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71 1999-12-30 Khin Maung Gyi
(New Zealand)
       Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! I would like to congratulate those who have taken a lot of hardships to compile these articles. As a Burmese I feel very happy and satisfied. For those Burmese Buddhists who have been away from home for years, they will find it most rewarding to read - not to mention those who have had children who were born out of Burma. May the good teachings of Buddhism spread and bring ever lasting peace to our world.
70 1999-12-24 Eng Joo
(Malaysia/ Singapore)
       I would just like to say Sadhu! for all the effort on putting up this site. I am sure visitors to your site would benefit from the information and essays posted here. May all of you be well, happy and peaceful.
69 1999-12-13 Avinash Ingle
       I love your site
68 1999-11-20 Upa. Karma Jigme
Bodhi Buddhist Centre, Indonesia
       Namo Buddhaya, Hi Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma, we should very happy because now we can know Buddhism from website. Like this great website, I suggest to add more cartoon picture or something like that, so the beginners can learn more. Then, doesn't get borring. Good Luck and thank you first for the Dhamma books.
67 1999-11-14

Mhone Shwe Yee
Website: Mhone Shwe Yee
Los Angeles

       Very very great and informative website. Congratulation for your good work! Let us say hello! to everyone.... and welcome to our website.


66 1999-11-03

Heather McCormick,
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

       I was searching for information to help introduce Buddhism to my children and found another great site to help in my quest for enlightenment.
Thanks for all the great info. If there are any Buddhist text out there recommended for children I would appreciate the info.

65 1999-10-08

Loo Kok Chee,

       I am so happy that I managed to locate such a wonderful site dedicated to Theravada Buddhism that contains a wealth of information about the Dhamma-Vinaya. Currently, I have been reading the stories that led to the verses spoken by the Buddha in Dhammapada. I enjoy readings these and I really hope that I can progress in my learning and practice of the Dhamma.

       A very big Sadhu to the operator of this site which has contributed much to the preservation of the Buddhasasana.

64 1999-10-05

Kyaw Myaing,
The Wise Ones ,
New York

       Congratulations. You have done an excellent job. May the blessings of the Three Gems, the four guardian nats of the Sasana, the holy arahats and all the holy weizzars be upon you, your friends and your family. Keep up the good work. May the Buddha Sasana shine forth throughout the three lokas - humans, nats and Brahmas. Warm regards, Kyaw Myaing.
63 1999-09-17

Lorraine Jamison

       The web page is great but I don't understand so much about Buddhism, some personal help would be much appreicated. Love Lorraine
62 1999-09-13 trixinity chen
       Just five words; really a very good site.
61 1999-09-09 Kathleen Murphy
       Good page.Continue your good work.Many blessings.
60 1999-09-07 Dr. Gustaaf Houtman,
Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics: Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD
       This is an interesting and useful site, though it would be good also to have links to some more up-to-date discussions on the role of Buddhism in contemporary Burma. ................A copy of Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics is now available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files for free downloading from the Internet at:
Best wishes Gustaaf

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59 1999-08-27 Khin Zan Tha
       Very happy that there is such a site-keep up the good work.
58 1999-08-22 Edvard Tam
Hong Kong
       Thank you! You've done a great work! I've been interested in Buddhism for a few years but haven't formally taken refuge. I hope that I'll meet a suitable teacher and put the teachings into practice soon.
57 1999-08-12 Andrea Richmond
USA (Tennessee & New Mexico)
       Thank You. You have a wonderful site! May Your kindness be repayed a thousand times.
56 1999-08-07 Pit Peter Koerfgen
Buddhism Website
       Hi Friends, congratulation for your work and your Homepage. All good wishes from me from Germany. When you want, you can see my Buddhist Homepage : With the best regards yours


Lim Tai Eng
Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia
       Do keep up the good work and grow.


Jan Hansen, M.D.



       Great site with primary sources. This may be the proper place for a complete Abhidhamma translation?!



Susan Nelson

Maine, U.S.A.

        I'll be Buddhist in August for three years. I only adhere to the basic doctrines. I believe Jesus was Buddhist and a whole new (watered-down, culturally-bound) religion was built upon him. I have a Masters in Christianity, have been to four Christian colleges, and find Buddhism so refreshing and accurate! Thank you for your time.



Mark Silber

Budd Lake, New Jersey, USA

       "The gift of the Dhamma surpasses all other gifts." Thankyou for wonderful site. I am an American, living in New Jersey, who took refuge in the Three Jewels about three years ago. Although I've never been to Myanmar, I have travelled to Thailand as well as other Buddhist countries. I wish you all congratulations and future happiness in your efforts to spread the Dhamma. Warmest regards, Mark Silber.



