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Month, Year Author Title
October-1999     Min Soe Thein Aung     A Journey Inwards
1999     Ven. Nai Teja     Life is Full of Suffering
April-99     Ven. Nandapala     Religion and Refuge
April-99     Mrs. C W Iggleden     Action and Their Results
23-02-99     Daw Tin Tin Myint     I Wonder Where, I Wonder Why?
23-02-99     Ven. Namtu Sudhamma     NIBBANA
27-01-99     Ven. Jotika of Parng Loung     Function of Wealth in Buddhism
09-11-98     Ven. Namtu Sudhamma     KAMMA
July, 1998     U Tun Aung, (Pyapon)     Buddhism in a Nut-shell
1998     Ma Nila (Kalaw)     For This Reason

    Mr. Aung Co Luck

    A Green Light to Overcome Your Worries

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