifications- Sasanadaja Dhammacariya (M.A) India. Ph.D (Research Scholar)

          The Son of U Kay and Daw Thaung from Kwangyan Gyi Kye Ywa, Myaung Mya Township, Ayawaddy.

           Sayadaw has passed the elementry education from Kwan Gyan Gyi Primary School and studied basic Pali Pitaka Literature in Kwangyan Gyi Monastery.

           Sayadaw moved to Pajjotarama Pali Monastery at the age of 13 and sucessfully passed the primary, Pathama-nge, Pathama-lat, Pathama-gyi and Dhammacariya examinations respectively.

           Sayadaw has studied the higher literature of Pali Pitaka at Pajjotarama for three years and continued his study in Chaukhtatkyi Paya Monastery for two years. Following the instructions of Sayadaw Bhaddanta Siripavaradhammacariya Aggammahapandita, Myaung Mya Sayadaw. Sayadaw moved to Veluvuna Sarthintaik of Bago Division and there he studied primary, Pathamange, Pathamalat, Pathamagyi and Dhammacariya classes for three years.

           Meanwhile, under the instructions of Agga Maha Pandita Siri Pavara Dhammacariya Myaung Mya Sayadaw Bhaddanta Nyanika B.A. (Sanskrit) Hons, India, resided again at Pajjotarama Pali University as monk-in-charge as well as assistant to Bhaddanta Nyanika.

           Later the Sayadaw did Missionary works as Presiding Sayadaw of Pajjotarama Pali University when Myaung Mya Sayadaw went abroad on Missionary works.

           While administering Pajjotarama and delivering Pali Pitaka to studennts, Sayadaw himself studied Hindi, Sanskrit and English under Bhaddanta Nyanika Maha Thera until 1987, when he left for India.

(Agga Maha Pandita

           Age 80 Vasa 60

          Born of Father U Po Mya and Mother Daw Mya Kine of Kyauk Maw Quarter, Dawei Town, Taninthayee Division, on Wednesday the second waxing moon of Pyatho, M. E 1280 (A.D. 1918).

          He was ordained on 8 waxing moon of Waxo, M.E 1300 (A.D. 1938) with Sayadaw of Wei Taung Monastery, Dawei Township as his preceptor.

          After passing Teachership Examination, he studied Pitaka at Shwe Hin Tha Tawya Monastery at Nyaungdon Township, He went to Sri Lanka and India. He obtained M.A degree from Hindu University, Baranasi, India.

           He lectured on Pitaka at Maha Visudayon Monastery, Mandalay and Shwe Hin Tha Tawya Monastery, Nyaungdon. In India he wrote books on Buddhism in Sansnkrit and English. He lectured foreigners on Buddhism in Hindi at Bombay and Nagapure, India. He taught poor children, and novitiated boys into the Buddhist order. He made a tour of India, preaching the Dhamma in English to foreigners.

          In 1993 the Government of the Union of Myanmar conferred upon him the religious title Agga Maha Pandita.

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