Robert Hartwell

Washington State,USA

       For anyone with an intillectual and seeing mind, Buddhism is the only Way. If only we could all understand this. Everthing else is blinding and wasteful of thought and effort

50 1999-05-23

Shigeru Takagi


       It is very nice and informative website. I live in Japan. Now, I learn Vipassana meditation from a Burmese monk who comes from Mahasi temple in Myanmar. Someday, I hope to go to Myanmar in order to train in Vipassana Meditation.

49 1999-05-18



       I am a student of all natural medicines. I am particualarly interested in Taoist and Buddhist healing. I am also interested in the role that women have played within this healing. Thank you so much for this site, it gives me great encouragement. Peace be upon you.

48 1999-05-17



       This site is really great. I needed it for a homework assignment and it turned out to be the best site I found. Thanks for creating it!!!!

47 1999-05-14 Noto


       I am 27 years old, and I became a Buddhist about two years ago, and here I want to express my appreciation to this website that has discussed a lot of topics about Buddhism.

46 1999-04-30


Oregon, U.S.A

       My name is Alex and I'm 15 years old. I've done a lot of research on Buddhism and have made it that my life long goal is enlightenment. I have looked on the Net for some teachers and it is kind of hard. If anybody is like me or can give me some advice or help I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for setting up this site! Karmapa Chenno ("Power of all the Buddhas, become one with us.")

45 1999-04-28



       I would just like to thank you. This helped me with my homework.

44 1999-04-27

Heather Brubeck

San Marcos Ca. U.S.A

       I am very interested in learning about this religion.

43 1999-04-23

Golden Myanmar Inc.

San Francisco, USA

Golden Myanmar Burmese Community and Web Hosting

       Very nice...A lot of information..



Julian Drenon

Twickenham, London

       What an inspiring site. Feels like coming home.



Helen Atkins

Cambridge, UK

       I'm not convinced about Buddhism by the little I have found out so far, but along with nihilism, it seems to be one of the better personal paths to follow.




Pennsylvania, USA

       I really enjoyed looking further into Buddhism. As a Christian woman of good faith I find Buddhism a spiritual asset to furthering my inter-personal self by understanding enlightment and the study of Zen. I really enjoyed this page. While Understanding Buddhism, I determine philosophy is also embodied in my life. As I hope to understand refuge with enlightenment I pray for protection of the Great Buddha.

39 1999-03-30 Phillip w. black

Arizona, USA

       Thank you for all the wonderful information on your website. There are many Buddhist sites and yours by far is the one I come back to time and again. I need the information you have, especially on meditation, so I can improve my practice. Thank you again, Phillip W. Black
38 1999-03-26



       Interesting site. It is nice that anyone can ask questions about Buddhism and get a response.
37 1999-03-24

Victoria Ann Komosa

Wittenberg,WI USA

       I find your work very fullfiling to my personal and educational needs. Thanks for your info. Vics
36 1999-03-18

Q Nguyen

Montreal, Canada

       Very nice site. I appreciate your great job.
35 1999-03-16

Donna Mann

Colorado, USA

       I'm just doing research on the Buddhist traditions.
34 1999-03-14 Thuyasithu

Perth, Western Australia

       Congratulations to the organizers of the site. A brilliant idea and a way of helping those who wish to understand the teachings of Buddha. I will tell my friends about this site. Many Australians are interested in learning the teachings of Buddha and this site will be of good news for many. Best wishes to all from Western Australia, Sithu
33 1999-03-14



       Buddho Dhammo Sangho- Sadhu-Sadhu Anumo Dhamo:

        I would like to receive some posters of Buddha with important holidays. Please contact me by mailing to my address. Thank You. Ron Nikone Laosen 13162 Twintree Cir. Garden Grove, CA 92840 U.S.A

32 1999-03-13



       Thank you for providing in-depth imformation about Theravada Buddhism. Is there somebody who knows the address of a Burmese temple in Sri lanka ? I want to know both Colombo's and Candy's. Thank you in advance
31 1999-03-11



       Congratulations! Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu; May you continue to provide the good news and intention to all beings. Regards, Sithu
30 1999-03-02

Virginia Quesnel

Cornwall, Vermont

       NICE PAGE!!!!
29 1999-02-27

Dana Srilanka Society


Dana Srilanka

       Saddu,Saddu,Saddu. We need a new approach of propagating the Sassana for our children. We also need a new generation of monks like U Dhammasami,U Dhammarakkita to convey the Dhamma to the young generation.
28 1999-02-27

Libby Rose Bundsen

San Jose, California, USA

       I would like to learn a lot about Buddhism. Perhaps this website is just what I am looking for!
27 1999-02-20

Hans & Thomas


Manjushri Mandala

       Dear Dharma-Cyber-Friends, we enjoyed your beautiful site and want to send you all our best wishes from Ireland, Tashi Delek, Hans & Thomas
26 1999-01-24

