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161 Bud De Silva, Ottawa, Canada
        This is a site every Buddhist should visit. It has been extremely professionally designed.

160 Magda 01/29/2001
       Does anyone know about the ten sisters society, which was founded by buddhist nuns? I would appreciate any help you can give me regarding where to go for information to further my research. Thanks very much.

159 Hla Min, California, USA 01/29/2001
       The "Dhammananda Newsletter" January 2001 edition is out. You may download the newsletter (in PDF) from the "Publications" section in http://www.tbsa.org

158 Adele Cotterell, Wales.....United kingdom 01/28/2001
       A very interesting site it has helped a lot with my Religion Essay due in on the 30-01-01. Please answer my question though.

157 Jody Pirret, New Zealand 01/24/2001
       Excellent website about Theravada Buddhism. I neede to know more about the Daily routines of a Buddhist, and found this site very helpful. A good job, thank you!

156 Hla Min, California, USA 01/23/2001
       Received "In This Very Life" by Sayadaw U Pandita as dhamma dana from "Triple Gems Publication". The Secretariat -- U Tin Htoon (USA), Dr. Maung Maung Lwin (UK) and Daw Emma Tin Tin Myint (Singapore) -- should be complimented for the work. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

155 Hla Min, California, USA 01/23/2001
       Feel free to visit http://www.tathagata.org You can find Sayadaw U Silananda's articles and dhamma talks [in audio]. Sayadaw U Pandita will be conducting a retreat in April. Buddhism courses for youths are held once a month and a special retreat for youths is held in summer.

154 Hla Min, California, USA 01/23/2001
       You can find rare photos of Shwe Dagon Pagoda (taken after an earthquake) and Kyaikhtiyo (before the "restoration") in the PHOTO GALLERY in http://www.ex-rit.org

153 Hla Min, California, USA 01/23/2001
        We are glad to see a growing network of Theravada Buddhist sites all around the world. Feel free to visit http://www.tbsa.org and http://www.edhamma.com

152 Desmond Chiong, California, USA    DBC Buddhist bookstore 01/22/2001
        Great! May you earn all the merits that may assist you in reaching nirvana the quickest. With metta, Des
       please visit my web: www.dbcbuddhistbookstore.com

151 Brian Robertson   DharmaNotes 01/16/2001
       Wonderful site! Hope you'll stop over and see DharmaNotes..

150 Victoria Labudzinska, Poland 01/09/2001

149 Desmond Chiong, California, USA    DBC Buddhist bookstore 01/08/2001
       Great work. thanks for your kindness for the human kind. keep up with you good efforts. Des

148 April Searle, Sussex, UK 01/07/2001
       This looks well good if i was interested in being a buddhist then i'd come here but i just need help with an R.Ed essay at the moment.

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