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587 Siow Khoon Tuesday 08/24/2010
The purpose of offering flowers is even though the flowers are beautiful but they will wither very soon. It's a symbol of impermanence.
586 Sarang kulkarni: Location: maharashtra,india Friday 07/09/2010
Hi Dhamma brothers & sisters, I, here in India, am very grateful to Burma i.e.Myanmar for preserving both the pariyatti & patipatti in their pristine pure form. Many people like me in India are getting benefitted with Vipassana that has travelled from Myanmar to India through the compassionate heart of Shri. Satyanarayanji Goenka. May all be happy & attain nibbanic peace!!
585 Sister Dipa: Mahapajapati MonasteryLocation: 3367 Chapparrosa Rd Pioneertown, CA 9226, USA Sunday 06/20/2010
We are a Buddhist women's monastery. Our abbess is Ayya Gunasari a fully ordained bhikkhuni. You are welcome to contact us and arrange to come and visit the monastery. We will be observing Vassa here at the monastery.
584 Rose Smith Thursday 05/27/2010
am reading Amy Tan book Saving Fish from Drowning and 'nibbana' was mentiond in book. I looked it up and it stimulated my interest. Thank you for wonderful site.
583 Tin M Thet: Temporarily living in US. Thursday 05/20/2010
A lot of knowledge I already have in my life before, but the knowledge that I got from this site is the greatest of all. Thanks
582 Sandy E. Scott: Location: Atlanta, GA USA Monday 05/10/2010
I am an immigration attorney with 20+ years experience practicing near Atlanta, GA, and would like to donate my time to preparing one or more visa applications to bring Burmese Theravadaan monks to the U.S.. I greatly appreciate any advice, direction, information or other assistance. With regards, Sandy.
581 Mr. Tun Aung: Location: Netherlands Monday 04/26/2010
Good for a Buddhist
580 Samatha bhavana: Location: indonesia Wednesday 02/17/2010
So Much Thanks for Bhikkhu Dhammaraja that let me know to this
578 Edward R. Sousa Monday 06/08/2009
Very nice web site. All the best: Ed
577 Filmmaker Thedore Martland Dhamma Dana Documentary Film Thursday 07/30/2009
Check out a great documentary film on Burmese Buddhism! It was filmed during November 2008 in Myanmar. Proceeds of DVD sales benefit a great cause!
576 Edward R. Sousa: Birmingham Monday 06/08/2009
Very nice web site. All the best: Ed
575 Pamela Hirsch Wednesday 05/13/2009
Beautiful description of Lord Buddha's attributes. I was in estacy on the way to the dentist! Thanks for what you do on this web site.
574 Susan Aldridge: Perth, Australia Thursday 05/07/2009
very interesting, i work with many budist people, and they are the most beautiful people i have ever met, i was just interested in the history of budda, has me thinking, thankyou
57 Htet Htet Aung Saturday 04/18/2009
I think this is a really informative website on the true Theravada Buddhism. Thank you for your effort. Buddha's teachings are really practical and true, I am very glad that I'm a Buddhist. I hope to check into a meditation centre in future.
572 Luna Firehawk: Mid-West Thursday 04/16/2009
Loved the Dhamma that is here. Metta
571 Rose White : Annapolis, Missouri Thursday 04/16/2009
I am a cook at Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center. I found your web site very helpful to me.It is very helpful in learning about the Buddha. Much Metta
Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center
570 Gloria De Los Santos: Odessa, Texas Friday 04/03/2009
I've always found the idea of buddhism interesting. I just never actually read or spoke to anyone familiar with the history; let alone the beliefs. So far I am fascinated!
569 Jack C Hewitt 2009: USA Sunday 03/29/2009
Start again with a calm and quiet mind, alert, attentive, equanimous...To the Three Gems I move closer each day.
568 P.T. Etchason: Location: Minnesota, USA Sunday 02/08/2009
Every day I give thanks. Thanks that I am a sentient being full of compassion. Thanks that I am alive, and thanks that there is the Dharma, the Sangha and the Buddha.
567 Anagarikaa Sunday 02/01/2009
Dear Dhamma friend, We have recently set up a new Theravadan Buddhist website: The site is currently hosting original English - Pali translations predominately from the Thai forest tradition, with a growing selection of talks from east and western Ajahns (teachers). This is a young site we are planning to help grow into a big archive for Buddhist texts, teachings and talks aimed towards the online sangha community and of course anyone else who wishes to learn the teachings of the Buddha.
566 Gloria De Los Santos : Location: Odessa, Texas Friday 04/03/2009
I've always found the idea of buddhism interesting I just never actually read or spoke to anyone familiar with the history; let alone the beliefs. So far I am fascinated!
565 Jack C Hewitt: Location: USA Sunday 03/29/2009
Start again with a calm and quiet mind, alert, attentive, equanimous...To the Three Gems I move closer each day.
564 RAMA PRASAD : BANGKOK Saturday 12/20/2008
563 Zin Maung Maung: Germany Sunday 12/14/2008
