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365 myo min thant: Myanmar ( Burma ) Friday 12/26/2003

I am very happy to see nibbana.com website.

364 Hlaing Myint: Yangon Thursday 12/25/2003

The most useful pages for Buddhists.

363 Andrew Gooding : Manassas,VA Sunday 12/21/2003

This has been an excellent site that has helped me greatly in my pursuit of the Dharma. Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammasambuddhasa!

362 Andrew Tuesday 12/09/2003

Wonderful site!

360 Vince: Ft. Myers, Fl. Wednesday 12/03/2003

I have just discovered your website, I know I will not be disapppointed.I discovered the dhamma under the late U Vilma & also Sayadaw U Silanada when he visited here Location: Comments:

359 Sifu Dug Corpolongo: Albuquerque NM USA Sunday 11/30/2003

Hands Folded in Respect

358 Noni: Germany Friday 11/28/2003

Just stumbled onto your site, what a wonderful surprise. Thanks for your time making it up. Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year for you. Karin Krapfl from Germany

357 Joanna : UK Thursday 11/27/2003

your site is so informative and uplifting that I just feel like i've clicked you know. Thank you soooooo much for the info. I love you guys.

356 Musin - jakarta, indonesia Friday 11/21/2003

The more I know the Dhamma, the more I bow to it. Thanks for all the information you provide.... May all living being free from suffering May all living being attain Nibbana..... Sadhu!Sadhu!Sadhu!

355 Aung Kyaw - Washington DC, USA Sunday 11/16/2003

Namo Tassa Bhagabvato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa

354 Venerable U Bodhinyana - Bangladesh Monday 11/10/2003

Have limited access to internet.

353 Tin Sunday 11/02/2003

Great .

352 Victoria : NY Sunday 11/02/2003

The Best! Thank y'all so much for making this.

351 Rev Dharmcari Ajahnhanh : Manchester, England. Thursday 10/30/2003

An excellent site to find so much interesting information.

350 Michael R. Roth: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin U.S.A. Saturday 10/25/2003

I am just a lowly, humble poet, and common working man trying to plant a seed in the heart of humanity.

349 ebert upatissa: singapore Tuesday 10/21/2003

Great attempt, wish you all good health to carry on this Noble Dhamma in the future. metta,

348 Kenny Gonyon: U.S. Tuesday 10/21/2003

very refreshing

347 John Smith : UK Thursday 10/16/2003

Very interesting site. Thank you.

346 Kelowna: Okanagan - B.C. -Canada Tuesday 10/07/2003

You have a Great Site! Greetings from Kelowna, B.C., Canada.Kelowna

345 Chris Howker: England Thursday 10/02/2003

I am very encourged in my life by what I am beginning to learn from Buddhist teachings. I am learning to meditate which I am also very encouraged by, and find gives me a certain amount of peace. So good of you to put your attention to Buddhism so that others can learn from it. Chris

344 mark timmis: stoke-on-trent Monday 09/29/2003

i am attempting to find out more about buddhist teachings & how i can live a better life by them in this moden world with al the pressure & resposabilatys that it brings

343 Frank: scotland Sunday 09/28/2003

great site

342 Yaseen Ackerman: South Africa Thursday 09/25/2003

Thank you for this amazing site.It is very insirational,the gift of Dhamma is truly the greatest gift.

341 GR Rhumbi Friday 09/19/2003

Buddhism is quite an interesting subject, as are most religions to me. I appreciate the enlightenment of your sight.

340 Revenue Magnet Tuesday 09/09/2003

Interesting. Thanks.

339 Nyan Myo Kyaw:Myittha myo,Mandalay division,Myanmar Sunday 09/07/2003

Thanks a lot.It is a good site to read.I like it.

339 Klaus : Germany Friday 09/05/2003 1

Eine sehr hilfreiche Seite. Vielen Dank. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

338 TIN MON THAN: NY, USA Thursday 09/04/2003


337 Samuel B. Harsojo : Indonesia Friday 08/29/2003

I'd like to get the book that written by Sayadaw Satigu about Abhidhamma and Vipassana. Me and My wife like to translate the dhamma's books and publish free. And we need support of dhamma books about meditation and jataka stories. Can you help us, please ? mettacitena, samuel

336 Minn Sit Naing : Moscow Thursday 08/28/2003

I really proud for this site and thanks alot to every person who built this site.Dream is become really.