Dhamma Study Group bogor


       We are interested in your publications. Would you please send us your files in zip format. Anumodana
25 1999-01-09

Serena Yin

Oakland, California

       Hi, I'm just looking up for info for a project I'm doing for my English Class. We are in the middle of studying about Religions. The one religion that fascinates me is Buddhism. My parents are Buddhists but I'm not. But this is a good page to look through. Thanx again.
24 1999-01-08

Howard B. Rutstein

Boston, Mass. USA

       Please send me any information about the Dhammapada. I am looking for a large version of "The Dhammapada" "The Sayings of the Buddha" that was written by Thomas Byrom in 1976, his original version. Thank You
23 1999-01-07

Idaho, pocatello

       Loved your page!!!
22 1999-01-06


Omaha Nebraska

       Hi I am looking for info on Buddhism and its impact on history for my world history final paper. If you might have any info on this subject could you help me out? ASAP I am DESPERATE!!!! Kris O O > U
21 1999-01-03

Saw Mon Nyine

Kyaukse, Taunggyi, Mandalay, Yangon, Burma

       I am very glad to find out this site. I appreciate very much to everyone who made this site up on the web and keeping it alive. I would like to send the following message to all young fellow Buddhists: "Now I'm in my 30's and I have started taking 'Vipassana Meditation' everyday. At the same time, I'm trying to understand the Dhamma more and more. Thanks to my Dad who enlightened me to do it while young. My father has been a religious man but he could start 'Vipassana' after his retirement. I now realize that he gave me the most precious present. Let's try to englighten ourself and get rid off 'Avijja', and then, help other people do 'Vipassana" around us as much as we can."
20 1998-12-31



       Hello, I find these pages are very informational. Though I'm a Buddhist follower, I'd never read that much about Buddha. Please keep up the good work. BTW, some of my friends who are Catholic think Buddishism has very loose structure (i.e. going to the temple or attending mass isn't mandantory so it won't reinforce people in doing good deeds...). I do explain to them but it seems inadequate. Could you help me? Thank you, diemthuy
19 1998-12-30

Eddy Suryadi


       Please accept my greetings on Dhamma my brother, Namo Buddhaya... This is an excellent Buddhist site, I will try to make my own Buddhist site soon. I hope you can help me with your in-depth knowledge. Thanks! With metta,
18 1998-12-14

Nyi Nyein Aye
New York, USA
My humble page!

       Tha Du. Tha Du. Tha Du. Thank you so much for your wonderful job. We need more pages like yours on WWW. I am very impressed and glad to find your page. I am a traditional Buddhist trying to learn more about Buddha's teachings. Your site will help me a lot. Cheers. Nyi Aye
17 1998-12-13

Sein Myint
Web of Soe Soe Maw & Sein Myint

       Wonderful job. It's a pleasure to see the invaluable Buddhism and its Dhamma on the WWW. I will often come and visit.
16 1998-12-09

Jamie MacEwen


       Hi, I'm doing a project and I am bored.
15 1998-12-02

Noelle Huard


       I thoroughly enjoyed this web-site. I thought you did a magnificent job with it. It answered a lot of my questions and explained certain areas of the religion.
14 1998-11-20

Jeanne Steiner

Hong Kong

       I think that your site is very informative and interesting.
13 1998-11-17

John Miller

New York-Long Island

       I just found this site and it seems to be an excellent Buddhist resource and well updated.
12 1998-11-14

Natalie Maticka

New Jersey

       Thank you very much. I found this site very helpful... I have a project in world cultures, and found this site very enlightening.
11 1998-10-25


Vancouver, Canada

       I found out from your posting in the Buddhist forum. I like the idea of being able to ask questions to the monks. I look forward to being able to bother them (respectfully) with all sorts of questions.Bye and thank you for creating such a great site.Pascal, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
10 1998-10-14



       Good to see so much Dhamma on the Net!
9 1998-10-11

Tapani Ojasti


       Happy to see a nice and meaningful page. Best wishes for you work. TO
8 1998-10-07

Aye Aye Mon


       Thadu- Thadu- Thadu
7 1998-10-06

Hlaing Myint & Yu Lay Sein


       Nice one!!!!!
6 1998-09-27

Myint Wynn


       Well done!!!!
5 1998-09-23

Lim Thian Woh

       I find your site pretty interesting. Keep up the good work.May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with you and all your Sasana workers. May you all be well and happy. Sadhu! x 3
4 1998-09-08

Tin Htut

Sheffield. UK

       Well done!. I didn't realise that you were that much committed. May you attain enlightenment for this effort.
3 1998-08-26

Tin Tin Myint
Dana Srilaka

       Good hope for propagation of Sasana.  
2 1998-08-03

Dr. Thet Swe
South Africa

       Very impressive web page.
1 1998-07-22

South Africa
Africa Buddha Dhamma

      Very informative, well done.

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