Thanks a lot.Nice site.Now I am ready for my last day of my life because of your website.
562 Hnin Wai Aung: Singapore Saturday 12/13/2008
Dear Dhamma Relatives, Thank you so much for every body's each single efforts to create and update this website. This is such an Air we need to breathe everyday for Life .( Dhamma Nutrition)..Essencial for people especially who stay overseas ( for Burmese) and all the rest of people all over the world who eagerly look for Triple Gems (Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha)
561 Atula Shah : Nairobi, Kenya Tuesday 12/02/2008
A very informative site, I am starting the Buddhism Beginners course in January 2009. I have joined the various groups, & am sure it will enhance my knowledge & education in Buddhist studies. I am a Practicing Buddhist so it is helping me understand various topics. Thank you very much.
560 K M Swe: Singapore Saturday 11/22/2008
Nibbana is to cut down our circle.
559 Bruce Johnston: Arlington, VA near Washington, DC USA Friday 08/08/2008
Hello, My dear friends from Burma who have created this lovely Buddhist site to help all of us on the path to happiness and an end of suffering. PLEASE, I NEED HELP. In America, it is not always easy to find good Buddhist teacher or Buddhist monastery. I have found some monasteries that are Burmese, but they do not teach in English. I think there must be some Burmese monks who would be willing to be my teacher or monasteries near Arlington, VA and Washington D.C. where I could go to be in a Sangha. My email is smiling4u at Change at to the symbol. Please, write to me if you can help me. I am a very serious Buddhist. I also try to be generous and to live a life of compassion. Thank you. May you be happy.
558 Thurein Ohn Myint Monday 10/27/2008
Very helpful page even for our buddhists, who needs to learn...thanks
557 Kho Ching San: Indonesia Monday 09/22/2008
Buddham Saranam Gacchami Dhammam Saranam Gacchami Sangham Saranam Gacchami I enjoy my life with having the teachings of Lord Buddha as my guidance light in the darkness.
556 John F. Koen: Netherlands Saturday 09/13/2008
Just viewed your site.. This because of the interest I have in Buddhism religion.. Very much infomation on the site.. My interest grows by reading more.. John.. Netherlands
555 Dr.Gamini Fonseka : Melbourne Australia Sunday 07/27/2008
I do a buddhist radio program from Melbourne call Sadaham Handa (voice of dhamma) any on can listen to that on www. and click sadaham handa. please pass your response
554 Meshmia Mobiad : London Thursday 05/15/2008
I have decided to convert to Buddhism and have found this site extremely helpful! thank you to who ever made it and for helping me to discover a new way of life
553 Naing Lin Saturday 03/15/2008
Can dhamma lights as well as the sunshine spreads all around the world .
552 Chaka Bey: Bronx, New York Sunday 01/27/2008
Thank you for providing us such valueble information.
551 Michael: USA Friday 01/18/2008
A great sight with very informative articles and lectures. Will pass on to many of my friends here. Thanks
550 Bruce : Arlington, Virginia USA Saturday 11/17/2007
I am deeply grateful for the information on this site. I am very serious in my practice of Buddhism. I am trying to be mindful with every step that I take. I am leading a life with less attachment. I am a single man and have let go of instinct desires to a great extent. I am, with all of my heart, grateful for the kindness of this site that you provide to us. I am a more generous and compassionate person each day. I am truly reaching out to love everyone equally and in the same way. I do not succeed, entirely. But, I think I am getting better at it. With a smile. I thank you. Bruce
549 Michelle: usa-iowa Sunday 10/07/2007
thank you for this site. metta.
548 Raph Martin: Walnut Creek, CA Friday 10/05/2007
My dear Buddhist brothers and sisters: I am especially mindful of the struggle for freedom and human dignity that is now taking place in Burma. I support you. Let me share these words of Fr. John Dear, SJ: "One way to define violence is to see it as the act of forgetting or ignoring who we are-brothers and sisters of one another, each one of us a child of God." May peace be the gift we give one another!
547 Pamela Laity -Ingham North Queensland Australia Tuesday 09/11/2007
Wonderful site thank you
546 Nang Arm Seng: Malmö, Sweden Friday 08/10/2007
Thank you very much for the contribution.It really helps me a lot to chang my life by listening to the dhamma talks. Even when I was in Myanmar, I couldn't have such chance to see and listen much. Thanks very very much again and again.
545 john wygle : Oklahoma city Tuesday 08/07/2007
Blessings and thank you for taking the time to talk with me in Oklahoma. i spoke with u pannavamsa and ASHIN PANNAJOTA. please tell them a thousand thank you for the insight they provided
544 Inge : Indonesia Thursday 08/02/2007
I'm interested in learning buddhism online. How Can I join the Basic buddhism course online??
543 Mangalika Low : Singapore Wednesday 04/25/2007