335 Jean Chang : San Jose, CA Tuesday 08/26/2003

Nice to see information about this. Our society has too much of a Christian bias. Jean

334 Vernon R. Schroeder, M.D.California, USA Monday 08/18/2003


333 Gonzalo Algora : Madrid (Spain) Tuesday 08/12/2003

Your website is an almost inexhaustible treasure of knowledge, and I wish we all be able to put it into practice!

332 Min Min Yee: Saga,Japan Friday 08/01/2003

It is a very precious thing for us.

331 U Tint Zaw Moe: Singapore Sunday 07/27/2003

Very good for further Buddha Generation.

330 Ashin Pannadipa: U.S.A Thursday 07/24/2003

Many serious newcomers to Theravada Buddhism from different religious traditions ask me how to learn Pali Grammar. They want to read the Buddhist texts in the original Pali language. I would therefore suggest that it would be better if Nibbana.com could include Pali Grammar courses for the benefits of those who are interested in learning Pali. Thank you very much.

329 Siddhartha Rajput: USA Monday 07/21/2003

Great page! - Siddhartha Rajput

328 Ashin Pannadipa: U.S.A Sunday 07/20/2003

The best website I have ever visited on Theravada Buddhism. This website is informative,excellent, and reliable source of Buddhism as taught and practiced in Myanmar in line with Pali Canon. Thank you indeed for your noble mission. May the Dhamma shine forth in the hearts and minds of all living beings!

327 Paul Burton: Blackburn, UK Friday 07/18/2003

This site always has answers to any questions I have about my practice. Thankyou! "The gift of Dhamma surpasses all other gifts." Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

326 Hla Moe: Location: KMD Thursday 07/17/2003

Thank you very much for your kindness.

325 Kyaw Thu Aung: Bagan Cybertech Co., Ltd. Mandalay Wednesday 07/16/2003

I wish everybody in Peace of mind and health of body by meditation.

324 Dr Tint Lwin, New York Sunday 07/13/2003

All buddhists should visit this website

323 Julie S. E: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Wednesday 07/02/2003

I've been doing a lot of spiritual searching, and have found that the Buddhist ways are intriguing, and incredible. I will be looking further into this, as I may have found the path I've been looking for all my life. Thank you.

322 Dharmananda : Michigan Thursday 06/26/2003

Thank you for the meaningful website.

321 Khin Win : New York Thursday 06/19/2003

I'm so proud. And Thank you so much for such a Great Effort! TharDu TharDu TharDu

320 malcolm k. maccallum : inverness, scotland, uk Wednesday 06/18/2003

I value this site very much. It is a constant source of inspiration. thank you

319 MAY THAN SHWE: JAPAN Saturday 06/14/2003


318 VEN ALUBOMULLE RATANASIRI E - Malacca-Malaysia Saturday 06/07/2003

It is great plesure to visit your Web-Page And it brings more happiness.

317 Ye Min: Sagaing. Friday 06/06/2003

I am interest of this website. This website name is so preety.

316 Naing Win Hlaing : Singapore Sunday 06/01/2003

Thank You

315 Budiman Sudharma : Indonesia Friday 05/30/2003


314 m.yusuf: karachi Pakistan Wednesday 05/28/2003

Well done good job keep it up Please send me few email addresses from mandalay and yangon. i want to corespond with burmese boys and girls, thanking you in advance

313 chen khiuk : jakarta Tuesday 05/20/2003

i like to seee the budhis web 'couse i can get more information from there...

312 Maickel: Netherlands Tuesday 05/13/2003

Thank you for the valuable information. Keep up the good work. Sukhita Hotha Dukkha Muccuta.

311 Myo Thet Win - USA Tuesday 04/29/2003

I'm so glad to find everything that I need for my daily recitation, this site is the best site for pepole who really need help about buddhism. For me, it's the greatest monestery when I'm away from home. Thanx a million...

310 Betty Phillips : California, USA Monday 04/21/2003

I am happy to read all the wonderful information on your site. I am a Religious Scientist, which embraces all religions in our church. Thank You

309 Jan Monday 04/21/2003

very nice page

308 Paul Burton: England Sunday 04/20/2003

I am a 17 year old Buddhist(of the Theravada tradition) practising in the north-west of England. It's quite discouraging when you aren't in contact with other local Buddhist's but sites like this one make it much easier. Thank you! Also, if any other young Buddhist's are interested in chatting, please email me. With Metta.

