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Tipitaka Online

Free Dhamma Books Offer

Sasana Nuggaha International Basic Buddhism Course

(Burma/ Myanmar Pitaka Association)

{short description of image}10. Janapada Kalyani Sutta Discourse with the reference of the Belle of the Land


(Sayadaw U Pannadipa & Daw Mya Tin)

{short description of image}Verse 30 - Story 21 The Story of Magha


Buddhism News

{short description of image}Latest Buddhism News and Review
      Myanmar (Burma) Buddhism News Online

Triplegem Discussion

{short description of image} Postings on Various Buddhism Topics (TripleGem Members)


Basic Buddhism Course - 9

{short description of image}Lecture No. 3: Tipitaka: the Buddhist Bible ( By Venerable Dhammasami)

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In This Very Life

Dhamma Padetha Dhamma Discourses On the Path to Freedom Gotama Buddha {short description of image}

In This Very Life
(Sayadaw U Pandita)

{short description of image}Concentration: Sixth Factor of Enlightenment


Dhamma Padetha
(Sayadaw U Kundalabhivamsa)

{short description of image}The Correct Way of Practice to Reach Nibbana


Dhamma Discourses
(Sayadaw U Jatila)

{short description of image}Sila Vanta Sutta


On the Path to Freedom
(Sayadaw U Pandita)

{short description of image}TEN ARMIES OF MARA


Chronicle of Buddha Gotama
(Mingun Sayadaw)

     The Bodhisatta's Compassion: continued


Journal of Burma Research Society
(Various Authors)

{short description of image}On Alleged Chinese Words in Burmese(C O Blagden)


  Dr. Mehm Tin Mon

{short description of image} The Noble Liberation and the Noble Truths - Section III

Yangon, Myanmar  

  Dr. Mehm Tin Mon

     The Noble Liberation and the Noble Truths - Section I & II

Yangon, Myanmar  
  U Ko Lay

     Comments on Salient Points in the Sampasadaniya Sutta

Burma Pitaka Association  

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