I will definetly send this website link to all my friends...Great website! May all living beings well and happy.

542 Myat : Japan Sunday 03/11/2007


541 Shi Da Dao : London Tuesday 03/06/2007

This site is quite extraordinary and very important for genuine Buddhist study. I have added a link to your site, on our site so that more beings can benefit. Metta, Shi Da Dao

540 Zin Mow : Finland Tuesday 02/27/2007

Dear all, this is great website I have ever seen in my life. Thanks, Zin

539 Paul Burton : Manchester, UK Thursday 01/11/2007

Hello, I am a 21 year old Buddhist, of the Theravada tradition, in Manchester, and I am currently in the final year of my degree in languages. I have been Buddhist now for approx 5 years or so and I generally practice and read texts almost every day. I am considering furthering my studies by doing an MA in Buddhist Studies, however I am currently at a stage where I find myself abit disorientated as to how I should continue with my life after my BA i.e just get a job and start earning (whilst studying Buddhism in my own time) or commit to it academically and do the MA. Ofcourse, my other major possibility is following up, what I feel is an inward compulsion (if that is worded correctly?), to some sort of fruition and studying Buddhism in the more traditional way, such as entering the Sangha. It is very difficult for me to decide, as I am sure it would be for anyone, as I don't know if I should live my life as a young person, and enjoy that first, before persuing such goals or whether starting young is the best way for me. If there is anyone out there with some informed opinion on this, particularly from anyone who has been or is in the Sangha already, that would be most gratefully appreciated. Thanks for your time. With metta, Paul Burton.

538 Moe : USA Monday 12/04/2006

This is an amazing web site I have ever seen.

537 KHAING : India Thursday 11/23/2006

thank nibbana.i listen audio in burmese every day.i am very happy for this site.

536 Paul Burton: Manchester, UK; Homepage Tuesday 11/07/2006

An excellent site which I have frequented for a number of years now. Thankyou to all who are involved with it. With metta. Paul.

535 Ghantu Monday 11/06/2006

I am on the path of true Bhuddhism and am so glad i started. My life has been stressful letly and Buddha has helped.

534 Saw K. Hmine : Malaysia Monday 10/09/2006

Deeply delighted to know Mogok Vipassana will be founded in abroad especially in West. I pratcised vipassana by Mogok platform in Yangon. It deeply increased my philosophy & undestanding of lifecycle. Could lightened me the exit way of the cycle. I'm now on that way which will carry me to the aim. Thanks. Wish all to be in best peace over the life & lifecycle troubles.

533 Kyaw Tun : Japan Sunday 10/01/2006

(no message)

532 janyun kim - south korea - Saturday 09/30/2006

Wonderful Site for Buddhists! i am touching so many Discourses of the Venerable Sayadaws through this Site. Thank you for the Site.

531 Mone:UK Wednesday 09/06/2006

Thank you very much for your precious teachings. May you have good health, happiness and a very long life.

530 Nick: France Sunday 09/03/2006

Thankyou for this wonderful site! Also easy to access information on it when needed! Metta

529 Htin Aung Soe Moe : Australia Wednesday 08/23/2006

Very good work and excellent dhamma darna. I wish I could see more and more of this kind of works. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

528 Ma Than Than Sein : Italy Wednesday 08/16/2006

I highly appreciate and am grateful for Dhamma sharing which is the noblest donation and great refuge for Buddhists who are staying far from motherland.

527 Kevv : England Tuesday 08/15/2006

Very good site, thank you very much. i will tell friends about it. With Metta, Kevv

526 victor cliffton: UK Friday 07/28/2006

Ii love this site and am pleased with it.when ever am back from work i find myself here.Great site

victor cliffton.

