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Access to Insight Access to Insight
ABS Association for Buddhist Studies, UK
ARCC Arrow River Community Centre, a Theravadin Buddhist monastery and meditation center located in Northern Ontario, Website of the followers of Dr. Ambedkar of India
Bhavana Society
BNN Buddhist News Network
BPS Buddhist Publication Society
Buddhanet Buddhanet
Buddha Sasana
DDSA Digital Dictionaries of South East Asia
BSWA The Buddhist Society of Western Australia
IBRIC International Buddhist Research & Information Center, Sri Lanka
JBE The Journal of Buddhist Ethics, Penn. State University, USA
Mettanet-Lanka Mettanet-Lanka from Myanmar (Burma)
NTDP Ñánavíra Thera Dhamma Page
PLR Pali Language Resources
PLS&R Pali Language Sources & Resources
PTS Pali Text Society
TBSA The Theravada Buddhist Society of America  
UKABS UK Association for Buddhist Studies
UKMBA Upakara Kalyana Mitta Buddhist Association, Malaysia
VRI or VRI Vipassana Research Institute, India
WDYTMF What do you think, my friend? (Writings on Buddhism)
YIT Alumni Yangon Institute of Technology, Myanmar

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