307 Laura Timm : Selb/Germany Saturday 04/19/2003

Hello to you! I'm 13 years old and I'm very interested in your religion.I find that the Buddhismus is great. I want to know more about your religion, customs and the way of life from a Buddhist. Perhaps YOU can help me. Please answer me. Your MissLaura Timm

306 NIGEL : LONDON Tuesday 04/15/2003

Enjoyed what I saw - have complete a basic beginners Buddhism course and am starting the meditation soon - not to become a Buddhist as yet but as a compliment to psychotherapy - hopefully to help me relax! - Thank you

305 Karin Damerow - Hamburg,Germany 04/04/2003

Hi,Thanks for that great website! I`m a buddhist,practising Vipassana.My main teacher is Sayadaw U Pandita. I`d be happy to get e-mails from other buddhists! e-mail:Saraswati.Shri@web.de

304 Charles Perera - France 03/19/2003

This is a great site enyoy surfing into it. Please see my sites: http://monsite.wanadoo.fr/ayubovan , http://monsite.wanadoo.fr/SAMBODHI

303 Aye Aye Aung : London, UK 03/15/2003

I really thank who developed this site. I'm buddhist. So I am very proud cos everyone interested in our religion.This is my first time to let in this site.Now n forever i'll be looking to let in this site.

302 Kieran - England 03/10/2003

Hello I am not Buddhist but I am studying the Religion for a school porject and if anyone could get some info to me by Friday 14th March 2003 about Theravada Buddhism. I would be very happy ! Thank you!

301 Hideo Nakata - Japan 03/10/2003

Hello I am the Japanese film director Hideo Nakata. This site is great, so email me and I will pay you to make the site better!!

300 Me - my house 03/10/2003

Brilliant helped me so much with my research on buddhists festivals

299 San Linn Nyunt - Singapore 03/01/2003

Great web site.

298 Phone Hlaing - Japan 02/27/2003

I am practing the mogoke way of meditation.

297 Tissa Dissanayake -Sri Lanka 02/25/2003

I want to send a book freely which express the difference between Buddhism and other religions of the world. Let me know your postal address please.

296 Sant Tran - Ram Indra, Bangkhen, Bangkok, Thailand 02/15/2003

Sheers, it has been taking a lot of hardworks to create this wonderful website. Santi meva sig keya. Well, to study buddhism has to go though sila siga, citta siga and panna siga. Anumo dhana sadhu! Sant Tran Bangkok, Thailand. On the occasion of Maga Buja Day, B.E. 2546

295 robert teister - napa, california 02/15/2003

I have sat with sayadaw 2 times. one week in yucca valley, ca. and 30 days in dexter oregon. would be interested in future retreats in ca.

294 Bouhamidi Tarick / France 02/13/2003

A very complete site, together with www.accesstoinsight.org they are by far the most instructive.

293 Emma - England 02/06/2003

Hello. I am studying A-level Buddhism. Im currently doing coursework about the issues posed by the practice of Buddhism in a Christian country. If anyone can spare a few minutes to e-mail me with ideas, or if you are a practicing buddhist how difficult is it? thankyou.

292 Yoshiaki Sakai - JAPAN 02/01/2003

I hope to learn true Buddhism at this site. Sadhu. Sadhu. Sadhu.

291 Cumar Vejay - Greenville,South Carolina,USA 01/29/2003

Originally from Sri Lanka, we have a Buddhist Monk resident in Greenville, South Carolina,USA.We meet regularly to discuss damma, meditation etc. This site is wonderful for learning Buddhism.

290 Kumara PPN 01/27/2003

Time passes. The life is spent. Fortunately, I found Nibbana.com that could be helpfull for the rest of my life. May the Triple Gem bless!

a private entry from Korea Saturday 01/25/2003

"Sandal-wood, in the world, is pleasant; pleasanter is the light of the moon; far pleasanter than sandal-wood and the moon is the well-uttered discourse of the righteous."

289 John Sincak - Morristown, NJ 01/06/2003

Thank you for the Tipitaka in English. The Suttas are a priceless gem that you have made accessible to us English speakers - In gassho, John Sincak

288 Kyaw Khine - YANGON : MYANMAR 01/06/2003

It is really a great work done only by true believer in Buddhism. I can't help feel thankful for your endeavors. Well done. Well done. Well done.

287 Yap Pak Choong - klang, selangor, malaysia 01/06/2003

Thank you for providing me with so much rewadable articles.

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