525 Gotomypc Thursday 07/13/2006

Great blog, very intersting thanks

524 Tania Antonelli : United States of America Sunday 07/02/2006

This is a great webpage with a variety of information regarding Theravada Buddhism and such. The articles are very informative and one can learn much using this site. Theravada teaching, being that of the oldest, is one I like to consider with great respect. It does indeed seem like one of the few original teachings from the Buddha's time.

523 apinya wongwiwatchai : Thailand Saturday 06/24/2006

Thank you for your endeavour to give knowledge about Dhamma. Today I visit your website for the first time to learn about The Dhammapada. I am the beginner for Dhamma practice but to find your website is blessing for me. I am inspired and would like to visit Burma and Burma Pitaka Associaiton in the future.

522 Dennis Lacey : United Kigdom Wednesday 05/24/2006

Thank you very much. It`s a very informative website and one that I visit regular now in my endeavor to be a future Buddhist.

521 U Kyaw Myint : Australia Monday 05/15/2006

I read the Myat Yadanar magazine articals gave me a lot of knowledge.I hope this website upload more Buddhism articles & jakata tales in the future,thank you.

520 Kelly; Location: USA Sunday 05/14/2006

Thankyou for your beautiful and informative website. We would love to have you share your wisdom with us at We welcome all faiths and I am partial to Buddhism.

519 Dr. Thiha Swe : Mandalay, Friday 03/31/2006

This is just the site in my dreams for many years. I respectfully and greatly appreciate the works of the creators of this site. May Dhamma spread to the whole world.

518 Ian Dance Thursday 03/30/2006

Very nice and informative site.

517 Khin Sanda Oo - Singapore Thursday 03/23/2006

It's a great chance having the view of this site. I'm deeply impresssed with the donors of Buddha books hoping I also can donate books although I cannot present the website like this!!

516 Khin Sanda Oo - Singapore Thursday 03/23/2006

I suppose I can get one or more steps of knowledge of Buddhism than what I'm reaching in the point. I really appreciate it!!

515 john falconer: Berkshire uk riday 03/10/2006

An excellent resource.

513 ttkyi Tuesday 03/07/2006

Hello this website is very useful for Buddhist. But I can't see clear thr following because of background:....About twenty six centuries ago, ..........

512 than kywe : Taiwan 01/07/2006

Hello, Thank you so much to hear the Dhamma and to learn Dhamma from this website. Hope all to arrive Nibbana.

511 Devinder Kumar Wednesday 12/28/2005

Very knowledgable, thank you

510 Suzanne Sila : USA Tuesday 12/27/2005

Hello to all, I am an American woman who took refuge on 13th Nov 2005 in the Theravadan tradition (Thai Forest). Peace.

509 Jean : USA Saturday 12/17/2005

Why are so many words not in English- or any other language for that matter? It reminds me of the catholic Church when all they used was latin. It would make things so much easier. Blessings to you all.

508 U Thet Cho ( Singapore ) Friday 12/09/2005

It's a lot of benefit for the Buddhism who like to share foreigner. There are some Sutta missing. 3.Kosala Samyutta - 6.Mallika Sutta & 10.Dutiya Aputtaka Sutta for your kind updating. Sadhu.Sadhu.Sadhu

507 Thomas Lim : Singapore Tuesday 11/29/2005

Great informations. Give me a better understanding of Weizzars. In the picture of the First Committee-Sasanapyu Committee One, can you provide the names of each weizzar in the photos. Thanks

506 Mevzi : UK Saturday 11/12/2005

This site was so usful because it gave me all the infomation i neede to start up as a buddhist which i would never have been able to otherwise becouse i coundn't find this info anywhere else. thanks and sadhu,sadhu,sadhu!i'm just glad that i found this page and this religion!

505 U Naradabhivamsa: 13409 TempleAve,LaPuente, CA91746,USA Tuesday 11/01/2005

I Can know about abhinnana and nirodhasamaptti. Somebody want to explain. I hope Answer. Thank you

504 Phyo thant: USA Tuesday 11/01/2005

I wish making this site gonna get nibbana soon.

503 Michael K E: Vancouver BC Monday 10/10/2005

May the Buddhas teachers flourish.. Metta

502 Michael K E: Vancouver BC Monday 10/10/2005

May the Buddhas teachers flourish.. Metta

501 Zaw Myo Htet: Myanmar Wednesday 10/05/2005

The greatest goal of our life is NIBBAN.

500 Kozan Shin Gyo: California Monday 09/26/2005

Thanks for helping me locate Sayadaw U Pandita again - met him

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